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David Limbaugh on Why Democrats Hate Bush

Friday, 22 September 2006 12:00 AM

As of Sept. 21, David Limbaugh's new blockbuster book, "Bankrupt: The Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy of Today's Democratic Party," has jumped to the No. 12 spot on The New York Times list of nonfiction best sellers.

In the NewsMax.com

Now, in an exclusive interview, Limbaugh tells NewsMax.com why he believes Democrats hate President Bush with such passion.

David Limbaugh: I think that since Bush is such a nice guy and so hard to hate, I think that they view him as the personification of their ouster from power. They lost in 2000 when they tried to steal the election; and when they were unsuccessful, they projected onto Republicans and Bush the charge that we stole it and though they knew it wasn't true, they eventually convinced themselves.

They thought that after the Clinton years they were riding so high — peace and prosperity — how could anybody oust them from power, and then after they did get beaten, [they] started slamming Bush for the next four years. They went ballistic against Bush and everything he stood for, and did, for the next four years leading up to 2004.

When 2004 came along, they figured that since they won the popular vote in 2000 and had trashed him and made so many inroads successfully for the first four years that they'd be shoo-ins in 2004 — instead they got their heads handed to them again.

This is what sent them off the deep end and into the psychiatric couches to form new syndromes such as the "post-election selection trauma." They've been enveloped by this encompassing pervasive hatred against Bush to the point where they've been paralyzed and don't even have an alternative agenda anymore. They are no longer a responsible opposition party.

There is also another thing that rubs them the wrong way. They look at Bush as kind of a fumbler, as a cowboy who sees right and wrong and in their post-modern secular world that doesn't sit well. His moral absolutes, his biblical Christianity really grates on them because they do have a hostility towards Christianity as much as they try to deny it.

Moreover, the fact that he is not the most obviously articulate person — sometimes he fumbles around with his words, and they consider themselves erudite, sophisticated and enlightened masters of the language — they consider people in 'flyover country' and the South as bumpkins, Neanderthals, and 'Dueling Banjo' strummers. George Bush is typical of that [erroneous thinking] and they have disdain and contempt for him. Ultimately, they are elitists. I think it's a combination of all those things.

David Limbaugh "I devote chapter nine of my book to their use of class warfare. They mischaracterized the effects of tax cuts, saying that [federal] revenues are depleting where in fact the tax cuts enhanced revenues. I documented how they did that in the Reagan tax cuts and the Bush tax cuts and of course in John Kennedy's tax cuts.

They misrepresented the effects and said the deficits and the national debt explosion are attributable to [the tax cuts] when they are in fact attributable to other things such as increases in spending and entitlements and all that stuff. They use class warfare and talk about tax cuts for the rich and imply that these tax cuts are skewed in favor of the wealthy when in fact the empirical evidence indicates that they made the tax code more progressive. Higher income groups now pay a greater percentage of the taxes than before these tax cuts. In the overall structure of the tax code, the bottom 50 percent of taxpayers only pay 4 percent of the taxes and the top 50 percent pay 90 percent.

The liberals and the Democrats know they are distorting the truth on that just for the sake of dividing people and opportunistically demagogically getting their votes.

David Limbaugh: "I shudder to think. When you consider how they've deliberately distorted President Bush's record, undermined the war on terror at every turn, tried to deprive President Bush of the necessary tools to fight the war on terror, and underestimated and under-assessed the nature of the global terrorist threat, I think it would be national suicide to have them at the helm of our national security.

I just don't think they would safeguard it. I don't think they properly understand it. I think they view the terrorists as people who are localized and smaller than they are — that if we just get Osama bin Laden it will solve the problem — they don't see it as global in scope and they also see terrorists as people who can be negotiated with.

That's scary in itself. They can't be negotiated with. People who will send their own children to their deaths in advancement of a cause — a sinister cause — are really not people that can be negotiated with.

We're talking about a different kind of enemy here and the liberals as usual have sympathy for our enemies — they are appeasement oriented and they under-appreciate the dangers so it would be disastrous.

David Limbaugh: He is a secularist and he was very high in the Clinton administration and that's what he believes and that's what he believes that his soul mates believe. I think it's all too representative of the secularist mindset of the Democratic Party.


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As of Sept. 21, David Limbaugh's new blockbuster book, "Bankrupt: The Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy of Today's Democratic Party," has jumped to the No. 12 spot on The New York Times list of nonfiction best sellers. In the NewsMax.com Now, in an exclusive interview,...
Friday, 22 September 2006 12:00 AM
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