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Communists Still Run Eastern Europe, Part II @ Czech Republic

Tuesday, 10 May 2005 12:00 AM

The best example of this has been detailed by an excellent Miami writer, Ross Hedvicek, himself a former Czech citizen. Mr. Hedvicek is alarmed by what has happened to his former country - and how we Americans have been duped into thinking all is peaches and cream now in Eastern Europe.

He writes: "The two main Czech political parties, CSSD and ODS, are heavily populated by ex-communists, who (after the fake Velvet Revolution) simply left their original Stalinist Communist Party and joined these two. The KSCM (non-apologetic Stalinist communists) is the third-strongest party in the country. And that in spite of the fact that the country has a currently standing law (198/93 Sb), proclaiming communist ideology, parties and regimes ILLEGAL!"

"Take a look at the Czechoslovak/Czech Prime Ministers of the past 15 years - when the country was allegedly "democratic": Milan Cic, Marian Calfa, Petr Pithart, Josef Tosovsky, Vaclav Klaus, Milos Zeman, Vladimir Spidla, and Stanislav Gross. Out of those eight people, five were communists and the remaining three were politically so far left, that they would qualify for the communist label without any difficulty. And now, with the latest leftie Prime Minister Sanislav Gross having to resign because of corruption, we already know that the next Czech Prime Minister will be another ex-communist."

"In the current armed forces of the Czech republic (army and air force) all senior officers (I am not talking about some junior lieutenants) are ex-communists and as senior officers they represent their country at NATO headquarters in Brussels. I doubt it would be too big of a stretch of the imagination to assume that they forward all NATO military secrets to their old buddies and schoolmates (since they all have Soviet schooling) in Moscow as soon as any such secrets reach their desks."

Mr. Hedvicek then writes about the Czech judiciary. If you think we have a problem here with our liberal federal judges, just read about what has happened in the Czech Republic:

"Former president Vaclav Havel gave lifetime tenure to communist judges from pre-revolution Czechoslovakia (to be a communist was a prerequisite for the job), so they feel quite secure. Before they were judging according to the Stalinist rule book, now the same people are supposed to uphold democratic laws and justice. Havel's successor, current Czech president Vaclav Klaus, recently refused to name approximately 36 new judges. Why? Because they were too young and lacked a communist past! The abuse of power in the Czech justice system is rampant - a perfect example would be the judicial persecution of Vladimir Hucin (www.hucin.com), who was imprisoned without charge or trial during Havel's presidency and is still being dragged through the courts just for his opposition to communism."

Clearly, "the fix is in" in Prague. Just listen to what this Czech patriot, Mr. Hedvicek, writes: "It is a mystery to me why, 15 years after the country's alleged switch to democracy, the Czech Republic cannot - or does not want to - produce quality people with a clean past to represent them abroad and fill the top positions of their government. Why are only ex-communists available? Is it accidental? A freak of nature? Or worse - intentional?"

Indeed, it is totally intentional. The bad guys ain't giving up power. Period.

We were all naive to think that once the Berlin Wall crumbled, all these Communists would just go away. They didn't. They stayed. They merely took off their ‘Proud to Be a Communist' buttons and put on new "Proud to Be a Pro-Western Capitalist" buttons.

You can imagine Mr. Hedvicek's shock just two weeks ago to read in a Czech newspaper about a conference to be held that week in Prague. There was a "gathering of Stalinist communist parties (including Cuba, China, Belarus, etc. - a total of 35 communist parties) in Prague's hotel Olympik starting on April 23, 2005. Communists from all over the world know very well that in the Czech Republic they are among friends and that they will be warmly welcomed. So - not in Beijing, Pyongyang or Havana - but in Prague, Czech Republic. Seems that the civilized West would be much better off if Czechs were still behind the barbed wire on the other side of the Iron Curtain."

As. Mr. Hedvicek points out, this remaining Communist control of the Czech Republic also applies to Slovakia. "Over 90% of government officials in the aforementioned two countries are in one way or another stained by their membership in the communist party, its clones and variations or by collaboration with the oppressive communist regime. And the most ridiculously corrupt and incompetent characters are always at the top."

This all goes back to the supposed ‘end' of Communism in Czechloslovakia - to the heady days of what was then known as the Velvet Revolution, which saw the famous poet Vaclav Havel ascend to the presidency. Havel was, in those, days seen as an equal to Pope John Paul II and Lech Walesa for having stood up to the Communists.

But the truth is another matter. As Mr. Hedvicek writes, "A few years after the Velvet Revolution, transcripts of tapes were published in Prague. Transcripts of talks Havel held with representatives of the communist government in November 1989, talks about transfer of power. Incredible scenes of primitivism and unheard-of bluntness and horse haggling as to who will get what position in the next government in exchange for communists going unpunished. And Havel kept his word to the people responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, communist concentration camps, and hundreds of thousands of lives destroyed. Not only did they all go unpunished, but also they were all involved in "privatization" of the state-owned properties and eventually they all became rich. They went from nomenklatura communists directly to hard-core capitalists in a few short steps. All in the name of Havel's Velvet Revolution. Unreal!"

Unfortunately, it was - and still is -

And we Americans have deluded ourselves into thinking that New Europe is free.

Ross Hedvicek is a true patriot - an American

Why aren't the American media reporting this?

Why are the American people kept in the dark about the truth?


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The best example of this has been detailed by an excellentMiami writer, Ross Hedvicek, himself a former Czech citizen. Mr. Hedvicek is alarmed by what has happened to his former country - and how we Americans have been duped into thinking all is peaches and cream now in...
Tuesday, 10 May 2005 12:00 AM
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