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Christians MUST Vote on Nov. 5!

Monday, 04 November 2002 12:00 AM

On Nov. 5, people of all philosophies, creeds and persuasions will be given another shot at self-determinant government. Our country's founding fathers called it "government of the people, by the people and for the people."

Americans in general participate in midterm elections at appallingly paltry levels, but Christians in particular have voted in even fewer numbers. As near as I can tell, some of us are so heavenly minded, we're no earthly good.

Think of it from our enemy's perspective. Were I an evil adversary (don't laugh, when my kids were teenagers, they thought I was), I'd much rather fight an enemy who could only count on a fraction of its troops showing up for battle.

Who is this "enemy"? Take two aspirins, drink plenty of fluids, read the Apostle Paul's letter to the church in Ephesus, chapter 6, verse 12, and check back with this article in the morning. Though we in Christendom tend to view all battles as spiritual, witting accomplices are made of flesh and blood!

Our country needs your participatory citizenship! You're not just picking your governor, congressman or senator when you vote. You're choosing the last defense of the righteously indignant – the judiciary!

With a closely divided Supreme Court, many recent decisions have been barn burners. In Boy Scouts of America versus Dale, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 opinion that your 13-year-old son can't be forced to spend his weekend jamborees in a tent with an openly gay scoutmaster.

Conversely, "pro-choice" feminists recently prevailed in two 5-4 pro-abortion decisions. One in particular, Stenberg v. Carhart, struck down Nebraska's abortion procedures statute and re-condemned to death our unborn in the Naziesque procedure we call "partial-birth abortion."

And finally, Dubya is president due to a single harrowing vote by these magistrates! This election is as much about judicial appointments as it is political preference.

Not all matters are equally weighted. Let me provide real-world numbers; the 2000 presidential contest was decided by fewer than 1,000 votes – in a nation of nearly 300 million citizens! This year's midterm election will likely witness a half-dozen key elections decided in much the same manner. Your own vote may carry the U.S. House or Senate and therefore, the judiciary.

I see the electorate broken into three separate moral interest groups:

* Group one is ideologically driven and oft without a cogent Christian faith. Its main concerns are the environment, abortion rights, gay rights, etc. Though extremely passionate, this group's members comprise less than 20 percent of the electorate. But their voting participation is impressive!

In a recent election in San Francisco, those who identified themselves as gay or lesbian voted at almost 80 percent. In that same election, those identifying themselves as "born-again" or "devout-traditional" Christians participated at 30 percent. Even in San Francisco, there is a large number of these moral conservatives. Why do we choose, through inaction, to have moral reprobates running our schools and courts?

* Group two is usually candidate- or issue-driven, often without the benefit of absolute ideological drives. This group lacks political passion, and voter participation numbers tend toward average. Its members can be persuaded late in campaigns via negative advertising, as in the vaunted "October surprise."

* Group three, estimated at one-third of the electorate, comprises people of committed faith communities, including – but not limited to – Christians. This group, which represents many of us, is pathetic in civil participation, possessing the lowest voter turnout of all major interest groups. This lack of passion on the part of religious folks is, at best, perplexing, and at worst, sinful.

Apparently we lack "passion" and the last time I checked, our Lord was into the passion thing. The Bible says to do all things as unto the Lord! I am certain our extremely devout Christian forefathers are weeping and gnashing teeth over our malaise.

You MUST vote Tuesday, Nov. 5! "Should" doesn't work this time around. Wake up, my fellow Christians, and heed this call to action! Though I'm actually paid to have opinions, I can't tell you who to vote for. That being said, your study of the candidates' stands on the issues, backed up by prayer, will elicit the proper decisions.

Tom Marsland is the host of "Tom's Place", on the nationwide Salem Radio Network's AM 980 KKMS in Minneapolis, Minn. Tom writes cultural, political and religious commentary from his unique Christian perspective for several publications, including the Assist News Service, the Minnesota Christian Chronicle and others. E-mail your comments to:

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On Nov. 5, people of all philosophies, creeds and persuasions will be given another shot at self-determinant government.Our country's founding fathers called it government of the people, by the people and for the people. Americans in general participate in midterm...
Monday, 04 November 2002 12:00 AM
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