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Monday, 07 January 2002 12:00 AM

Well, it's on, I guess. The battle between the Democrats, intent on taking control of the Congress in 2002 and the presidency in 2004, and the Republicans, intent on lowering the hideous tax burden on those who really do fuel our economy.

Daschle set forth his economic agenda last Friday ... and it was pure Democrat. Increase the size of government and increase government spending on benefits that are aimed at traditional Democratic constituents.

And above all, do not – under any circumstances – allow high-achievers to keep one more penny from their earnings than they are allowed to keep right now. Class animosity and class warfare must be maintained.

I've told you before – and now is a good time to remind you again – that the Democratic agenda is as clear as it is diabolical. Democratic economic policy is aimed at accomplishing one goal: creating a huge, paternalistic government that can be almost completely funded by a small minority of taxpayers.

Every single element of the Democratic economic and tax agenda moves them inexorably toward that goal by addressing one of two necessary tasks.

The first task is to make sure that high-income earners are not given any tax relief. This is where the Democrats' vote-purchasing money comes from!

That dreaded and demonized top 1 percent of taxpayers is only earning about 17 percent of the income, but they are paying about 30 percent of the taxes! Daschle needs that money to spend on Democratic constituents!

Even allowing as little as a 1 percent income tax cut for these evil rich people – who are most likely to vote Republican anyway – will make it that much harder for Daschle's class warfare army to accomplish the second necessary task.

And just what is the second essential task? That would be to completely remove Democratic voters from any responsibility for the payment of federal income taxes in the near term and payroll taxes in the long term.

Right now it's safe to say that the lowest 45 percent of income earners in this country have no real federal income tax liability at all. The Democrats, with no small amount of help from the hapless Republicans, have packed the tax code with so many tax credits, deductions and exemptions, and are working on so many more, that it is a matter of just a few years before the majority of income earners will pay no income taxes at all.

Can you understand where this is leading us? Well, I'll assure you, the Democrats can. It will lead us to a situation where Democrats will be able to gain and maintain complete and absolute control of the entire Congress of the United States by simply taking money away from a minority of voters – voters who have a propensity to vote Republican – and transferring that money to the remaining majority in the form of government social programs and outright grants.

We can put this much more simply. The Democrats will be able to use the police power of government to seize money from a minority of the people, whose votes they don't need, in order to transfer that money to the majority of people whose votes they do need.

That, my friends, is the foolproof formula for unending leftist political power.

Wait – it actually gets worse.

Remember the tax-cut debates at the beginning of 2001? The Democrats wanted rebate checks sent to people who actually paid no income tax at all. What possible justification could they present for such a handout?

Their justification gave a clue to future plans. They excused these rebate checks on the basis that even if these people didn't pay income taxes, they did pay Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Now, the more learned and astute listener will immediately think, "But Social Security and Medicare taxes are actually fees, premiums if you will, paid now for guaranteed benefits to be received later."

Exactly so! And were the Democrats suggesting that benefits should be adjusted for these people, their constituents, who get refunds of their payroll taxes? Of course not!

So, where does this leave us? Easy! Just connect the dots. Once the Democrats manage to transfer the entire income tax burden to the top 30 percent or so of income earners, they will begin working on transferring the entire Social Security and Medicare burden to the high-income earners as well!

Anyone in those targeted higher-income groups who dares protest will, of course, be branded as lacking compassion for the "less fortunate" and as just plain selfish.

So, my friends, this is what Daschle is fighting for. A defeat-proof leftist, Democratic Congress. He knows that the average American is not bright enough to understand the economic equations involved. He also knows that the mainstream media will never detail the ultimate long-range Democratic Party goal for the American people the way I have here.

The questions asked to airline passengers before they board the plane are pretty lame ... as if a terrorist would actually answer them truthfully. There are calls now for a more stringent questioning of passengers, but some people say it would be racial profiling.

Israel's El Al Airlines has a very tough questioning process, but Mary Schiavo, a former Transportation Department inspector general, says it will never happen in the U.S. "There's no way in the United States that you can ever do it on the basis of national origin or race," she said. "We're a melting pot."

You see, Israel's primary attackers are of Arabic descent and El Al questions those people more aggressively, even if they are Israeli citizens. In America, such questioning would not be politically correct.

But I have a feeling that if Americans of Arab descent were suddenly being murdered by white men with facial hair and southern accents driving pickup trucks, they would have no problem with police stopping every pickup on the highway to question the drivers.

While we need to make sure it doesn't go overboard, Sept. 11 changed America for good, and homeland security needs to keep up.

Look at it this way ... most Americans were unaware of the internment camps of Japanese Americans during World War II, but the refusal of an American Airlines pilot to allow an American of Arab descent to fly on his flight to Texas made national news for days, and may even become a court case.

The press will be there to report abuses. Let's do what we need to do to make Americans safe – and that includes logical racial and ethnic profiling.

We're learning that Bill Clinton turned down at least three different offers from foreign governments that wanted to turn Osama bin Laden over to American authorities. Clinton declined. Sources close to Clinton say that he felt he didn't have the facts or evidence necessary to hold bin Laden.

Other sources just as close to Clinton say that he didn't feel the public would be behind such a move – that the American people weren't focused on terrorism and his polls didn't show a support for action.

Here we find the difference between someone interested more in his own legacy – and someone who is truly a leader. Someone pursuing a legacy follows the polls. A leader will ignore the polls and strive to do what is right for the country and its people.

Regular listeners know my opinion of smokers ... and I have the - to prove it. I think that smoking is an act of stupidity and self-hatred. But I also allow that as Americans, you have the right to be stupid and to hate yourself.

So I'm not sure how to play this story out of Winnipeg, Canada. They passed an ordinance there prohibiting smoking in areas where children are present. Well, a chain of doughnut shops called Coffee Time followed the law for a day but found that they "lost half their business."

OK … we need a fix here. No smoking where children are present. What to do? Easy! Ban children! Yep, children are now not allowed to enter the Coffee Time doughnut shops, which makes it OK for people to smoke there.

Just another example of how government intervention can have unexpected results. But then again, my regular listeners already know that.

I'm a strong advocate for raising the minimum age for driver's licenses. I don't think a teenager develops the judgment to drive an automobile until he or she is AT LEAST 18 years old. Politicians bow to parental pressure, though, and efforts to raise the driving age to 18 meet with almost universal failure.

If a 16 year-old doesn't have the judgment to drive a car, he damned sure doesn't have the judgment to fly an airplane. The minimum age for pilot training should be raised immediately to 17 and the minimum age for licensing should be 18.

Some sort of a chatfest on CNN with Paula Zahn and a few others. One was lamenting: "There's just no security at these small airports. You can drive your car right up to your airplane and load it up with explosives, dynamite or anything you want."

The exact same thing can be said for every car and truck on the road. Believe me, folks, you can't do anywhere near as much damage with the amount of explosives you can load into a small airplane as you can with the amount of explosives you can pack into a car or a rental truck.

What's more, terrorists HAVE, in fact, loaded explosives into cars and trucks. They have not done so with small airplanes.

The story is interesting enough by itself. Ted Turner is thinking about opening a chain of "Bison Burger" restaurants. He'll call them "Ted's Montana Grill." One will soon be coming to Atlanta. Oh, goody. Turner, you see, currently owns about 30,000 buffalo and the critters are multiplying like crazy.

Now – there's just a bit more to this story that you might not see in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution news stories.

During last year's negotiations over an economic stimulus bill a certain senator from South Dakota, Daschle by name, asked for millions of dollars of relief for … you guessed it, buffalo ranchers.

I wonder how much of that money was destined for big-time Democratic Party supporter Ted Turner.

By the way … bison burgers will flop.

Found a "can't put it down" book: "John Adams" by David McCullough. Reading this book, you can't help but lament the lack of politicians of this caliber in today's America.

CNN is running a promo for Paula Zahn where they refer to their morning anchorwoman as "sexy." Thus is the state of journalism at this ostensibly "all news" cable network.

Daschle and his Democratic cohorts are telling us that budget surpluses keep interest rates low. They don't explain, however, why Japan has the highest budget deficits in the industrialized world, with the lowest interest rates.

While the Democrats try to preach this "high surplus, low interest rates" mantra, they refuse to recognize the economic fact that lowered tax rates historically lead to increased federal revenues.

I was hit with one of those gate searches over the weekend. The airline employee said that I was "selected by a computer." "Oh, really?" I said. "What's my name?" That's when I got that deer in the headlights look.

No problem being searched. My problem is that absolutely no care is taken in repacking my carry-on. Just stuff and close. I tried to reach into my bag to keep her from damaging a piece of electronic equipment and got a sharp reprimand: "You can't stick your hand in there while I'm searching."

I think that one of the reasons people react so poorly to these searches is, quite frankly, because of the quality of the people pawing through their bags.

It's a great day for the city of Atlanta. The era of corruption brought by former Mayor Bill Campbell is apparently over. You get the feeling that new Mayor Shirley Franklin won't tolerate the dishonesty and criminality that was epidemic under Campbell. The man who single-handedly humiliated and embarrassed Atlanta during the 1996 Summer Olympics is gone.

The preliminaries start today in Atlanta for the trial of Jamil H. Rap Yadda Yadda Brown Al Amin. You might know him as the former radical H. Rap Brown. He is accused of killing one cop and wounding another. The evidence is overwhelming. The best thing we can hope for is a hung jury.

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Well, it's on, I guess.The battle between the Democrats, intent on taking control of the Congress in 2002 and the presidency in 2004, and the Republicans, intent on lowering the hideous tax burden on those who really do fuel our economy. Daschle set forth his economic...
Monday, 07 January 2002 12:00 AM
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