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Can Chinese Dictators Seize the World in Spite of Chinese Poverty?

Thursday, 14 September 2006 12:00 AM

My Yahoo! inquiry "China's military power" evoked 3,670,000 "search results." Who are these 3,670,000 experts?

Soon after I came to the United States in 1972, I posted in the New York Times an ad soliciting a typist, and a lady who responded asked me what I wrote. I thought that she wanted to know the scope of her work and explained that I was from Soviet Russia and wrote about the Soviet dictators' development of superweapons. Suddenly she exclaimed grievously: "I should have been writing and publishing all this, not you! I have a Ph.D.!"

"My dear lady," I quipped, "we cannot swap our destinies, because I cannot type, much as I envy you."

Those 3,670,000 comments on China's military power may fail to contain a single valuable sentence, but are made public because their authors have Ph.D.s and other such titles issued to them by universities and other bureaucracies.

I will take one sample out of these 3,670,000 comments, the Boston Globe article "Assessing China's Power," by Joseph S. Nye Jr., who has so many academic degrees and has held so many government posts that he has been voted one of the ten most influential scholars in international relations.

Nye postulated that a poor country like China cannot be a threat to a rich country like the United States. We learn that in China, the "income per capita is only $1,700, or 1/25 of that of the United States." Indeed, in China, "400 million live on less than $2 per day."

But is wealth crucial for military victory?

How were nuclear weapons (decisive from 1945 to 1949) developed in the United States?

In his letter of Aug. 2, 1939, to President Franklin Roosevelt, Einstein cited the research of Enrico Fermi and Leo Szilard in the United States and Frederic Joliot in France to show that the atomic bomb was possible.

Fermi, Szilard and Joliot, as well as Einstein himself, were scientists of genius, and genius is the core of development of a superweapon. Fermi was not a Jew, but his wife was Jewish, and after Italian dictator Benito Mussolini launched anti-Semitism to please his ally Hitler, the Fermis emigrated to the United States. As did Szilard and Einstein.

Neither Joliot nor his wife, Irene, was Jewish, and as the Nazi invasion came he sent the documents of their research to England and stayed in France to participate in the Resistance.

Most of the Manhattan Project scientists of genius were Jewish emigres. They were afraid that Hitler would conquer the world, and in 1942, it became clear to them that he could well annihilate them. Money was not the reason they emigrated and worked for the project. Nevertheless, the Manhattan Project cost over $20 billion in today's U.S. dollars. Why?

Even if the U.S. government paid every Manhattan Project scientist of genius $1 million a year in today's U.S. dollars for three years (1942-1945), the total sum would have been a fraction of $1 billion in today's U.S. dollars, while actually, the cost of the Manhattan Project in today's U.S. dollars exceeded $20 billion. Where did the money go?

Many labs and other sites of the Manhattan Project were built. I asked a crane operator on a construction site near our apartment house how much he was paid: "$75 an hour," he said. The minimum pay per hour is now over $5, but the mass demand is for $7. Of course! If a crane operator makes $75 an hour, no wonder housing is so expensive that the lowest-paid employee cannot afford for his $5 an hour or $800 a month a living minimum for his family despite all social benefits.

Nye, University Distinguished Service Professor at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, says that in China, "400 million live on less than $2 per day." Well, that means that the Manhattan Project would cost in China not $20 billion today's U.S. dollars, but less than $1 billion.

Curiously, the total cost of World War II for the United States was $3.3 trillion. That is, the U.S. development of nuclear weapons cost a fraction of 1 percent of the U.S. total cost of World War II.

Yet if the atomic bomb had been developed by the United States before Hitler had launched a conventional war in 1939, there would have been no war, none of $3.3 trillion would have been spent, and Germany would have surrendered unconditionally, as did Japan in 1945.

Inversely, if Hitler had developed nuclear weapons before the rest of the world did, the world would have been his without any conventional war, and the $3.3 trillion the United States spent on conventional weapons would have been irrelevant.

There is no annihilation of Jews in the West today, and Jewish scientists of genius do not escape to China. But China's global espionage/intelligence service is well able to conduct, with the aid of China's scientists, a global search for genius in the field of superweapons development. Today, a Western scientist working in China is by no means that odious figure he was in Soviet Russia.

China's dictatorship needs to select, in today's mass exchange and association of scientists between China and the West, individuals of genius – the Einsteins, Fermis, Szilards, Joliots of new fields of development of post-nuclear superweapons – and create for them the living and working conditions they would find more attractive than anywhere else.

Several American scientists and I spoke about a year ago in a Voice of America radio program for Russia. They all considered China to be an ideally peaceful society, doing a minimum for its defense against the United States, which invaded Iraq and Afghanistan.

One of these scientists said that Beijing is more architecturally beautiful than New York, and different apartment houses are designed by different outstanding foreign architects. Want to live in a beautiful French apartment house? Here you are!

The attraction of the world's best scientists for living in China and working in the new field of superweapons development takes little money but a lot of brains. And the minimum wage of $5 or $7 an hour, unionized crane operators making $75 an hour, as well as millionaires, billionaires, and other signs of American wealth, will not help, as no money or property helped Japan in 1945.

A superweapon, called by the Chinese dictators an "assassin's mace weapon" (such as the nuclear bomb in 1945), is the cheapest way of "winning war without fighting," to quote Sun Tzu, the venerable Chinese teacher of strategy.

It can be said that the "assassin's mace" is a poor country's winning-without-fighting weapon, while the Pentagon spent, from 1942 to 1945, $64 billion on tanks and $69 billion on artillery, conventional bombs, mines, and grenades, and is now doing the same – evidently for a museum, if such is to exist in the Chinese colony once called the United States.

It can be said, in conclusion, that the term "poverty" is not universal. A unionized crane operator lives on our street in a mansion, complete with a wine cellar and a box at the Met to which he (in tuxedo) and his wife (in furs) go in their luxurious sedan, while the U.S. government is in ever deeper debt.

In China, 400 million live on less than $2 a day, while the dictator has enough dollars at his disposal to buy the controlling shares of all U.S. stocks registered by Dow Jones. The dictator can thus be the U.S. supercapitalist even in terms of U.S. dollars, to say nothing of the rest of his property: China and the Chinese.

No wonder he wants to own the rest of the world as well. First, this will make his ownership of China more secure. And second, you must agree that to own the world is more satisfying than to own a pathetically few billions of dollars.

As for 400 million living in China on less than $2 a day, the Chinese will become the master race as a result of China's world domination and will prosper at the expense of the subjugated nations.

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My Yahoo! inquiry "China's military power" evoked 3,670,000 "search results."Who are these 3,670,000 experts? Soon after I came to the United States in 1972, I posted in the New York Times an ad soliciting a typist, and a lady who responded asked me what I wrote.I...
Thursday, 14 September 2006 12:00 AM
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