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Democrats Still Don't Get It

Thursday, 12 May 2005 12:00 AM

The net result, of course, was that 2,500 out of 3,000 counties in our country voted for the incumbent and returned President George W. Bush to office.

Wounded, depressed and in a deep state of rage at their humiliating losses, the Democrats – and their compatriots in the equally injured, demoralized and angry old media – decided to do what they always do: NOT look at the facts but look at themselves!


The Democrats simply couldn't accept that the optimistic, "dumb" Yale- and Harvard-educated president whose visionary policies had just liberated 50 million people had handed them a defeat that, in magnitude, equaled the plainspoken haberdasher Harry Truman's trouncing of the elitist Thomas Dewey in 1948.

And where did they lay the blame? With the dumb electorate, of course! The same electorate that was watching and listening to them then – and is watching and listening to them now.

And so, taking a page from the wife of their other nemesis, Ronald Reagan, Democrats decided on a new strategy: Just Say No!

Using the limits of what appears to be their limited imaginations, Democrats – with the last-gasp help of the old media – have said "no" to virtually every major initiative President Bush has put forth since taking the reins of office for the second time.

Day after day, week after week, month after month – in fact, since the day she ascended to her lofty position of House minority leader – Nancy Pelosi has become the Queen of No, not only embodying the endemic negativity of her fellow party members but also demonstrating that she has

While feminists like her once stood for affirming equality and righting social wrongs, Pelosi's rise to power has become the arch example of everything that is wrong with this wrong-headed woman and her ilk.

Then there is Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who, speaking recently to a group of high school juniors, called the President of the United States a "loser." And this from a guy who has the temerity to say that John Bolton is diplomatically challenged!

But Pelosi and Reid are not alone in their carping, complaining, obstructionist tactics, negative niggling and character assassinations.

The public has also been treated to the predictable fulminations of Ted Kennedy and his escalating and floridly irrational tirades; the self-important but hollow cavils of Joseph Biden; a pathetic "the voters were disenfranchised" John Kerry, who is still running around the country sowing sour grapes; and the ever-hostile ranting of DNC chairman Howard Dean (who has raised a measly $13 million in funds since assuming his position, compared to more than twice that amount raised by Republicans).

And that is not to omit the sheep that bleat after them or, for that matter, Hillary Clinton, whose contempt for the "little people" is so unparalleled that she actually believes her verbal pyrotechnics and slick policy shifts will fool the electorate into believing that the far-left woman who tried her best to bring socialized medicine to America has magically been transformed into a palatable "moderate" politician.

Who was it who said "When pigs fly!"

As the TV host and columnist Pat Sajak writes in "Rooting Against America" (www.humaneventsonline.com), "A distasteful glee emanates from the Left upon the arrival of any bad news from the Middle East ... [and] as bad news is welcomed as an indictment of the President and his policies, good news (and there has been plenty) must be minimized or ignored. It's one thing to oppose an Administration's foreign policy, but it's another to publicly gloat over and appear to smugly enjoy any of its setbacks."

But gloat and appear to smugly enjoy any setbacks is exactly what the Democrats – again, abetted by the old media – do routinely.

And in painting the stark contrast between Republicans and Democrats, Sajak adds, "There may have been widespread resistance to America's entry into World War II, but once we were in it, there wasn't much doubt about whom Americans were pulling for."

Which is why Sajak concludes: "Democrats continue to puzzle over their losses. They blame them on people who are too addlebrained to know they are voting against their own interests. Then they go to these same voters they've trashed and ask for their support. They seem to revel in any American setbacks overseas and yet protest when they are characterized as ‘weak' on defense issues. They stereotype Christians but cry foul when they are accused of not sharing their ‘values.'"

Writer Joe Mariani (http://www.gopusa.com) says he has sympathy for liberals. He cites how depressed they must be over the massive and metastasizing scandals in their favorite "one-world" cesspool, the United Nations: Oil-for-Food, forced prostitution by U.N. "peacekeepers" in Bosnia, sex-for-aid in Darfur, "and outright rape perpetrated by U.N. workers throughout Africa (150 reports in Congo alone!)"

The Democrats have been "thwarted at every turn over the last several years," Mariani says. "Every prediction they've made, every hope they've held has been broken on the Rocks of Reality, sliced by the Razor of Logic, and smashed by the, uh, Potato Masher of Common Sense."

And contrary to the belief of liberals that the goal of toppling dictators and spreading democracy was and remains misguided, Mariani reminds his readers that "all major coalition nations that have stood for reelection since Iraq have been returned to office but one – President Bush won in America, Prime Minister Howard in Australia, Prime Minister Berlusconi in Italy [and] Prime Minister Tony Blair in Great Britain." Only Spain, which capitulated to terrorists, is not included.

Mariani adds it all up: "Score: Coalition leaders 4, terrorists and Liberals 1."

Jeremiah (5:21) said: "Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes and see not; which have ears, and hear not." And Matthew (13:13) said, "Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand."

Unfortunately, the party that has fought to ban public prayer, wants to banish the Ten Commandments from our institutions, and supports left-wing judicial activists who embrace abortion and euthanasia will never – except during campaign season – look to the Bible to gain the insight, wisdom and humility it needs to regain the public's trust or to have a chance of winning elections in 2006 and 2008.

What Democrats have failed to learn since they lost power over 11 years ago is that the electorate they consider so stupid has eyes that

And they're still at it – watching and listening to all the Democrat obstructionists, all the negativity, all the vituperative name-calling, and the shocking dearth of ideas.

At this point, the Democrats are all figurative Rumpelstiltskins, the little man who was so enraged when the queen guessed his name correctly that he stomped his right foot so deeply into the ground that the dirt reached his waist, and when he tried to extricate it, he seized his left foot with both hands and tore himself in two.

The Democrats are fond of saying that President Bush has divided our country. In truth, they have split themselves in two, with the true moderates of the party leaving in droves (as they did during the last election), and the extremists that remain looking for help – and potential votes – in all the wrong places.


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The net result, of course, was that 2,500 out of 3,000 counties in our country voted for the incumbent and returned President George W. Bush to office. Wounded, depressed and in a deep state of rage at their humiliating losses, the Democrats - and their compatriots in the...
Thursday, 12 May 2005 12:00 AM
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