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Democrats: The Party of Sore Losers

Friday, 17 November 2000 12:00 AM

The attacks against Katherine Harris continue, too. And they're getting uglier by the hour.

According to MSNBC reporter Chip Reid, Gore aides have made new threats of a "Whitewater-style" investigation if their court challenges fail and Florida certifies Bush as the winner of the state's 25 electoral votes.

That means they're getting ready to blackmail Harris. They're getting ready to mount an assault against her that, in Reid's words, "will make Whitewater look like a picnic."

Do you hear what Al Gore's henchmen are saying? They're telling MSNBC that if they don't get the result they want – a Gore victory in Florida – they'll make Katherine Harris pay with her career and her reputation. All because she dared to uphold Florida law in an effort to prevent the Democrats from stealing the election.

It's the politics of personal destruction – a favorite strategy from the Democratic Party playbook. Is this the party that deserves to govern from the Oval Office for the next four years?

And Democrats have been messing with more members of the Electoral College.

Two South Carolina Republican electors say they've been contacted by people wanting them to change their vote from George W. Bush to Al Gore. One of them, Cecil Windham, a retired farmer, said, "I'd cut my arm off first before voting for Al Gore." Dan Richardson, a retired Air Force officer, said there's "absolutely no way" he could vote for Gore.

Besides, South Carolina law requires those two and the other six members of the state's delegation to the Electoral College to give the state's votes to Bush. They can't give the state's votes to anyone else.

Meanwhile, we have a chilling story from yesterday's edition of the

Beckel says he hopes to "persuade" them to vote for Gore when the Electoral College meets next month. He says he's working "on an ad hoc basis" and has not yet contacted any electors directly. The Gore campaign, which hasn’t established a strong record for believability, insists it isn't trying to get Republican electors to switch sides.

If Bush wins Florida, as he should, and fails to win any other closely contested state, he would have 271 electoral votes. Which means that just three Republican electors need to change sides in order to make Gore president.

So, what does Beckel want to do with the information he's gathering on electors?

Duh! He's looking for dirt. He's looking for any avenue he can use to blackmail a Republican elector. If he can find something juicy and threaten to publicly embarrass an elector, he'll use it. Beckel may not be working for Gore, but their goals are one and the same – to do anything, including stooping to blackmail, to send Al Gore to the White House for four blighted years.

Why do the Democrats need to resort to blackmail? Why do their operatives need to investigate Katherine Harris and Republican electors? Why would they need to try to swing the Electoral College vote in Gore's favor by making threats?

Because they know they're wrong. They're looking for a Plan B for when their illegal vote-stealing efforts in Florida fail and all of their whining in court has come to an end.

That, my friends, is why the Democrats are digging for dirt. Because they’re sore losers.

Who is paying for Gore’s recount effort? As you watch uber-lawyers David "Let's Get Microsoft" Boies and Alan Dershowitz flap their gums on the Clinton News Network, you may be wondering: Who's paying these guys to be in Florida?

Since the campaign season has officially ended, federal law prevents candidates from further use of campaign funds. So the funding for scores of Gore and Bush lawyers isn't coming from their respective campaign coffers. Federal law, however, does permit the creation of an official "recount committee."

But there's no requirement that contributions to such a committee have to be reported. Al Gore gets to raise a wad of cash to pay for lawyers to steal the election for him, without having to tell the Federal Election Commission where the money is coming from!

We do know that last week Gore friend Peter Knight raised $3 million for the cause. But beyond that, we don't know squat. The Gore campaign says it will "voluntarily" reveal the names of the recount committee's contributors – but not until January.

That's a long ways off, considering that the election will have been decided well before then.

In contrast, the Bush campaign refuses to accept contributions larger than $5,000. And as soon as those contributions are processed, they'll be posted on the campaign's Web site.

Typical Republican straightforwardness versus typical Democratic delay and obfuscation. I know which administration I'd rather see in the White House come January.

I knew Hosea Williams for over 25 years and came to completely adore the man. It’s hard to believe he’s gone. What’s Atlanta without Hosea? I’m sure that over the next few days the memories will come flooding in. Some already have come.

The time Hosea had a cream pie hidden in his briefcase during an interview 20 years ago on Ring Radio. As I was thanking him at the end of the interview he pulled that pie out and hit me square in the face.

Did I mention it was a white cream pie? Several months later, while Hosea was sitting in for another Ring Radio talk show host, I snuck up behind him and nailed him with a pie. "Neal Boortz done hit Hose in the face with a chocolate pie!"

So many people didn’t understand Hosea’s role as a one-man civil rights bomb squad. He would walk into a volatile race situation where the fuse had already been lit. He knew that if the fuse was doused it would only be relit somewhere else, so he would undertake the task of controlling the inevitable explosion.

Those marches Hosea led? He wasn’t rabble rousing. He was taking an explosive situation and reducing it to a little marching and chanting. Someday people will recognize how much trouble this man actually prevented instead of castigating him for the trouble they thought he started.

I truly believe that Hosea loved everyone, even his enemies. And once people had the opportunity to spend some time with him, that love was returned.

Damn, I’m going to miss that man.

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The attacks against Katherine Harris continue, too. And they're getting uglier by the hour. According to MSNBC reporter Chip Reid, Gore aides have made new threats of a Whitewater-style investigation if their court challenges fail and Florida certifies Bush as the...
Friday, 17 November 2000 12:00 AM
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