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China's Geostrategy

Friday, 15 October 2004 12:00 AM

The Pentagon has its own intelligence-espionage service, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). But, predictably for me, the Pentagon’s annual report on “the military power” of China contains no information that could not be found in the U.S. mainstream media.

About a year ago, one of the e-mails I received was from a Pentagon officer who said that he agreed with my Internet columns and that the Pentagon understands nothing about the geostrategy of China.

In every institution there are such outstanding individuals. When Commentary published in 1978 my article contending that the CIA and Western espionage-intelligence vis-a-vis dictatorships like Russia or China did not virtually exist, this was a shock (it was 1978, not 2004, when the ineptness of the CIA had become generally recognized!). But a senior CIA analyst (retired) told me that the situation in the CIA was even worse than I had described it, but if he said this publicly the CIA would have deprived him of his pension.

Yes, in big bureaucracies of the democratic West there are individuals who see the truth, but they cannot tell the truth publicly because this is the prerogative of the top of the bureaucratic hierarchy.

That Pentagon officer told the truth in his e-mail to me: The Pentagon as a bureaucracy does not want to understand or describe publicly the geostrategy of “the People’s Republic of China.”

Not even once in its reports (the last two reports exceed 50 pages each) does the Pentagon say that “the People’s Republic” is a dictatorship, and hence the dictators can allocate ANY resources to the development of ANY weapons without anyone knowing about it except the dictators. No word like “dictatorship,” “dictators” or “totalitarian” is used by the Pentagon even once. The general impression created is that all Chinese weapons are far behind those of the Pentagon, and the Chinese strategy is “modernization” to decrease the gap.

The Pentagon seems never to have read in the Chinese press about Project 863, founded in 1986, and Super-Project 863, founded in 1996, to develop post-nuclear superweapons in which China cannot be behind the Pentagon because the United States discontinued the development of some of such weapons in 1969 as contradicting the relevant international agreements, though there are Americans who believe that President Nixon’s announcement to this effect was a cunning U.S. ploy to mislead the world.

According to these Americans, it is the United States that is a secretive totalitarian country after world domination, which some of these Americans hail while others curse, and both are captivated by their fantasies about the military omnipotence of the infinitely glorious/infinitely evil United States.

The development of other superweapons, such as molecular nanoweapons, is lavished with money in China and starved in the United States. It can be recalled in this connection how unwilling Roosevelt’s government was to launch the Manhattan Project. But the United States was at war with Germany, also developing nuclear superweapons, and the Jewish emigre scientists, headed by the great Albert Einstein, importuned Roosevelt .

The Report of 2004 begins with “lessons learned [by China] from Operation IRAQI FREEDOM” (that is, the war in Iraq). There are five lessons. That is, China has been greatly impressed by the Pentagon’s war in Iraq and has drawn five instructions concerning the modernization of its backward weapons to advance them closer to the shining example of the Pentagon’s war in Iraq.

Those of 29,000 employees of the Pentagon who have read a history of warfare must know that in the past two centuries the conquest of a militarily weaker country was often followed by its guerrilla war. The word is Spanish – it originated as the Spanish-speaking waged such a war against Napoleon.

Russian serfs, whom Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812 promised emancipation, also fought as guerrillas against the invaders. Later, Soviet “state slaves” fought as guerrillas in Stalin’s Russia against the German invaders. The Vietnam War was a guerrilla war in which the totalitarian North Vietnam inflicted on the United States 50,000 casualties.

Even after the Vietnam War the Pentagon did not foresee a guerrilla war in Iraq! Yet the Pentagon begins its report of 2004 on “the military power” of China by describing how the dictators of China have been impressed by the Pentagon’s war in Iraq and decided to modernize their “military power” in five directions.

Actually, in geostrategy the Pentagon is 18 years behind China and, indeed, does not even understand its geostrategy.

The People’s Liberation Army is a moneymaker and could maintain, say, 26 million soldiers and officers without any allocations. In the U.S. (volunteer) armed forces, its soldiers and officers are paid wages and salaries as employees. Yet as of 1997 the PLA numbered not 26 million but 2.6 million soldiers and officers, while the armed forces of the United States, whose population is one quarter that of China, 1.53 million. Between 1997 and 2000, China reduced the size of the PLA by 500,000, and in 2003 Jiang Zemin announced a decision to reduce the size of the PLA by another 200,000!

Why? The dictators of China understand that the conventional war of armies was over in 1945, when Japan surrendered unconditionally to U.S. nuclear superweapons no matter how large and splendid the Japanese army was and how much territory it had conquered.

In 1945 the war of armies was succeeded by the war of labs. Hence the Chinese Project 863 and the Super-Project 863, which the Pentagon has not even mentioned in its reports since the Pentagon, in its military mentality, still lives before 1945.

The war of labs easily becomes a war for world domination, which the United States could establish in 1945 (and before Stalin’s Russia obtained nuclear weapons in 1949) and which the dictators of China intend to establish with post-nuclear superweapons, such as molecular nanoweapons able to destroy the Western means of nuclear retaliation, that is, to circumvent Mutual Assured Destruction.

In terms of this post-1945 strategy, the war on Iraq, of which the Pentagon is proud, is a mistake of a second-grader unfamiliar with the history of warfare. What does the Pentagon mean by this war? If it antagonizes Western Europe and about half of the “polarized” U.S. electorate, it does not take much imagination to gauge the fury among 1.3 to 1.4 billion Moslems, including guerrillas in Iraq.

Islamic suicidal terrorists are those Moslems who are genetically inclined to suicide and who sublimate their death wishes into a suicidal jihad in the name of Islam. The suicidal terrorists of Sept. 11 saw their attack as a revenge for the U.S. treatment of Iraq from 1990 to 2000. The 3,000 victims of Sept. 11, 2001, may be a tiny harbinger of the mayhem that genetically suicidal Moslems from among the 1.3 to 1.4 billion Moslems can inflict on the United States through suicidal terrorism, as a revenge for the war on Iraq that began last year.

The dictators of China have been preaching for decades that Taiwan should not be independent. They have saber-rattled as much as they could, but they have never come to the war on Taiwan. First they have to establish world domination via post-nuclear superweapons. Then Taiwan will be theirs.

Yet the Pentagon reports pay inordinate attention to Taiwan and create the impression that Taiwan is the key goal of China, and China may try to conquer it and thus get entangled in a war with the United States. No! The dictators of China expect to get Taiwan without war – either by saber-rattling or first to establish world domination and reduce the United States to the status of their colony (under the penalty of annihilation – by molecular nano superweapons, for example).

This is what the post-1945 war of labs is all about. Ironically, this new war was initiated by the United States during the “old war” with Germany, which was developing nuclear superweapons. But as of 2004 the Pentagon seems to have no inkling of this new war and seems to abide in its geostrategic mentality before 1945, minus the awareness of guerrilla warfare.

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The Pentagon has its own intelligence-espionage service, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).But, predictably for me, the Pentagon's annual report on "the military power" of China contains no information that could not be found in the U.S. mainstream media. About a year...
Friday, 15 October 2004 12:00 AM
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