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Charusa: The Most Terrible Trap

Wednesday, 29 May 2002 12:00 AM

The wonderful book by Andrei Pechersky, "V Lesakh" (In the Woods), describes in colorful detail the life of the Nizhniy Novgorod region, and the northeast part of European Russia in general, in the mid-19th century.

Particularly miraculous are the descriptions of thick woods mixed with huge swamps.

"Mshava, or moss-covered swamp, stretches for several miles. The thickness of the moss, which covers the bottomless marsh, could reach several yards. The moss itself is covered with stunted timber, bushes and various flowers. The moss caves in and springs under the foot of the walker, and suddenly produces a fountain of water three feet deep.

"It is a dangerous way: a wrong step, and you are 'lost for a penny'!

"You should step cautiously, slowly, and God save you if you run or jump.

"Sometimes you see a 'window' – i.e., a small open spot in the swamp, with the water at the same level as the upper edge of the moss. It looks like a clean well in the dirty swamp. In reality, it is a bottomless pit.

" 'Vadya,' or an open spot with a width of 20-30 yards, is even more dangerous than a 'window.' 'Vadya' is surrounded by a thin layer of turf soil. Anybody who steps on this deceptive turf is lost! 'Vadya' will suck him into a bottomless abyss.

"But the most terrible trap is 'charusa.' One can, in advance, detect and avoid the 'window' or 'vadya.' However, 'charusa' is imperceptible. The walker emerges from a thick, pathless forest, where the piles of dry or rotten timber make his way torturous, and suddenly – as if by the wave of a magic wand – he meets the flourishing meadow.

"This meadow, greeting the walker joyfully, is surrounded by red pines and green spruces and is covered by bright green grass and large blue, yellow and white flowers.

"The meadow lures the walker: Enjoy the rest here! But the walker dies instantly – without a coffin or a farewell to friends – if he enters this meadow.

"The emerald-colored 'charusa,' with its rich grass and flowers, is merely a thin cover over the surface of a bottomless lake. This cover cannot withstand the weight of any animal except for the smallest bird.

"And often, the unholy 'bolotnitsa' – the swamp witch, a distant relative of the mermaid – sits on the 'charusa' cover and, in a sweet voice, asks the human to join her. (end of compressed translation)

It was hard for America to deal with the former Soviet Union (FSU); these dealings remind one of the walk over a mossy swamp, spotted with "windows" and "vadyas."

It is much more difficult to deal with post-Soviet Russia, especially Russia under President Vladimir Putin's regime. Now the swamp is covered with multiple, undetectable, very attractive "charusas."

Come, American, enjoy the Moscow meadow! Look, we accomplished a lot of reforms, including introduction of an equal 13 percent tax on everybody's incomes. We got rid of Communists in the Duma; nothing prevents Russia from her glorious move toward democratic capitalism! We are even repaying debts! Moreover, we are now trusted allies of America in its struggle with world terrorism!

That's how the FSB/KGB-originating swamp witches and closely connected Moscow media are making charusa traps and luring Westerners.

Western businessmen come to the Russian "charusa" and immediately encounter lawless government organizations and merciless organized crime – organized and controlled, to a large degree, by the FSB/KGB. He is lucky if he loses only his money and saves his life.

In December 1996, one of the authors (Nemets), jointly with Dr. John Scherer (his co-author on the book "Chinese-Russian Military Relations," published in 2000), sent a letter, "White Sea Bubble," to the Wall Street Journal. The letter presented many proofs that the fundamentals of the Russian economy are very weak and the "bubble" could burst at any moment, meaning that Western money going to Russia will be lost.

The letter wasn't published. How many tens of billions of dollars (or even hundreds of billions if the stock exchange crash is taken into account) did the West lose in August 1998?

And notorious Anatoly Chubais cynically grinned, "We 'kinuli' [cheated, in Moscow criminal slang] the West perfectly!"

Leaders of the Russian criminal world – including the government and top banks – have many billions of dollars in their bank accounts abroad.

Do you believe that presently Russia's fundamentals are stronger? That's what the Moscow "bolotnitsas" are singing.

By the end of 2001, the average age of Russian productive equipment approached or reached 20 years. The Russian technological gap with the West – except for some weapon R&D enterprises – is as great as ever since WWII. Russia's infrastructure is outworn and partly vanished.

The number of "risk group" persons – alcoholics, drug abusers, HIV-infected and openly TB-suffering persons – has surpassed 20 million, and the Russian population continues to decrease by 1 million a year.

The process of destruction of human and technological potential continued – and didn't even slow down – in 1999-2001.

Strong Russian fundamentals? This system could crash like a house of cards when the price of oil falls below $20 per barrel. The consequences could be even worse than in August 1998.

A high-ranking Western politician comes to Moscow to conclude an "epochal treaty." He will be cheated from the very beginning, and his country is in great danger.

Russian weapons are being churned out in growing volumes to the open enemies of America ("rogue regimes") and its "forthcoming enemies" (let's think about the Taiwan strait). New suicide squads are preparing for new large terrorist actions; they have a powerful information-support network and sophisticated technology.

Both information and technology come through hundreds of channels and hundreds of agents from the rogue regimes of the Middle East and Cuba. Who dares to claim that Russian intelligence has nothing to do, directly or in clever cooperation, with the intelligence organs of these rogue regimes?

By the way, now Russian intelligence will feel freer on U.S. territory.

In February-March 2002, several Russian papers – including the opposition papers communist Pravda and nationalist Zavtra – described Putin's initiative aimed at assistance to homeless children (at least 2 million of them exist in present-day Russia).

Many tens of thousands of small children in Moscow and other major cities, occupying train stations, subways and large crossings, have been caught by the police, under FSB supervision. The children have been taken to special shelters, provided with clean clothes and good food, including even dessert, for three days.

The authors were touched to discover some softheartedness in Putin and his circle. The papers, however, didn't describe what happened to the children afterward.

On May 4, the authoritative New York-based Russian-language Novoye Russkoye Slovo published on p. 8 a large article, based on information from Italy's Panorama magazine, on the Russian mafia. One paragraph is astonishing even for a person having no illusions regarding Russia:

"According to the most recent data from German intelligence, the BND, a large number of homeless children, earlier filling train stations, subway stations, and major intersections in large Russian cities, are lost without a trace. The Russian mafia, for the purpose of selling their internal organs to the West, has murdered these children. Part of the income resulting from this trade has been laundered in Germany."

Should we say that these two reports are not at all related? Or assume that Putin and the FSB decided to catch children just to save them from the organ-selling mafia? That's indeed for fools. The insightful reader should note that

On May 23-24, the New York-based Russian language TV channel NTV (earlier headquartered in Moscow, now relocated to West Europe and America) broadcast the following comments on the U.S.-Russian summit and the new agreements:

Dr. Thomas J. Torda has been a Chinese linguist specializing in science and technology with FBIS, and a Chinese/Russian defense technology consultant with the Office of Naval Intelligence.

You may contact Dr. Torda at

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The wonderful book by Andrei Pechersky, V Lesakh (In the Woods), describes in colorful detail the life of the Nizhniy Novgorod region, and the northeast part of European Russia in general, in the mid-19th century. Particularly miraculous are the descriptions of thick...
Wednesday, 29 May 2002 12:00 AM
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