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Cut Gore Off at the Pass

Wednesday, 22 November 2000 12:00 AM

With last night’s Florida Supreme Court ruling, Gore has gained the stamp of legitimacy in his nefarious quest.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have been laggards in countering Gore’s bold strokes. Last week I urged Katherine Harris to certify George Bush the winner and ignore the state Supreme Court.

Had she taken that provocative action, the Democratic Florida Supreme Court may have had second thoughts in its partisan efforts on behalf of Al Gore.

Even if it had gone ahead and issued the pro-Gore ruling after Harris’ certification, the stalemate between her (a member of the executive branch) and the court (the judicial branch) could justifiably have been sent to Florida’s state legislature for resolution.

Now if the legislature acts this week, it would look presumptuous and rash.

Republican pundits are now talking about having the legislature act if Gore is certified this Sunday. Sorry, folks, it will be too late.

All the rivers are running in Gore’s favor now.

The recounts will be included. The dimpled chads will be included. Al Gore will have the votes he needs to be certified.

Can Bush succeed? Yes, but he needs to be as bold as Gore.

He can’t wait for the manual recount to continue and for Gore to be certified.

He needs to cut Gore off at the pass.

Here’s what can be done:

1. Harris should certify Bush. She should say she waited for the court ruling, but the law is clear and compelling that the winner should have been certified last week. The Florida Supreme Court is not superior to her, it is an equal member of government. At the same time she certifies Bush, she – not Bush – should file an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

2. Harris also should make an immediate appeal to the Florida Legislature to intervene. She should ask the legislature to set immediate standards on hand recounts.

3. Bush should not appeal to the Supreme Court. The likelihood is that the court will not hear the case, and a denial by the court may appear as a setback for him.

4. Bush needs to dump advisers who have led him to this point. Tell Dad to go fishing and stop interfering with calls to Baker every five minutes. Bush himself needs to lead.

5. Bush should issue a statement explaining that the Florida ruling was nothing more than an effort by the Democrats who comprise the court to save their party from electoral defeat. He needs to be clear that Gore is trying to steal the election through selective recounts and vote manipulation. He needs to say that he will not accept a certification of Gore and that he will take this to the Electoral College, and to the House, if necessary.

(By the way, it’s clear to me that the Gore team fears strong statements by the Republicans. Gore last night said he wants to keep the rhetoric down. This usually means that he doesn’t want the Republicans to speak too loudly. Gore has more to lose if the rhetoric steps up. Ever since the Republicans have cried vote fraud, Bush’s support has increased.)

6. Congressional Republicans must echo Bush and say that they will not stand for Gore being certified based on dimpled ballots and that Gore risks a constitutional crisis.

Essentially, Bush’s only hope is that he can stand Gore down in the public arena. If it’s a matter of vote counting or legal battles, Gore will likely win either way.

Bush’s team has to imagine what would have happened had he challenged Gore in a reverse situation in which Gore was the narrow winner in Florida.

You can be sure the Democrats and their media allies would have been screaming election theft – and the public pressure on Bush to stop such a challenge would be immense.

The real problem now is that Gore perceives Bush as weak. This is why Gore is going for the jugular.

Bush needs to be ferocious if wants to stave off Gore’s challenge.

Note from Christopher Ruddy: NewsMax.com has launched a national ad campaign on the Web and in newspapers around the country to expose Al Gore’s election theft. Ads ran today in the New York Times and Investors Business Daily. We plan to continue this important effort – even more so because the media are giving Gore a free hand in his effort to steal the election. You can help this effort by

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With last night's Florida Supreme Court ruling, Gore has gained the stamp of legitimacy in his nefarious quest. Meanwhile, the Republicans have been laggards in countering Gore's bold strokes. Last week I urged Katherine Harris to certify George Bush the winner and...
Wednesday, 22 November 2000 12:00 AM
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