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Democrats' Plan Revealed: Enron, Enron, Enron

Friday, 01 February 2002 12:00 AM

Democratic Party Chairman Terry "The Investor" McAuliffe has denied knowledge of this memo – twice. But there it is, in all its glory!

You've heard about it, haven't you? It's a memo circulated among Democrats this week by leftist political hit men James Carville, Stanley Greenberg and Robert Shrum. The memo instructs Democrats on what to do and what to say to get the political edge on the Republicans and George Bush for the 2002 elections.

So, how does the Carville gang propose to damage Bush's high approval ratings? Enron, of course! They can't get him on the war, the public is solidly behind Bush there. Ditto for the economy, Bush has the support there too. Fact is, the Democrats were desperate for an issue – and along comes Enron.

At first the Democrats were almost sure that they were going to find some sort of a smoking gun in the Enron bankruptcy. Certainly someone in the Bush administration did something to help Enron cover up its fraudulent accounting practices. Certainly Bush did something to keep the regulators off Enron's back so that Enron could trash its employees and investors.

So the search was on, and they found – nothing. All those campaign contributions – Enron goes begging for help – and Bush does NOTHING. What kind of a politician is this?

So far the only thing the leftists have to play with is this strange stand the White House is taking – that administration officials should be free to have confidential conversations with industry leaders when formulating administration policy.

Sadly, too many ill-informed voters seem to think that neither a president nor any member of his staff or Cabinet should be allowed to have confidential conversations. The Democrats will work to exploit this ignorance.

That brings us to the Carville gang and its memo. The stated conclusion in that memo is that the Democrats must hang the Enron bankruptcy on Bush and the Republicans. It's really their only hope for success in the 2002 elections.

Carville tells the Democrats that the Enron story "... has the potential to shape the entire political environment for 2002 and reduce confidence in the Bush administration and Republicans. This is an issue where Democrats ought to talk about right and wrong, greed and responsibility. The more people hear, the more corrosive it becomes."

OK – take that last sentence: "The more people hear, the more corrosive it [Enron] becomes." Notice that Carville didn't say "the more people learn." It was "the more people hear."

In other words, keep tying Bush and the Republicans to Enron. The more times the voters hear it the more they are likely to believe it – and Bush's approval ratings will corrode.

The memo goes on: "… voters are beginning to rethink the character of Bush's domestic initiatives. – Most telling is the erosion of the Bush administration's Teflon coating. – Enron obviously reopens a side to George W. Bush that even now raises important worries for voters."

Just keep talking about the Bush administration and Enron until the ill-informed American public begins to see the two as synonymous. It doesn't matter about the truth; just keep naming them in the same sentence.

You would think that voters would fail to fall for the Democratic ploy – especially after learning of the Carville gang memo.

Well, maybe they would – IF, that is, they ever hear about the memo! Do you think it will be covered on "Entertainment Tonight"? Will Oprah spill the beans? Will Brokaw, Jennings or Rather bring it up?

Don't hold your breath.

Atlanta's new mayor announced a nearly 50 percent proper tax hike for already over-taxed Atlantans yesterday, completely ignoring a potential budget windfall that could actually lead to lower property taxes. The good news, though, is that someone at the Atlanta Journal Constitution has finally taken notice.

The AJC ran an Internet poll this morning. The results, though encouraging, aren't as important as the choices given for answers. The question was "What's the best approach to easing the city's financial shortfall?" The possible answers were:

Leasing Hartsfield would generate enough revenue for the City of Atlanta to actually reduce, not increase, property taxes. That's the good side. The bad side is that Hartsfield would not be sitting there to be used as a political patronage plum by the mayor and city council members.

The question the city officials have asked themselves is "Do I want to turn Hartsfield International Airport into a revenue-generating machine for the City of Atlanta if I can no longer use that airport as a source of political power? The answer is clear ... a resounding "No."

The Democratic Socialist Party has also made a big show of bringing in Jesse Jackson and his group of former Enron employees. Jesse told them that the Bush administration will spend $15 billion rebuilding Afghanistan and that the American public rushed to the aid of New Yorkers with "huge sums of money." He said the Enron workers deserve no less. The Sloganmaster says, "These workers need a restructured bailout." You can only wonder what his cut will be.

A new ID card for workers in the travel industry could be extended to travelers and allow them to bypass stringent security checks at airports. Israel already has a "trusted traveler" card in effect.

Some people are concerned that this is a way in the backdoor for a national ID card. The main trick is going to be creating a foolproof way to match the card to the person. That will be accomplished by "biometrics," which will have a computer-coded fingerprint or iris scan embedded in the card.

I'm still not sure how they could make them counterfeit-proof. The terrorists have some pretty savvy computer geeks at their disposal.

Oh … for those of you who are concerned about invasions of your privacy? Easy solution. Don't get the card. Just go through security with the rest of the great unwashed.

That's how much the country owes the U.N. in back dues. As a result, it isn't allowed to vote in the General Assembly this year. Now, you all know how I feel about the U.N., but refusing to let Afghanistan vote because of $4,600? From an organization that deals with a budget in the billions?

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Democratic Party Chairman Terry The Investor McAuliffe has denied knowledge of this memo - twice. But there it is, in all its glory! You've heard about it, haven't you? It's a memo circulated among Democrats this week by leftist political hit men James Carville,...
Friday, 01 February 2002 12:00 AM
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