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Comment: Socialist Republic of Palm Beach County

Tuesday, 14 November 2000 12:00 AM

The gentleman is the archetype of the present-day majority in his city, and Palm Beach County, where the socialist ideal is alive and well.

Boca Raton, where the sun is so politically insensitive that it insists on heating the beach sand despite the inconvenience it causes the tender tootsies of beach goers, is the southernmost outpost of the Socialist Republic of Palm Beach County. It is also one of the hotbeds of raucous dissent about the recent balloting, along with other condo-ridden cities in the north end of this Florida county.

My fellow Boca citizens showed how far left they are when they sent to Congress the odious Robert Wexler, that staunch defender of Bill Clinton on the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment hearings, where his strident questioning of witnesses assaulted the eardrums of TV watchers and the sensibilities of his more civilized colleagues.

Mr. Wexler, a devout socialist posing as a Democrat, recently joined just 11 other House members who voted to strip the Boy Scouts of America of their federal charter because of their refusal to expose their young members to the recruitment efforts of the pedophile foxes who yearn to invade the BSA chicken coop and win converts to organized sodomy.

Thirty-two years ago, this was a heavily Republican county. Then the hordes of the FDR generation from New York and environs arrived and changed the political makeup of Palm Beach County, turning it overnight into an annex of the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Signs began to appear in stores proclaiming "We don't care how they did it in New York, or how much it cost." Bumper stickers begged "Pray for me, I drive by (insert the name of any of the huge condo communities that infest the area)."

These communities – small cities, actually – are run like soviets. In most of them each individual condo has a resident Democrat political activist who herds the residents to the polls on Election Day after telling them precisely how they are to vote. And you can bet they are never told to vote Republican.

Some of these same condo commissars were trotted out by Gore agents to go on TV and bemoan their self-proclaimed stupidity in messing up their butterfly ballots and then filed lawsuits demanding an opportunity to vote a second time.

They are, as already noted, a generation that grew up during the Roosevelt administration. They are totally dedicated to the idea that government must tend to all their needs – even, it appears, to cooling the beach sand. Any candidate who suggests otherwise is doomed – these people vote in incredible numbers and can easily overwhelm any less-than-socialist candidate rash enough to seek office.

Last Tuesday they swarmed to the polling places. To hear many of them tell it, they were confounded by a ballot, a sample of which they received in the mail at least a week before. About 10,000 mathematically challenged voters insisted they probably were among the mere 3,000 who cast their ballots for Pat Buchanan, whom several referred to as a "Nazi."

To the astonishment of many, Jesse Jackson arrived on the scene and harangued large and adoring crowds, many of whom were Jewish – the same Jesse Jackson who called their former New York home "Hymietown." It seems that anything can be forgiven if the socialist future appears to be threatened by the likes of George W. Bush, who they are certain will choke off all those government benefits to which they feel entitled, including keeping the sand cool.

Since Election Day they have thronged the shopping centers and the streets of downtown West Palm Beach shouting demands for an opportunity to "revote." They spout the Gore party line to every member of the huge media contingent here, all of whom are lusting for a chance to promote the outright theft of the election by the Gore forces.

When the true story of this fiasco is told, we are going to discover that the entire production was choreographed by the Gore campaign before Election Day when somebody saw the butterfly ballot – which both the Democrat and GOP representatives had OK'd – and recognized a golden opportunity to pull off a massive scam.

The media do not seem eager to pursue this story – to look into the hiring on Election Day of a marketing firm to make thousands of phone calls asking people in the county if they voted, and if they had, were they certain that they had voted for Gore and not Buchanan.

It was a set-up from the beginning. Once they had enough people riled up they trotted out Wexler to screech that he personally witnessed thousands of voters emerging from the polling places in tears because they had been conned by a confusing ballot – a story not even Larry King could swallow when Wexler tried it out on him.

The whole scam is straight out of the socialist playbook of Saul Alinsky. Someday somebody will dig into it and find the truth about the great butterfly ballot scam – that it was just another chapter in the continuing saga of the socialization of the United States of America played out on the stage of the Socialist Republic of Palm Beach.

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The gentleman is the archetype of the present-day majority in his city, and Palm Beach County, where the socialist ideal is alive and well. Boca Raton, where the sun is so politically insensitive that it insists on heating the beach sand despite the inconvenience it causes...
Tuesday, 14 November 2000 12:00 AM
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