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Culture Wars Nearly Lost, Buchanan Warns

Wednesday, 09 January 2002 12:00 AM

WASHINGTON – "Americans who look on this cultural revolution as politics as usual do not understand it,” Pat Buchanan writes in his new book, "

It means an end to the country we love, he asserts.

Those who seek to de-Christianize America, and who seek to demonize America’s heroes, trash our history and condemn our folk ways are not just presenting another "political opinion.” These people, or at least those who presume to speak for them, are revolutionaries.

Buchanan quotes that "budding social revolutionary Adolf Hitler” as saying, "Strength lies not in defense, but in attack.”

We used to think the only people within our borders who would tear down our country carried Communist Party cards or sported a long line of communist-front affiliations. Not so, although there’s a little overlap amongst a few of the older present-day revolutionaries. But this is the counterculture of the 1960s taking off where Lenin’s failed revolution left off.

"We will steal your children!” the '60s radicals howled at Middle America. "They did,” Buchanan says.

A whole generation has now grown up for whom the cultural revolution is no revolution at all, says the author, "but a culture they were born into and have known all their lives. Public homosexuality, pornography, abortion, trash talk on TV and in the movies, and filthy lyrics in popular music have been around since before they can remember.”

During the Hitler-Stalin war of 1939-1945, there were plenty of documentaries showing how Nazi Germany was aiming its propaganda at the children because it believed if it could control the children, it would control the future. But we could not imagine that it could happen here.

The cultural revolution cannot be appeased, warns the author. "Its relentless, reckless use of terms like extremist, sexist, homophobe, nativist, xenophobe, fascist, and Nazi testifies to how seriously it takes the struggle and how it views those who resist. To true believers in the revolution, the Right is not just wrong; the Right is evil.”

No person of good will enjoys being demonized night after night on television. No one wants to be branded as "insensitive," "mean-spirited,” or any of the other trigger words hurled at Middle America. So the party of Middle America seeks to emphasize that it too is "compassionate,” that it too believes in "the politics of inclusion.”

Of course, there is nothing wrong with "compassionate conservatism.” But there are those who would argue that compassion is the very essence of conservatism, as Ronald Reagan clearly showed when he pursued policies that created 20 million jobs and brought down the "Evil Empire.” What could be more "compassionate” than that?

As for America’s past, this from Buchanan: "Western Man was one of the many villains, but Western Man was also the only hero. For the West did not invent slavery, but it alone abolished slavery.” Again, what could be more "compassionate” than that?

The author thinks too many in Middle America have become too defensive.

"The intimidators failed with Clarence Thomas but succeeded with some conservatives who, like defeated peoples, no longer make demands. They just want to get along. But, in a culture war, where the other side is always making demands, and the other side is always ready to fight, this translates into endless retreats and eventual defeat.”

Buchanan’s prescription for the GOP’s political success? "Go hunting where the ducks are.” If the Republicans can raise their share of the vote by appealing to their base, he says, the GOP can regain its majority.

The bottom line: "If the GOP would come out for an end to the racial preferences and a moratorium on immigration, and appeal to the great silent majority, as Democrats appeal to minorities, the party’s chances in national elections could not but improve.”

And just in case anyone missed the point, there is this warning: "The Gore-Nader three-million-vote margin over Bush-Cheney may be the last wake-up call the Republican party will receive.”

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WASHINGTON - Americans who look on this cultural revolution as politics as usual do not understand it," Pat Buchanan writes in his new book, It means an end to the country we love, he asserts. Those who seek to de-Christianize America, and who seek to demonize...
Wednesday, 09 January 2002 12:00 AM
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