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Tuesday, 13 September 2005 12:00 AM

Now I am not against anyone making a buck. However, these days in Washington, most of government has become about nothing else. Lost in the shuffle are the U.S. Constitution, integrity, freedom, truth, hope, and any trust I ever had in either political party or the system.

I hate kvetching about all this. It makes me upset that I have no answers to rampant corruption, cheating the taxpayer blind, the huge rise in the power of Big Brother, the corporation as kingmaker or policy maker, nor do I have any clue about WHY the despicable corruption of the denizens of Washington's Iron Triangle are so poorly reported.

When I first started writing for Newsmax I wrote a piece called Soldiers R US. It was an investigation of the ins and outs of hiring professional soldiers - mercenaries - during the Clinton administration. The use of those mercenaries in Bosnia and Kosovo forced 150,000 Christian Serbs out of their homes, turning the territory over to KLA drug lords and angry Muslims.

Don't get me wrong. I understand that mercenaries and private soldiers were not invented during the Clinton administration. They have been around since the Hittites and before.

In fact, King John had to sign a little piece of paper which his own private security contractors demanded from him on the plains of Runnymede in 1210 or so: it was called the Magna Carta. Actually it was a simple business statement that had to do with King John overstepping his contractrual boundaries.

The barons offered him an either/or proposition. After the incompetence, corruption, partisanship that became apparent after Hurricane Katrina, it may be time for the American people to offer government at all levels their own Magna Carta.

What is left of thinking America should be a bit concerned that we are approaching a situation similar to that which existed when the barbarian tribes invaded ancient Rome and Italy. In that era, most of the fighting was done by private contractors, called barbarians, who then turned on Rome.

The modern defense contractor, mercenary, et. al. hasn't turned on us yet. They are happy making money hand over fist. Their efforts are not against the law and are sanctioned by the powers that be. Some conservatives might consider these cozy business deals that involve present, past, and future government "public servants" a bit on the seedy side, particularly under the circumstances i.e., "the war on terror" and the events surrounding Katrina.

Nonetheless, the failure of Congress to oversee these highly paid gun-toting, laptop-using modern feudal barons is rather lame and irresponsible: but this is nothing new in D.C. The contractors, agents or hired guns are not all automatic weapon experts. Most of them know more about providing a "service" of some sort than shooting the bad guys.

The well-connected bosses of the gun toters usually are members of some "group" (think Carlyle, Livingston, Blackwater, Benador, or Kissinger and associates). These "groups" number in the hundreds, perhaps in the thousands. I have lost track. They are comprised of former congressmen, senators, old cabinet officers from 30 years ago, ex-presidents, aides of these same folks, and assorted relatives and corporate types.

In fact, the rich and well-connected in post-Katrina New Orleans were able to hire the gun-toting contractors from Blackwater to protect their stuff. These operatives went unchallenged by those taking guns away from private citizens. The lesson here is: if you have bucks and can hire professionals to protect you or your stuff, you are one of the lucky ones.

None of this is illegal, but it is ripe for corruption and what Wall Street refers to as insider trading. Maybe I am just an old crank, but this kind of modus operandi landed Martha Stewart in a women's prison in West Virginia. Making a buck on insider trading is against the law on Wall Street but not against the law on K-Street in Washington, D.C.

Government and the corporate match are all about connections and using them to advantage. It also seems to be about bilking the taxpayer out of billions and creating private empires of the well connected. I wonder why Wall Street is not supposed to operate in that fashion, but the people we elect or hire for public service can get away with it. But - I digress.

Unfortunately, you wouldn't know any of this was going on from the mainstream media. They are too busy having a food fight over how many pretty white girls are being killed by bad boy white guys. The media and representatives must also believe that we give a hot damn about which one of them had their feelings hurt when someone on the other side of the aisle calls them a Nazi.

Meanwhile, the old mainstream media offers up surreal analyses of events by blow-dried talking heads like NBC's Brian Wilson. In effect, Wilson recently compared George Washington to bin Laden or Zarquawi. He allowed as George Washington was probably considered a terrorist by the Brits in 1776. This "opinion" makes me wonder if talking heads like Wilson train at the D.C. School for the Terminally Stupid.

Our Republic is in danger. Probably more so than at any other time in its history, and that includes the Civil War. Hate to depress ya'll, but I suppose Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry could be wet blankets too. Proclaiming that tyranny is at your doorstep, the media is brain-dead, and both political parties are hopeless is no fun. You never get invited to parties nor are you asked to discuss non-issues on lame TV shows hosted by arrogant and/or pinhead journalists.


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Now I am not against anyone making a buck. However, these days in Washington, most of government has become about nothing else. Lost in the shuffle are the U.S. Constitution, integrity, freedom, truth, hope, and any trust I ever had in either political party or the system....
Tuesday, 13 September 2005 12:00 AM
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