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Bill O'Reilly Book Targeted by Left

Monday, 25 September 2006 12:00 AM

Bill O'Reilly's new book is officially released today – and liberals have already launched an all-out attack on it.

The left-wing Web site Media Matters for America led the way Monday — showcasing O'Reilly's "Culture Warrior" book as its featured story with the headline: "Bill O'Reilly's enemies list, now available for $26."

The Web site gave the O'Reilly book more prominence on its site than Bill Clinton's controversial interview with Fox News this past weekend. Media Matters, developed with the help of the George Soros-backed advocacy organization, Center for American Progress, dismissed "Culture Warrior" as "drive-by guttersniping."

Nevertheless, Media Matters devotes 20 pages to its examination of O'Reilly's book.

According to Media Matters, "Culture Warrior" is "replete with factual errors, rank hypocrisy, and ad hominem attacks directed at anyone who has crossed swords with O'Reilly."

In fact, the Fox News Channel anchor writes about what he sees as a fierce culture war between those who embrace traditional values and those who want to change America into a "secular-progressive" country. And he warns that those who ignore the threat that the secular-progressive movement poses do so at their own peril.

O'Reilly takes no prisoners when it comes to taking on bad guys. But a look at what he has to say in the book about some of those he targets shows that in the end, he is "fair and balanced." Here are some excerpts from his book:

Alec Baldwin — "On the subject of angry S-P [secular-progressive] guys, Mr. Baldwin stands front and center . . . Personally, I like Baldwin, and think he's a well-intentioned guy despite the over-the-top outbursts, which could be a sign of his immaturity or frustration. Off his crusade, Baldwin is smart and funny and not a bad softball player. But sometimes his anger causes him to lose it on the battlefield. A lesson learned for all culture warriors."

Warren Beatty — "A very smart guy" who "favors allowing bureaucrats and politicians to remove money from the affluent (including himself) and then give it to others less well off."

Bill Cosby — "Bill Cosby is a traditionalist. He travels the country urging black Americans to return to the American traditions of self-discipline, self-reliance, and self-respect. Cosby understands that moral relativism is not helping black Americans overcome their historical disadvantages."

Tom Brokaw — "The most liberal of the three network titans. His remarks to the press about the Fox News Channel have bordered on the snide, and I resent it."

George Clooney — "A far-left ideologue . . . Clooney looks me in the eye and cordially shakes my hand while I politely compliment his movie and invite him to promote it on my program. Then, when I'm not around, he smears me to the press. That is exactly what George Clooney did. He's quite a guy."

Katie Couric — "A decidedly liberal thinker . . . Ms. Couric has broad appeal, and I believe CBS would have hired her even if she were a conservative, because her talent can translate into ratings."

CNN — "The prevailing wisdom at CNN is the Ted Turner liberal, politically correct template. That stance has, by the way, hurt the network badly in the marketplace, causing traditional viewers to flee to Fox News . . . If CNN had a clue, it might be dangerous."

Al Franken — "Franken is a man without scruples, a far-left fanatic whose brand of unbridled hatred is sound-bite ready and media friendly. If the S-Ps were ever to succeed in America, Al Franken and people like him would actually be even more prominent. How frightening is that?"

Ted Koppel — "A straight shooter, but you don't know where his gun is holstered. Plays it close on ideology and seems to dislike most of those holding power; in other words, Ted's a bit of a cynic (not a bad thing when your job is to watch the powerful). Very smart and well read, Koppel is definitely not a culture warrior and probably couldn't care less who wins the fight."

Matt Lauer — "Having appeared on all three [network morning] broadcasts, I'd say Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer are the most liberal of the bunch, but truthfully, their primary goal is to entertain and they certainly don't want to tee people off with controversial comments. For that reason the culture war is largely absent from the morning chatfests, although liberal book authors are generally given an easier ride than conservatives."

Jay Leno — "Leno is pretty much in it for laughs and is rarely confrontational. His famous line ‘Politics is show business for ugly people' is hardly partisan. I like going on his program because he is not trying to make you look like an ass."

David Letterman — "David Letterman's sensibilities definitely lie on the left, but he'll skewer anyone . . . Some of my friends thought I should be mad at Letterman for insulting me on the air. But I wasn't. I don't care what he thinks of me. He's entitled to his opinion, and I have confronted folks on my program in a similar manner, although I am always familiar with what they have done."

Michael Moore — "The clown prince of the secular-progressive movement . . . As it stands now, he is not powerful enough to make a difference in American culture, not rational and persuasive enough to change minds. He'll talk his trash, make his money, and keep the baseball cap business in the black. But he's become a sideshow to the main event."

Bill Moyers — "Perhaps the farthest-left broadcaster in the history of television . . . this guy is the poster boy for the secular-progressive movement . . . Behind his public image as a ‘journalist,' Moyers runs a foundation that doles out fairly significant money to left-wing organizations like TomPaine.com, which is conveniently run by his son, John. Bill Moyers is quite simply Michael Moore's older brother as far as ideological thought is concerned."

The New York Times — "The New York Times has deteriorated into a secular-progressive training manual encouraging its opinion writers to spew forth radical and often dishonest viewpoints that badly damage America . . . If there was anyone in charge with a lick of sane perspective, the paper could provide a powerful watchdog role that would greatly enhance the lives of Americans. Instead, the paper has become a gleeful purveyor of S-P propaganda and an attack vehicle against traditionalists."

Dan Rather — "A lifelong democrat, Mr. Rather is an emotional reporter who does not even attempt to hide his feelings . . . I believe he tried to be fair, but his emotions and the liberal culture he worked in often overrode that effort."

Susan Sarandon — "The actress and her common law husband, Tim Robbins, epitomize the secular-progressive showbiz crowd. They are always on the S-P side, always touting the antitraditionalist vision. But I have some respect for Ms. Sarandon, because she does put her money where her mouth is: She donates major dollars to help the poor."

Jon Stewart — "Stewart, whom I like, has taken ‘The Daily Show' sharply left and gives progressive guests a nice opportunity to present themselves as reasonable and looking out for the folks. But Stewart usually greets conservative and traditionalist guests with skepticism."

John Stossel — "A libertarian and an honest guy. Stossel is basically a fearless reporter, and after publishing a book that debunked some liberal myths . . . [he] learned what I have been saying for years: Secular-progressives drive on a one-way street all the time. If you don't agree with them totally, you are the enemy. You are to be shunned or attacked, depending on your influence and effectiveness."


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Bill O'Reilly's new book is officially released today - and liberals have already launched an all-out attack on it. The left-wing Web site Media Matters for America led the way Monday - showcasing O'Reilly's "Culture Warrior" book as its featured story with the headline:...
Monday, 25 September 2006 12:00 AM
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