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Dean's Ugly Twin

Monday, 09 February 2004 12:00 AM

A crummy thing happened to Dean on the way to the Democratic Party’s presidential nominating convention. He got exorcised by Kerry.

Not only did Kerry kidnap Dean’s campaign issues right out from under him, but he sucked the very political spirit out of him as a candidate, made it his own and went on to out-Dean Dean, leaving the out-of-his-depth Vermont doctor holding an empty Internet snipe sack.

No wonder legions of dazed “Deaniacs” are milling around today like waifs who have suddenly lost track of daddy in Grand Central Station, muttering, “Where’d he go? Where’d he go?”

If they think for one moment that Kerry did this all on his own – with a sour-lemon-sucking personality like his? – they have another think coming.

Kerry had help from three sources, without any of which he’d still be stumbling around in a go-nowhere campaign, as he did for months before his three saving graces fluttered in to save him.

One: The Massachusetts Kennedy political mafia – intact and in limitless funds ever since before John F. Kennedy – did its thing, as only it can do. It took over Kerry to be its very own marionette.

If Kerry believes he is his own man and can do as he pleases, look out. He will soon discover the realistic limits the Kennedys know, oh so well, how to string around their captive candidates like an “invisible fence” in a dog’s yard.

If Kerry should ever make it to the Oval Office with Kennedy machine “help,” he will be the least independent president in the history of this republic. Not that it would bother him.

Two: Dean coughed up his legitimacy as the far left’s natural candidate like the fumble-prone quarterback he was. Kerry, by then fully manipulated by the Kennedy strategic whiz kids, had only to pick up the ball and run with it.

It wasn’t the infamous Dean Scream that did in Dean, although it helped send him down the chute. Even before that in the run-up to the Iowa caucuses, Dean’s ineptitude and nutzoid personality had been laid bare for all to see.

And, to be completely fair, Dean’s endorsement by Al Gore, as Dean now recognizes, was about as helpful as an encounter with a skunk.

Three: The mainstream, leftist news media made Dean what he started out being. He was their boy. They loved him. Loved him until it became obvious, even to them, that he would be mincemeat for Bush in the November election. And that would never do.

What the news media createth, the news media destroyeth.

They like to say Dean’s demise began with the Iowa Screech. Not so. The press began early on in Iowa crawling off the Dean bandwagon like fleas departing a dead dog.

Comfortable once again in the warmth of association with the Kennedy master manipulators, the leftist press discovered Kerry, declared him surging and then made all the right predictions self-fulfilling.

So, in retrospect, what looked to many, including this column, like Dean was going to earn and win the Democratic nomination was an illusion … but only in form, not substance.

Dean the candidate got hijacked along the way. He may find a line or two in the next “World Almanac.”

But the Dean issues are alive and well in the substance of the Kerry campaign. Take just about every issue that matters, and you will find Kerry right where Dean was – only more so.

Next time the television shows Kerry in full rant, shut you eyes and listen. That’s Dean you’re hearing, even nastier.

Just like his voting record over the years, Kerry is consistently further left than the godfather of the Kennedy clan, Sen. Teddy.

But if you buy Kerry you also get two extra appliances for the same remarkably low price.

Extra No. 1: Kerry is the busiest special-interests bag man inside the Beltway. No other senator has taken money from more special interests.

There have to be two reasons behind each of those “contributions” – a reason why it was offered, a reason why it was accepted. These will emerge in the campaign.

Extra No. 2: Turncoat patriot. No one has questioned how brave Kerry may have been while serving in Vietnam. The campaign issue is, and should be, how patriotic, or unpatriotic, he was after he got home from Vietnam.

The record will show he not only got swept up in the anti-American protest movement led by the likes of “Hanoi Jane” Fonda but also actually organized the ugliest of those demonstrations – at a time when American troops were fighting and dying in Vietnam.

Questions will be asked: How could anyone have the gall to run for president who has thrown his military medals away in front of cameras (only to salvage then for ostensible display when it became politically opportune)? How could anyone who accused GIs in Vietnam of performing atrocities now ask veterans for their support?

If Kerry goes on to receive the Democratic nomination it will be for the same reason that it appeared Dean was going to. What they stand for, disreputable as it all is, appeals to the darkest sides of the hate movement in America. That, so tragically, is what the Democratic Party under leftist control has come to stand for.

That authentic Democratic Party apparatus of 2004 deserves Kerry as its nominee, just it would have deserved Dean, for Kerry is now the leading articulator of its false values.

This presidential election – not the nominating process, for it is captive to the national party hacks – will reveal the extent to which that poison has seeped out among those who once were proud to call themselves Democrats or Independents.

No, of course in John Kerry you are not getting Howard Dean warmed over. You are getting far worse – Howard Dean’s ugly twin.


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A crummy thing happened to Dean on the way to the Democratic Party's presidential nominating convention. He got exorcised by Kerry. Not only did Kerry kidnap Dean's campaign issues right out from under him, but he sucked the very political spirit out of him as a candidate,...
Monday, 09 February 2004 12:00 AM
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