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Buying Votes With Taxpayer Dollars

Wednesday, 09 May 2001 12:00 AM

Most of the counties in the Atlanta metro area have county chaplains. They officiate at some county functions, speak at services for slain firemen or police officers, offer counseling services to county employees, etc. In every county these chaplains are volunteers. Every county, that is, except one. That exception is Fulton County.

So, what's the story in Fulton County? In Fulton County the chaplains are paid. Paid with taxpayers' money. The four or five (there seems to be a disagreement on the number) full-time chaplains and their secretary cost the county taxpayers a cool $185,000 a year - more than $1 million in the last five years.

OK ... So how does this amount to vote buying?

Well - as I understand it, four of these chaplains in the Fulton County payroll are also pastors of huge black churches in Fulton County. The quid pro quo is easy to spot here. A certain cadre of Fulton County commissioners transfer large amounts of taxpayer funds into the pockets of these pastors, and these pastors exhort their faithful flock to cast the appropriate votes for their favorite commission candidates when election time rolls around.

Chaplains are volunteers in every metro county except Fulton. How long will the Fulton taxpayers put up with this nonsense?

Just a thought ... but why do we use the term "politically correct” to describe the leftist nonsense that now permeates our culture. The PC movement is of and by the left. It’s liberals, not libertarians and not conservatives, who fuel this fire. So, why not give them the proper credit? Why not call it "liberal correctness” or "Democratic correctness?”

Maybe you have better suggestions, but we do need to try to give the lefties credit.

We now take you to the Bronx, N.Y. Fifty-four-year-old Victor Vicenty's car was vandalized last week. So he sat up on Monday night with binoculars and a rifle nearby, waiting for the vandal to come back.

At 2 a.m., Vicenty spotted a man trying to break into his car. He grabbed the rifle, ran down from his third-floor apartment, and fired six shots. The burglar is cooling on a slab.

As it turns out, the dead perpetrator was 41-year-old Kevin Bethea, a drug addict who was notorious for breaking into cars. His rap sheet included 47 (yes, forty-seven) arrests for petty crimes! So you can bet there weren't many neighbors mourning Kevin Bethea.

Victor Vicenty has been charged with second-degree murder, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of an unlicensed rifle. His neighbors have vowed to be character witnesses for him at his trial.

Is there anyone else out there who thinks Victor Vicenty deserves a medal for removing Kevin Bethea from the gene pool? And what the hell is wrong with defending property? That car represents a part of Vicenty's life. He spent a part of his life working to earn the money to pay for that car. Why shouldn't he be allowed to use force to protect it from burglars?

The streets are a little safer, thanks to Victor Vicenty. And it's a damned shame the police don't see it that way. Put me on the jury.

Hitlary Clinton held court at a news conference yesterday. She was talking about tax cuts - and practicing her acting skills.

At one point, she mentioned states that passed large tax cuts and are now facing smaller-than-projected budget surpluses. The Hildebeast said, "Take a state. Well, take Texas, for example."

If you think the World's Smartest Woman just pulled Texas out of the air at random, think again.

Every hour, every minute of Hillary Clinton's term as New York's junior senator is aimed toward one goal: to become president of the United States. She's setting herself up as George W. Bush's nemesis ... so her little pretense yesterday shouldn't fool you.

Oh - while we're at it. Take a look at economic grown in the various 50 states. You'll find the higher growth rates in the states with the lower taxes. Don't expect this to show up at a Hildebeast news conference.

Yesterday I told you about how the Imperial Federal Government's goal of protecting the sucker fish took precedence over the livelihood of 1,400 farming families around Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Now it's the prairie dogs.


But the National Park Service has a different idea. They want to spend $223,000 of taxpayer money to move the picnic area away from the prairie dogs!

This makes big steaming piles of sense, doesn't it? If there are bugs in your kitchen, do you move your entire house? Of course not! This is exactly what the National Park Service wants to do - to defer to the will of the prairie dogs rather than the humans who pay their park rangers' salaries.

I have a much less expensive solution. Just give some varmint hunters a day or two to pick off the prairie dogs. They could do it for far less than $223,000. All the taxpayers would have to pay for would be the cost of ammunition and disposal.

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Most of the counties in the Atlanta metro area have county chaplains.They officiate at some county functions, speak at services for slain firemen or police officers, offer counseling services to county employees, etc.In every county these chaplains are volunteers.Every...
Wednesday, 09 May 2001 12:00 AM
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