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Blair Led, His Country Didn't Follow

Thursday, 07 September 2006 12:00 AM

Having served for some 10 years in the House of Commons with Tony Blair, I have watched his dynamic career with interest. Indeed, when he first entered the House, after hearing one of his speeches, I thought he would lead his party. However, I did not realize it would happen so fast, or in such a dramatic fashion.

Even as a former Thatcherite Conservative Member of Parliament, I have found him personally charming and have much admired his outstanding political ability. The way in which he revolutionized his Labour party, making it electable once again as "New Labour," was a political masterstroke. The way in which he has maintained the special relationship with the United States demonstrated political ability of great quality. His loyalty to both President Clinton (a Democrat) and President Bush (a Republican) illustrated a rare ability to rise above party politics in the nation's interest.

Sadly, Blair did not carry his country with him and this has cost him his political future and the glorious legacy he sought. Politics is played with a hardball and he has been hit in the back of the head with a ball thrown by his close, but ambitious, colleagues.

Blair's advice that, "You can always rent an Afghan warlord, but you can never own one," was ignored by the White House. The result was that we captured less than 10 percent of the Taliban and, as London rumor has it, even allowed bin Laden to slip from the grasp of our special forces.

Blair also advised against the invasion if Iraq. However he felt that a strong show of commitment and loyalty to America was vital in combating fanatical Islam. Again, he was ignored and the dagger to be used in his political assassination was forged.

Blair's loyalty was forthright, but it has cost him dearly. Many in America will wonder, as they did over Winston Churchill's post-war loss of power, just how the British public could be so ‘ungrateful'. Although gratitude is an unusual sentiment in politics, the recent political knife rattling demands explanation.

Blair came to power in 1997 on a tide of revulsion against the political dishonesty, sleaze and duplicity exhibited by the Conservatives. People were also frustrated by gross inefficiencies within the health and social services. Blair promised to deliver and failed. The situation is now perceived as worse than when he came to power. His reputation for political 'spin' has eclipsed his earlier image of a new, young reformist man of the people. He was the youngest prime minister since Lord Liverpool in 1812.

Blair is not only a Socialist, he is in favor of the European Union super state (EU). The coming tyranny of the EU goes largely unnoticed in America. In Britain, it is now being uncovered. Many Brits now see the EU as a Socialist cartel that threatens Britain's future identity. To illustrate: On September 22, 2006, Britain is expected to hand over control of its judiciary to the EU This spells the end of legal protections for which the English people have fought for some 600 years. They include: trial by jury, the assumption of innocence and

Blair's willingness to yield to the increasingly arrogant demands of the EU is greatly unpopular in the United Kingdom. Although Blair has successfully hidden most of adverse impacts of the EU, he has been seen to acquiesce with unpopular EU policies. For example, he is seen to have opened the gates to massive and unpopular increases in immigration.

In addition, Blair has attempted massive and largely unpopular constitutional reforms, to better fit the UK into the ‘Euro-box'. He has ‘dumbed' down the most important British constitutional institutions, including: the Queen, the House of Lords, the Judiciary and many more key elements of the Constitution.

By the General Election of May 2005, Blair's popularity had fallen so low that he was forced to concede that he would not lead his party into the next election. Anxious for power, his senior colleagues have spent the past year jockeying for position under a new leader, most likely to be Gordon Brown, Blair's Exchequer/ Chancellor and old friend. The daggers were out in earnest, but in the dark. As in the case of Julius Caesar, the assassins kept their daggers hidden under their togas.

The greatly increased public perception, in 2006, of the political and economic cost of an unpopular, morally unjust and disastrous war in Iraq, made senior Labour politicians feel that Blair's continuation in office could jeopardize their chances of re-election. This threat to Labour's political survival emboldened Blair's enemies and brought their political daggers out into the open.

Last week rumors were sown to force Blair's rapid resignation.

Today, Blair looked disheartened and beaten. He agreed to go within the year, but gave no date. This is because he wants desperately to be remembered, in the headlines of history, as a great prime minister. According to a recently leaked document, Blair's staff is preparing a massive, nationwide media circus. The hope is that Blair will avoid the humiliation of a 'no confidence' vote and finally resign amidst a sentimental haze of adulation and hero worship.

Blair has been a most significant politician. He had great ability and charisma, but most British people feel that he lacked the necessary principle required for long-term success. Had the defunct Conservative party provided any sort of effective opposition, he would have lost the last election. Now, he is being forced out by his cabinet colleagues, who are using his loyalty to Bush, over Iraq, as their killing ‘knife'.

If he delays much longer, Blair risks going out in a political sea of blood, knee deep.


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Having served for some 10 years in the House of Commons with Tony Blair, I have watched his dynamic career with interest. Indeed, when he first entered the House, after hearing one of his speeches, I thought he would lead his party. However, I did not realize it would...
Thursday, 07 September 2006 12:00 AM
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