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Can the Government Prevent Future Terrorist Attacks?

Tuesday, 21 May 2002 12:00 AM

First item I heard on the radio news this morning. Americans are increasingly worried that the government cannot protect them from future terrorist attacks.

Well, you know what? Americans are right. There is really no way that we can be completely safe from these attacks.

The best we can hope for is for our government to make the best use of its intelligence services in trying to discover the plans of terrorists, and the best use of its military in making life miserable for those who support and enable acts of terrorism.

The old saying applies to terrorism as it does to other human endeavors. You get more of the behavior you reward and less of the behavior you punish.

Punish governments that harbor and enable terrorism.

Punish individuals who speak in praise of terrorists.

Punish organizations that support terrorism.

Reward governments that apprehend and punish terrorists operating under their jurisdictions.

Find and expel all illegal immigrants within U.S. borders.

Allow Americans to arm themselves as an additional defense against terrorist acts.

And above all, don't allow the scare of terrorism to become the excuse for a wholesale violation of basic constitutional rights. To do so would be to grant victory to Osama bin Laden and his ilk.

It's that time again – time for a new contract between UPS and its Teamsters Union employees. True to form, the UPS Teamsters Union members have taken another strike vote! Time to show the world that they still are fully and completely under the thumb of their Teamsters Union bosses.

What was it, five years ago? That was the last strike. The strikers tried to tell everyone it was about part-time employees. It wasn't. It was about the Teamsters Union maintaining control over the pension plan for UPS Teamsters members.

UPS clearly had a more favorable pension and retirement proposal for its employees. But the union needed the UPS members to stay in the Teamsters plan – not for the benefit of UPS Teamsters, but for the benefit of Teamsters working for other companies whose outlook wasn't that secure. The UPS Teamsters marched to the union cadence and UPS management folded like a map.

If I were a UPS honcho, I would have a document prepared for presentation to every retiring UPS Teamster. It would show what they would have received in retirement benefits if they had gone with the company proposal rather than letting the union stick it to them. That would probably lead to an NLRB complaint from the Teamsters.

I guess I should give them a break. They're union members. Mob mentality at work.

I attended a town hall meeting last night hosted by Phil Boyer, the president of AOPA, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Much of the discussion focused, of course, on the status of general aviation (those horrible little airplanes) since the terrorist attacks of 9-11.

I'm a second-generation pilot. I own one hot air balloon, one Mooney Ovation2 and one-half interest in a Super Decathlon. Aviation is my hobby – this means that you are going to hear about it from time to time on the Boortz show whether you like it or not.

Typically, much of the local media treated last night's AOPA Town Hall meeting with typical mindlessness. I'm told we had the typically frightening stories about the lack of security at small airports and the grave dangers these pilots nobody knows present to the general public.

The mainstream media have always been uninformed on matters pertaining to aviation, and so it shall ever be.

Now – here's something the media could highlight. Government inaction. The AOPA has had a proposal out there on the table for months. It's a simple one.

FAA regulations require pilots to have certain documentation on their person when they're flying. This includes their pilot's license and their medical certificate. Neither of these documents contains a picture for positive identification.

The AOPA proposal is simple. Just add a government-issued picture ID, such as a driver's license, to the list of required documents! It's a no-cost, easily implemented idea. Just the sttoke of a pen from the FAA administrator and it's done.

Yet in spite of widespread approval of the idea, from the White House to Congress to your small-town airport, no signature and no rule.

It's government inaction on simple and inexpensive ideas such as this that should be the focus of media reports, not mindless frightening stories about the "grave threats" presented by all these rich people with their toy airplanes.

Oh … speaking of this "rich people with airplanes" nonsense. You might be interested in knowing that the average owner of a general aviation airplane has less money invested in his plane than does the average bass fisherman in his boat, trailer and two vehicle.

While we're at it, I think we ought to keep those bass fishermen off of any body of water that feeds a city water supply, don't you?

Helen Thomas is calling for socialized medicine in the United States. No doubt she would want to include cosmetic surgery benefits.

Some colleges and universities are bowing to student demands for gay dorms. Sadly, my august listeners failed yesterday to come up with any imaginative names for these dorms. I do remember the name of a lesbian team in an the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian bowling league about 10 years ago. The Lickity Splits. That one deserves a People's Choice award.

Let's cut to the chase and make Kenneth Williams the new director of the FBI. He's the Phoenix agent who had that "hunch."

Australians are particularly happy with one recent action of their prime minister, John Howard. He used the Australian navy to gather up Iraqi and Afghan refugees and return them whence they came. Sounds like a good plan, though it needs to be expanded. How about all Arab and Muslim visitors to the USA?

Every time you hear the word "racism," think "culturalism." You'll find the word fits better – and there's really nothing in the world wrong with it.

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First item I heard on the radio news this morning.Americans are increasingly worried that the government cannot protect them from future terrorist attacks. Well, you know what?Americans are right.There is really no way that we can be completely safe from these attacks....
Tuesday, 21 May 2002 12:00 AM
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