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Democrats – Political Equivalent of Crime Family

Tuesday, 21 November 2000 12:00 AM

It’s all about power. You need to stop and think about this for a moment. It’s all about power. The Democrat lust for power has driven them to this point – that they’ll hold the nation in turmoil for weeks after the election. These people believe that they know better than you how you should live your life, plan for your future and spend your money – and they’ll go to any lengths to get the power to force you into compliance.

Was there any confusion over the Dade County ballots? No, there wasn't.

Was there any suggestion of any voter fraud in Dade County? Again, no.

Was there any suggestion that machines malfunctioned in Dade County? Nope!

Was there any problem with the Dade County ballots? No again.

So why did Dade County officials change their minds and order a vote recount? Because the Gore campaign told them to, that's why.

The Gore operatives have been disappointed and concerned about the lower-than-expected additional Gore votes that have been coming from Palm Beach and Broward counties. The first to start counting was Palm Beach. When those numbers didn't turn out as well as expected for Gore, the Democrats decided they were going to need those extra votes from Broward County. So, lawsuits were threatened against Broward officials, and Broward caved and ordered a recount.

The numbers from Broward County aren't very encouraging for the Democrats, so pressure was put on Dade County to begin a hand count. And they, too, caved.

When all of this election brouhaha dies down, I suspect that people are going to have some rather serious discussions about third parties.

There can be no doubt that Ralph Nader’s Green (Fascist/Socialist) Party candidacy cost Al Gore a clean victory on Election Day. Some Democratic stalwarts are more than angry. James Carville says he’ll never talk to Nader again. Wow, Ralph, big loss there!

Pat Buchanan is in the middle of it, too. Those votes for Buchanan started the furor in Palm Beach County. After all, how could a county with this many Jewish voters possibly vote for Buchanan?

Then there’s the Libertarians. I am somewhat amused by the media confusion over all of the Libertarian votes in Volusia, Orange, Osceola and other Florida counties. After all, when you spend an entire election completely and absolutely ignoring the third party with the highest number of elected officials in the country, it has to be a bit shocking when that party jumps right into your face on Election Day. "Hey, where the hell did

But just as it might be shown that Nader cost Gore the election, so it might be shown that the Libertarians took victory away from George Bush.

I saw this bit in today’s "Vent" in the

"Elton John spent $419,000 for flowers in a single year. I wonder how many folks that would feed in Hosea Williams' Feed the Hungry program?"

First of all, Elton John earned that $419,000 and can spend it on whatever the hell he wants to. I get so damned sick and tired of losers telling winners how they should spend, or give away, their money.

But let’s go a bit deeper into this. This loser implies that Elton John should have given that money to the Hosea Williams dinner. That would be a good way to feed people, I guess. The implication here is that Elton John didn’t feed anyone by purchasing $419,000 in flowers.

Consider, for a moment, the number of people it took to deliver $419,000 worth of flowers for Elton John.

First you have the people who grew these flowers. In growing those flowers they utilized the services of people who manufacture and sell fertilizers, seed, farm equipment, irrigation equipment, and harvesting equipment. This farmer will probably employ quite a few people, who will be using their earnings to send their children to school, to buy groceries at the local market, to make mortgage or rent payments, etc.

Then you have the people involved in getting these flowers to distribution centers where they’re stored until shipment to florist shops. Then the florist shops naturally have to make arrangements to have them shipped to the eventual customer – in this case, Elton John.

In this process you have those who manufactured the shipping equipment (which can include everything from trucks to airplanes) as well as the people who drive, fly and operate that equipment. You have warehouse employees and florist shop employees. Just how far do we go here? All of these companies and the people who work for them are earning money – Elton John’s money – that they then use to feed their own families. And in so doing they support local businesses, which allows those other local businessmen to earn money to feed their families.

Now we get some idiot suffering from a severe rectal-cranial inversion saying that Elton John should have just given that money away.

Why don’t we all just give all of our money away? Let’s not buy things. Let’s not support people who work in manufacturing, transportation and retail. Hell, why should we use our money to support people who work for a living when we can just give it away to feed those who feel that a life on the streets searching for that next pint of Mad Dog is the way to go?

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It's all about power. You need to stop and think about this for a moment. It's all about power. The Democrat lust for power has driven them to this point - that they'll hold the nation in turmoil for weeks after the election. These people believe that they know better than...
Tuesday, 21 November 2000 12:00 AM
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