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Challenge and Response

Wednesday, 12 September 2001 12:00 AM

The great historian Arnold Toynbee based his "Study Of History" on an analysis of why some cultures flourish and some do not. All cultures face various challenges, from their environment and other cultures. It is a culture’s capacity to respond to these challenges that will determine its success or failure. If that capacity is positive, the culture can thrive; if it is negative, the culture is doomed.

The culture that most faces the great challenge of survival or extinction today is not America’s. It is the culture of Islam in general, and Arab culture in particular. It must respond soon to the mortal challenge facing it – and if it does not, America and Western civilization must quickly bring about its demise.

The most ironic aspect of the Arabs’ challenge is that it is internal. What they must respond to and overcome is not a challenge from their external environment nor any other culture. It is a challenge they have created and must exorcize from within themselves. There is a Djinn, an evil genie, inhabiting the Arab soul. Its Arabic name is al-Hasad, the Demon of Envy.

For Moslems, envy is haram, behavior explicitly prohibited by the Prophet Mohammed himself. In Sura (chapter) An-Nisa’ 4:32 of the Koran, Allah through Mohammed says: "Envy not one another.” A hadith or Saying of Mohammed admonishes Moslems to: "Keep yourselves far from envy; it eateth up and taketh away good actions, like as fire eateth up and burneth wood.” In another, Mohammed warns that no Moslem may go to Paradise after death unless "his heart be free of envy.”

Two years ago (October 1999), I wrote a column titled "The Impotence of Islam.” I explained that "Islam has tragically become a religious dead-end, ruined by the great social poison of the 20th century, envy. Marxist Communism is fueled by class-based envy towards ‘the rich exploitative bourgeois’; Nazism fueled by race-based envy towards ‘the rich exploitative Jews’; while Moslem terrorism is fueled by a culture-based envy towards ‘the rich exploitative West.’ And what is the source of envy? Impotence. The hatred of the success of others due to the conviction that you are not capable and competent enough to similarly succeed, so your goal becomes to destroy that which you cannot achieve for yourself.”

Further, "envy is always directed most strongly at those who most clearly demonstrate one’s impotence by their success, such as one’s neighbors or closest competitors. Arabs and Jews, for example, claim the same individual as their ancestor: one son of Abraham, Isaac, fathered the Jews, while another son, Ishmael, fathered the Arabs. One tribe stays put, the other goes out into the world and comes back as economically, culturally, scientifically accomplished as any tribe in history – and proceeds to create a new country, Israel, flaunting all their achievements right in the Arabs’ face. This has driven Arabs enviously – and masochistically - insane.”

For it is masochism that is the definitive characteristic of envy. Envy is not simply hatred of someone for having something you don’t – it is the willingness to destroy yourself as the price for destroying those of whom you are envious. The realm of envious insanity goes far beyond ordinary criminal insanity, and into a region of true and monstrous evil.

It is al-hasad, envy, which is the source of bottomless and suicidal-bomber hatred Palestinians have for the Jews, and that Arab and Moslem terrorists have for America and the West. Until the Djinn of al-Hasad, the Demon of Envy, departs from Arab souls, there can be no peace between Palestinians and Jews, and between Moslems and America.

And yes, between Moslems in general, not just the terrorists – for it is the challenge of the Moslem world to rid its religion of the cancer of al-hasad. Al-hasad is their cancer. It is no longer enough for Moslems to utter pro forma denouncements of terrorism as "un-Islamic.” It is now their responsibility to prove to us they are doing something about it. Moslems can only do this by and for themselves. We have our own challenges to deal with.

The first is to understand that it doesn’t matter who "masterminded” the terrorism of Sept. 11. We do not need to determine with conclusive evidence who did it. We must launch instead a comprehensive and annihilative assault on the entire network of Moslem terrorism. Osama bin Laden, Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO, the Islamic Jihad, every single outfit that has conducted, been involved in, or advocated terrorist acts – whether they had anything to do with September 11 or not – should now be a target and wiped off the earth.

And more: Not only must the terrorist groups be extinguished but the governments that support them. Specifically the governments of Syria, Iraq, Iran, the Afghan Taliban, and the Palestinian Authority must be militarily liquidated. No trials. No capturing any terrorist and "bringing him to justice.” Every terrorist, every ayatollah, every Syrian and PLO and Iraqi government thug from Yassir Arafat and Saddam Hussein down should be hunted down and killed with whatever military force is required. This is what being "at war” means.

War means destroying your enemy physically and destroying his capacity to resist. It means victory. Congress has not formally declared war since December 1941. It is time for Congress to do so now, to declare war against all terrorist groups and those specific governments supporting them. (It may not be necessary, however, to include Egypt. It should be sufficient to publicly point out to the Egyptians that a Sword of Damocles is poised above them called the Aswan Dam. The Egyptians are to be good little boys and girls and abjure from any and all involvement with terrorism, for should Aswan be blown all of Egypt will be under 20 feet of water.) Then the war must be conducted to be won ruthlessly and quickly.

There have been many references to "America’s terrible swift sword” in retribution for Sept. 11. The "terrible” part is that retribution must be absolute and annihilative. But the "swift” part is equally vital. We must eliminate our enemies before they have time to strike back with germ and biochemical warfare. They won’t be aiming at killing tens of thousands of Americans next time, but hundreds of thousands or even millions. Let that sink in.

This is a fight to the death. It is not a fight of our choosing. America is being attacked not for its vices, but for its virtues; not for its moral failures, but its moral success as the freest, most productive, and most prosperous nation history has known. We are up against an enemy fully as evil as the Nazis or Communists. We must annihilate this enemy and do so immediately.

This enemy has been given a name: "Jihadism,” the Jihad or "Holy War” envious Moslems are conducting towards Western civilization. Its proponents must be dealt with militarily, hunted down and shot. But the moral disease of Jihadism itself can only be cured by the world Moslem community.

The cure lies in that community embracing a positive response to the challenges facing it. Such a response was developed a hundred years ago at the beginning of the 20th century by Moslem intellectuals in Central Asia. It was called "Jadidism,” advocating a new ("jadid”), flexible, and dynamic Islam. Instead of treating the words of Mohammed as sacred petrified fossils, the Jadidists considered them as guides to the future, asking themselves not what Mohammed said centuries ago in the context of his day, but what he would say now if Allah brought him back to earth today. The Jadidists wanted Islam to embrace and flourish in the modern world. Tragically, the Jadidists were crushed by the Soviets in the 1920s. Now is the time for their revival.

Thus the struggle is ultimately Jihadism vs. Jadidism within Islam. Our job is to physically eliminate the advocates of the former, while forcefully encouraging Islam as a whole to embrace the latter. We must see to it that leading Moslem teachers (such as at the University of Cairo), Moslem writers, journalists and radio commentators everywhere promote Jadidism, and admonish against al-hasad. No more hate, no more envy. They must make sure every Moslem contemplating a martyr’s death understands that he will not go to Paradise merely because he died in a Jihad against Israel or America. If he wants all the wine and women Allah promises him in Al-Waqi’ah (Sura 56 of the Koran), the Djinn of al-Hasad must not possess him. His heart must be free of envy.

And if it is not, if he continues to laugh and dance on Middle East streets over the depraved slaughter of Americans, then we must speedily provide him the martyr’s death he deserves.

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The great historian Arnold Toynbee based his Study Of History on an analysis of why some cultures flourish and some do not.All cultures face various challenges, from their environment and other cultures.It is a culture's capacity to respond to these challenges that will...
Wednesday, 12 September 2001 12:00 AM
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