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So ... Bush Wants to Discuss Education?

Tuesday, 29 January 2002 12:00 AM

I understand that President Bush will be in Atlanta on Thursday. He's coming here to discuss education. More specifically, he's coming here to discuss the grand and wonderful world of government education.

There are many areas where Bush has performed admirably over the past year. Education is not one of those areas.

The Republicans had the right idea when they took control of Congress in 1994. At that time the pledge was to abolish the failed Department of Education and return the control of government schools to the states and local communities.

The quality of government education has deteriorated steadily since the formation of the Department of Education. Every year more federal money is spent. Every year more federal guidelines and controls are instituted.

And every year the quality of education and the test scores go down.

Democrats, of course, love the increasing federal role in education. They love it not because children are learning more. They love it because the teachers unions love it.

And the teachers unions are the world champs – the undisputed world champs – when it comes to wielding power in Washington.

It's all a matter of efficiency for the teachers unions. It's easier to get more money from the federal government, and more union-friendly rules and regulations, than it is to work to get those things from 50 different states and goodness knows how many local school districts. Just call it one-stop shopping for power and money.

Bush has totally capitulated to the Democratic side on education. Maybe while he's in Atlanta on Thursday he can explain just why!

There was a discussion about Bush's state of the union message on Brit Hume's Special Report on the Fox News Channel last night. One of the talking heads (can't remember which one) mentioned that the Republicans have co-opted the Democrats over the "S" word. Security.

Americans have been showing for decades that they are perfectly willing, if not eager, to trade freedom and liberty for security. The Democrats learned this years ago – and the Republicans are now coming on board.

Look for the "S" word to appear often in Bush's speech tonight. In fact, I'll make a little bet with you. The "S" word will appear more often than the "F" word. And I mean "freedom."

You're going to hear about national security, homeland security, economic security and personal security.

I don't remember right now who said it – but I do remember the words: "Those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither." Well, folks – that's you!

For the first time in America, more women than men think national defense is a top priority. The poll, done by the Pew Research group, showed 57 percent of women and 46 percent of men say that beefing up national security should be a top priority.

"We have our kids to protect – not just for my son, other children, other people and their children," said Rachel Buy, a 26-year-old mother in Garden Grove, Calif.

"We don't need to be scared going outside our house," she said. "If we go to any type of city like Washington ..., if I want to take my son to the White House, I don't want to be scared, don't want to be afraid."

This comes as no surprise. First, of course, is the old adage that in the animal kingdom, the most dangerous creature – the one to avoid at all cost – is a mother protecting her young.

There is also the fact that women are far more concerned about security than men. If women ran the world, freedom would be gravely endangered. (Sorry, ladies. Facts is facts.)

While companies such as American Express and AOL Time/Warner cruise merrily along with well-qualified and capable black CEOs, Jesse Jackson still seems to get the nod from the media as America's most notable black "leader."

It's been a long time, though, since he got any serious media attention. Clearly a campaign needs to be initiated so that Jesse can retain his "leadership" mantel.

But Jesse has a problem. You see, he has had a few PR setbacks lately. Perhaps you would like to be refreshed:

There are two big stories in the United States right now. One is the war on terrorism. Jesse has to stay away from that one after his "The Taliban have called me" debacle.

So that leaves the other big story, Enron. Somehow The Sloganmaster knew that he just had to become a part of the Enron saga.

Step No. 2: Load the buses with Enron employees who are hurting after the Enron collapse.

Step No. 3: Head to Washington – and the eagerly awaiting Beltway press corps.

Step No. 4: When you get to Washington, find the cameras, shout some slogans, roll your eyes and demand something.

Jackson's concept is that it is the responsibility of the federal government to step in and rescue employees when companies go bust.

There are, of course, huge problems with Jackson's cause. You could ask Jesse if every worker in the country deserves a federal bailout when his employer goes bust, or if that should be limited only to employees of larger companies.

If it's only the larger companies, where is the line drawn? Where does the money come from? Which section of our Constitution allows for this type of transfer of wealth?

Save your breath. Jesse isn't interested in the details or the constitutionality. He's interested in the publicity.

Question: Do you think Jesse is really on those buses? I don't know and haven't checked. My guess is that he's flown ahead – first class – to wait for the buses in Washington.

One of the Democrat election opponents of Rep. Gary Condit, D-Calif., commissioned a poll of their district. The results showed that if the March primary were held today, Condit would suffer a sizable loss – 52 percent to 24 percent. It also showed that if Condit ran against the Republican State Senator Dick Monteith, Condit would lose by a count of 55 percent to 29 percent.

The new movement in some school systems is not racial integration, but "economic" integration. The idea is that poor students do better when their classmates are from middle- and upper-income families.

By the same token, wealthy students who go to poorer schools "understand the human condition for others."

It's all part of the war on individualism. If you can't get away with categorizing students on the basis of their race ... do so on the basis of their economic status. Either way, you avoid having to deal with them as individuals.

Well, that was nothing compared to Terry McAuliffe's deal. It's amazing how much sleaze he's been involved with.

I looked for this in the mainstream press this morning. Couldn't find it. That's not to say it's not there ... it just didn't jump out at me like, say, Bush's connections with Enron.

Here's the story.

Have you heard of Global Crossing? That's a company with undersea fiber-optic cables. It's gone bankrupt. The fourth-largest bankruptcy in history. A lot of employees and investors tanked with Global Crossing.

We have a Los Angeles businessman named Gary Winnick. Winnick's company was ... Global Crossing. Winnick gives huge sums of money to the Democratic Party.

Winnick seems to like DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe. Winnick liked McAuliffe so much that he gave the DNC honcho the chance to invest $100,000 in Global Crossing.

McAuliffe made the investment ... and cleared a cool $18 million when he sold the stock.

Oh, and McAuliffe didn't take a hit when Global Crossing went bankrupt.

When do we read about the DNC chairman's adventures in the mainstream media?

"Hey, Mariah! You just got a check for $28 million big ones when you were released from your recording contract! What are you going to do now?" "I'm going back to rehab!"

Don't you get a bit tired of reading about all these "superstars" who can't cope ... and end up on drugs and in rehab? Just go away!

Gary Condit is trailing in the polls in his home district by about 25 percent. Chandra Levy won't see 25.

Are you listening? The DeKalb CEO and the mayor of Atlanta are both talking about property tax increases. Are you starting to understand that there is absolutely NO limit to the amount of your property a politician will seize … if they think they can get away with it?

Test scores are falling for students in Maryland's government schools. Officials are questioning the validity of the tests, not the wisdom of turning your children over to the government for an education.

Can someone tell me, please, why so many wealthy white businessmen vote for Democrats?

Why is there so much pressure being brought to bear against President Bush to designate the terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay as POWs?

First … look at the people bringing the pressure. For the most part these aren't people you would call our friends. It's the typical anti-American cabal.

These people know that the constraints of the Geneva Convention would make it more difficult for America to fight this war against terrorism.

These are NOT soldiers who were trying to kill other soldiers for their government. They are murderers who were trying to kill innocent civilians for their religion. It's clear they're not entitled to be called POWs.

You do know, don't you, that if they were designated as POWs they would have the right to be released as soon as "hostilities" are over. That means that those who are Afghans would be freed as soon as the U.S. moved the military action elsewhere. Still dangerous … and free.

One more thing. Do you want to pay these terrorists? The Geneva Convention has some sort of a requirement for a "stipend" to be paid to POWs. What kind of a "stipend," and where does the money come from?

Yesterday I went on a bit of a tear about gas deadbeats – people who have learned to scam the system to get virtually free natural gas.

To recap: These deadbeats pay their gas bills right up to the time when the temperatures drop below freezing. At that time a Georgia law steps in to prevent the gas company from disconnecting their service.

These deadbeats then coast through the rest of the winter without ever paying another dime on their gas bills. After all, there are cell phones, pagers, color televisions, dinners out and other goodies that really have to come first.

When the temperatures rise above freezing, the gas companies cut the service. No worries, though. It's not cold! So these losers cruise right through spring, summer and fall until the next winter without so much as a second's thought toward paying their past-due gas bills.

Then, when the weather gets cold again, they start complaining to the Public Service Commission and their elected officials about how evil the gas company is because it won't give them any gas service.

As a result of these deadbeats, those Georgians who actually DO pay their gas bills have to cover the gas company's losses. We recently learned that it adds up to about 12 cents out of every dollar paid to cover the deadbeats' gas bills.

So … that's what I said. And some listener named Shameka was, shall we say, upset. Here is part of the e-mail she sent me yesterday:

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I understand that President Bush will be in Atlanta on Thursday.He's coming here to discuss education.More specifically, he's coming here to discuss the grand and wonderful world of government education. There are many areas where Bush has performed admirably over the...
Tuesday, 29 January 2002 12:00 AM
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