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Democrats: Let Every Vote Count - Except Soldiers' Votes

Monday, 20 November 2000 12:00 AM

But does he mean it? Look at what they do, not at what they say. If you watch the actions of the Gore campaign across the board you will find out that what Gore’s mouthpiece is really saying is:

"We in the Gore campaign think that it’s time to get on with counting votes from areas where Gore is likely to get additional votes, and to stop counting those ballots, such as military ballots from overseas, where Bush is likely to get additional votes."

What gall! On the one hand they’re engaged in a organized conspiracy to deny the vote in Florida to our men and women in uniform while trying to make sure that every welfare brood mare in Palm Beach County has her voice heard.

Focus group nonsense. You hear it time and time again. "All we want, all Americans wants, is a fair and honest count of all the votes."

We now know that’s a lie. How in the world can any logical and reasonable person believe that the "Gorons" want a fair and accurate count of the votes when these very same Democrats are working so hard to make sure that votes from military personnel overseas aren’t counted.

I think the Gore crowd recognized the mistake immediately, but it was too late. That 5-page memo from that Democratic lawyer was already out there, and there was no plausible deniability.

People hadn’t been particularly furious, but this pushed many over the edge. The mere thought that the Gore campaign would put a higher value on a dimpled chad than the vote of an American serviceman overseas was just more than some people were willing to abide.

Felons vote in Dade County. Servicemen see their ballots thrown out. The Gore election legacy!


This morning at 8 a.m. Miami-Dade County is scheduled to begin a hand count of the votes. Note, that today is 13 days after the election. Almost two weeks have passed, two weeks since Miami-Dade ran a machine count of the ballots and found no problems whatsoever.

So, why today? Why, suddenly, did Miami-Dade decide that a hand recount was urgently needed?

Because the Democrats are disappointed and concerned about the numbers of manufactured votes they’re getting from Palm Beach and Broward counties. A quick look at the Florida map shows that the most likely place to get those needed Gore votes would be Miami-Dade. So the Gore machine calls their Democratic operatives in Miami-Dade and tell them that the hand count is needed. Lawsuits are threatened. Miami-Dade caves.

Believe me; if we get to the end of the Miami-Dade process and they still haven’t been able to make enough votes out of dimpled chads and Post-it notes, they’ll come up with somewhere else that needs to be counted.

The manual recount effort in Broward County wasn't going Al Gore's way. Gore hadn't picked up enough ground against George W. Bush — only 85 more votes for Gore turned up with nearly half of Broward's 609 precincts reporting. So, on Sunday, election officials decided to loosen the ballot-counting rules in a way that's sure to benefit Gore. Now dimpled or "pregnant" chads will be allowed in the vote count. Isn't that great? The recount isn't going your way, so change the rules halfway through the game!

Can any reasonable person really believe this recount is fair?

According to affidavits sworn to under oath, Bush ballots were found mixed in with a stack to be counted as Gore ballots by a Democrat poll worker who pointed out the error to his Republican counterpart and apologized. He said that the stack of ballots did not look like that the previous evening and he felt that the stack had been sabotaged.

Teresa Lapore then just put the ballots into a box without separating them.

It has also pointed out that in one county they discovered that there were no less than 39 felons who were not eligible to vote, who cast ballots. One of these felons was even a poll worker. So, while felons are allowed to vote, men and women in the military are excluded.

This morning a GOP observer of the recount process in Palm Beach County, Republican Attorney Mark Wallace, said on ABC’s "Good Morning America" that the emphasis in the recount effort is on speed, not accuracy.

So, why do you think these people are so concerned about speed? That one’s easy. They are racing the Florida Supreme Court. They need to get votes for Gore on the books quickly to win the public relations battle. If they can get enough hand counted votes for Gore before the Supreme Court rules the pressure will be almost insurmountable. The Democrats are in a hurry. No time to worry about accuracy.

I think I heard about 10,000 times this weekend that George Bush signed a law in Texas allowing for hand recounts of machine ballots. This, of course, means that he shouldn’t be complaining about the hand recount process in Florida.

Something’s not being said here, though. There’s a big difference in the two laws. The Texas law has a clear set of standards as to just how those ballots are to be hand counted. Not so with Florida. That’s why you see the canvassing boards in Florida changing the rules in the middle of the recount. That wouldn’t be permitted in Texas.

An interesting point about today's court action. The


Fast forward to this evening. Both Gore's and Bush's legal teams have made their case to the Florida Supremes. The Supremes decline to overturn Leon County Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis' ruling that Katherine Harris' decisions can stand, and she can go ahead and certify the vote. Does it stop there? Does Gore concede?

Maybe the Gore camp's focus shifts to the members of the Electoral College, who are set to meet on December 18 to cast their votes for the next president. Maybe, with the help of Democratic consultant Bob Beckel, the Democrats launch a new campaign designed to convince Republican electors that Al Gore deserves to be the president because he won the popular vote. Maybe the electors' decision to switch to Gore is helped along by some rather damning information Beckel has dug up on their financial dealings or past relationships.

Remember, assuming Bush wins Florida and none of the other closely contested states, Gore only needs three Republican electors to change their vote and he's in the White House for four years.

Does Al Gore's self-destructive march to the White House end tonight? Not likely. He has too much to lose to let everything slip away from him in the chambers of the Florida Supreme Court.

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But does he mean it? Look at what they do, not at what they say. If you watch the actions of the Gore campaign across the board you will find out that what Gore's mouthpiece is really saying is: We in the Gore campaign think that it's time to get on with counting votes...
Monday, 20 November 2000 12:00 AM
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