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Democratic Voters, Geraldo and Queen Hillary

Thursday, 26 April 2001 12:00 AM

So, you vote Democrat? Well, if you're poorly educated with no discernible job skills and not likely to ever make more than about $30,000 a year - and that's with overtime - then I must say, I'm not surprised. I can see why you would vote Democratic. Hell, you can't make it for yourself, you might as well hire some politicians who will plunder the pockets of those who DO have marketable job skills - and pass the plunder off to you.

OK, but what if you're actually an achiever? What if you did pay attention to your education? What if you do have marketable job skills that have propelled you into the middle income brackets? What are you doing voting Democratic? Do you really want more government? Do you really long for a day when the same institution that brought us Social Security actually takes over all medical care in this country?

Forget it. This isn't working. I learned long ago that you can't embarrass a Democratic voter by questioning their appreciation of freedom and limited government. So, how about trying to wake them up just to show them who they've been sleeping with.

You already know that your bedmates include just about every welfare queen, illegal immigrant and anti-capitalist weirdo out there. Are you interested in just who your Democratic leaders are rounding up to add to the pile?

Felons. Criminals. We're talking rapists, murderers, thugs, robbers and assorted other criminals.

Yesterday's Washington Times reported that "Democrats since the November election have been actively recruiting felons as a voting bloc." So, there you go. The Democrats already have your vote, now they want to bring in their criminal friends to join you. A research study cites a reason for the Democrats' interest in getting those felons to the polls. Shear Smith Research says, "As crucial elections become increasingly more competitive, highly mobilized felons can swing election results."

Wow! Aren't you impressed! You're in great company now! Sort of gives you an idea of what your Democratic masters think of you, doesn't it?

Poor Geraldo Rivera. He's so wrapped up in his liberalism that it's becoming almost comical.

Take Monday night's broadcast of "Rivera Live" on CNBC. Rivera's guest was Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. Ventura had some kind words for George W. Bush's performance in office.

Obviously this wasn't what Rivera wanted to hear from Ventura. After Ventura had finished with his compliments for Dubya, Rivera pressed him. He asked Ventura, "What about the rest of his performance? Aren't you concerned that some of these moves to erode some of the legislation designed to protect our environment, this stuff about arsenic and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, et cetera – don't you think that some of that is excessive in terms of undoing some of the good work done by the Democrats or the other progressives over the years?"

Ventura wouldn't take the bait. Rivera walked away from that broadcast disappointed.

And what's all this leftist chest-beating about the "good work" done by Democrats over the years? If these were such "good works," then why did Clinton wait until the last weeks of his sordid tenure at the White House to put the regulations on the books?

Remember – most of the loudest voices in the so-called environmental movement are there not to preserve or to improve our environment, but to cripple U.S. industrial and business capacity – all to promote their socialist philosophy.

Isn't it sad to see what the liberal media – especially Geraldo Rivera – have become? I wonder if this leftist boob knows that you get more arsenic from eating one lobster tail than you would from drinking 1,000 gallons of typical drinking water.

Rivera doesn't claim to be a journalist, does he? He's nothing but a leftist, anti-capitalist Democratic Party hack whose sole purpose in life is to take potshots at concepts of liberty, merit, accomplishment, achievement and personal responsibility – oh, and the Bush administration.

We haven't covered this topic lately. Florida's House of Representatives has just voted to pass a measure prohibiting cities and counties from suing gun dealers and manufacturers for the costs of gun-related injuries and deaths. The bill now goes to Governor Jeb Bush's desk. If he signs it, Florida will become the 27th state to enact laws protecting the gun industry from litigation.

Just listen to the wailing coming from opponents of the bill. Take Representative Ken Gottlieb, a Democrat from Hollywood. He said, "It's like tobacco. If someone sells a product and a person is injured, they have a right to sue. If a city finds grounds that are acceptable, they should have the right to sue."

Ahem. It's time for some cold, hard truth.

The tobacco companies were hit hard by lawsuits seeking to recoup the costs of health care for smokers – and with good reason. For decades, the tobacco industry claimed its product was perfectly safe even as the medical evidence of smoking's dangers began to pile up. They deliberately concealed the dangers of smoking and the addictive properties of cigarettes. The tobacco companies misrepresented their product to the American people, and they paid dearly.

The gun industry, on the other hand, has maintained from day one that its products are dangerous if misused. They've made no secret of it. They haven't concealed any evidence of widespread firearm injury from the public. And they haven't tried to hide the fact that guns can be used to injure or kill. That's why you see so many caution labels on guns and gun accessories.

There is no comparison. None at all. But the anti-gunners have to cling to this mantra in the hopes that you'll believe it. Why do they have to entice you with lies? Because the truth about gun control isn't on their side.

The 2004 presidential race is on!

USA Today is reporting that Hillary Clinton, the Smartest Woman in the World, has chosen what could her first historic bout with the Bush administration! She announced Tuesday that she would oppose Dubya's choice of Mary Sheila Gall as the new head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The Hildebeast accused Bush of trying to "undermine the purpose of the commission" by nominating Gall. Gall, you see, has been a member of the commission for 10 years, but she's criticized many of the agency's policies.

Queen Hillary accused Bush of being in the back pocket of manufacturers. She said, "This is a political appointment. The manufacturers wanted a philosophical shift when it came to consumer product safety."

She also told USA Today that she fears child safety regulations enacted during her husband's administration would be overturned by the Bush administration.

Wow! That's two jabs in one for Hillary! Not only does she get to slam Bush for his ties to big business, she also manages to get one in for the chillllllldren!

And remember, folks – this harsh rebuke is coming from a woman who said she wouldn't run for president in 2004. Do these sound like the words of someone who has no aspirations to the highest office in the land?

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So, you vote Democrat? Well, if you're poorly educated with no discernible job skills and not likely to ever make more than about $30,000 a year - and that's with overtime - then I must say, I'm not surprised. I can see why you would vote Democratic. Hell, you can't make...
Thursday, 26 April 2001 12:00 AM
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