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Bill Clinton Hogs the Spotlight – Again

Thursday, 27 September 2001 12:00 AM

Last week, Giuliani held a press conference to tell reporters that the number of people missing and presumed dead at the World Trade Center had increased. Clinton managed to insert himself into the mayor's entourage ... and after Rudy was done speaking to the media, Clinton took the podium. He talked with reporters for a full 10 minutes.

The Los Angeles Times reports that "twice, a Giuliani spokeswoman shouted at reporters to end the questioning, but Clinton continued answering. At one point, Giuliani's spokeswoman told [Clinton aide Julia] Payne: 'My boss is waiting.'"

This is the real Bill Clinton. A has-been who can't resist the spotlight. He feeds on the attention. He's willing to wrest the spotlight away from the real leaders during this crisis just to get more face time.

Members of Congress are saying that they are going to FORCE the opening of Reagan National Airport if the White House doesn't set a date for the reopening soon.

Well, isn't that nice. The members of the House and the Senate are being inconvenienced by the closing of Reagan – and if something isn't done they're just going to stomp their feet and hold their breath until they turn blue.

Isn't this the same old story we've been seeing for decades out of Washington? They seem to pass laws and create regulations for all of us peons to follow – but they never seem to want to live under the same laws and restrictions we do. Across the country there are 42,000 general aviation airplanes trapped by new FAA flight restrictions. Has the Congress done anything about this? Well, they had a hearing – but that's about it. But make them drive an extra 35 minutes to get to Dulles Airport instead of Reagan and all hell breaks loose. It sure would be nice if these well-fed politicians would be half as concerned about inconveniences to others as they are about their problems.

This may be a first for my 34 years in Georgia. For the first time this state may lose more jobs than it creates in 2001. Not good.

You will hear this lament from commentators and editorialists across the country. What, oh what are we going to do about all of these lost jobs? The proposed solutions will almost always be calls for more government aid, job training programs, unemployment insurance and other such spending programs.

So, where are the greatest job-producing engines in the United States? Small businesses, that's where. Small-business operations employing less than 25 people account for about 80 percent of all workers. If we want to see new jobs created, we need to give those with the resources access to those resources to get out there and create and expand small businesses.

Now, there are many people out there with a lot of money that could be used to expand their businesses – or create new ones. So, why are they just sitting there? One word. Taxes. OK, three words. Capital gains taxes. If these people try to liquidate some of their investments to obtain the capital to start some new businesses or expand the ones they already have, they get nailed with a high capital gains tax. In addition, their income taxes are so high the incentive to work harder to make more is smothered!

If you want to see new jobs created, give the people with the wherewithal to create these jobs the incentive to do so! Stop punishing them for their willingness to take the risk. Stop punishing them if they take that risk and succeed!

The lesson is as old as the hills. You get less of the behavior you punish and more of the behavior you reward. Taxes on entrepreneurs are at a level that can only be described as punishing. Liquidate some assets to get into a new venture – get punished by the capital gains tax.

The problem here is I'm suggesting that wealthy people may be the best source of new jobs for our economy, but everybody knows that rich people are evil. Rich people got that way by exploiting others. Rich people still don't pay their "fair share" of the taxes, so how can they ask for their taxes to be cut? Rich people just got a big tax cut anyway (that's BS, by the way), so what else do they want? Besides – if we need more jobs the government will find a way to create them.

I think I'll go get a drink.

Jackson is the "go to" guy when some foreign entity with less-than-honorable intentions toward America wants to exploit our news media for the purpose of embarrassing our actual elected leaders.

Enter the Taliban. Now they've invited Jesse Jackson to come on over to Afghanistan for discussions.

If the people of the United States wanted this race warlord to be handling U.S. foreign policy they would have made him the president. The official position of the U.S. government is that there will be no negotiations with the Taliban. I do believe that if Jesse Jackson goes ahead with his publicity ploy, it would be a violation of U.S. law. So, do you think he would be prosecuted? Yeah, right.

We're getting some mixed signals from the White House.

On one hand, you have George W. Bush authorizing the military to shoot down hijacked airliners that might be headed toward targets in major cities. But on the other hand, Bush is apparently opposed to the idea of arming airline pilots.

What's the deal here? Bush is perfectly willing to blow airplanes and the people in them out of the sky to protect people on the ground – but he won't give pilots a fighting chance to stop the hijackers from taking control of the aircraft. Does that make sense to anyone?

Let's hope that Bush hasn't been swayed by the anti-gun mania of the left. Has Bush fallen for the anti-gunners' lies that guns in the hands of civilians are a danger to all? If so, he may not realize that the majority of airline pilots are ex-military. They have a greater familiarity with guns than the average citizen. Under various proposals, pilots who want to arm themselves against hijackers would have to go through rigorous training similar to the training air marshals receive. Guns in the hands of civilians are used to stop crime more than 7,000 times every single day.

Is Bush concerned that the pilots' guns might be taken away from them in a fight and used against them? If so, he probably isn't aware that when guns are used defensively, they're taken away from the victim less than 1 percent of the time.

Is Bush worried that a stray gunshot will cause rapid and catastrophic decompression in the aircraft, ripping the plane's frame apart? It's never happened in real life – only in movies like "Goldfinger." A spy thriller isn't exactly the best teaching tool for the physics of decompression.

Or is Bush worried about accidental discharges in the cockpit? They're really negligent discharges. Proper training will prevent pilots from discharging their guns negligently. Only a fool places his finger on the trigger when he's not ready to shoot.

It's usually the leftist gun grabbers who support the notion that military and police authorities should be the only ones with the guns. They think government officials should be the only ones with the ability to use deadly force.

Think about it. Who would you rather have as the last line of defense against a hijacker who wants to turn an airplane into a flying bomb? A blank-faced, minimally skilled airport security worker who couldn't get a job at the local McDonald's, or an armed pilot? Of all the security improvements that have been thrown around since Sept. 11, armed pilots are most likely to have prevented the hijacking of four commercial airliners and the deaths of 7,000 people. The terrorists took advantage of the gun-free atmosphere. They achieved their mission – and they only needed to use knives.

Let's hope President Bush comes around on this issue.

A big "well done" to Maj. Bruce Jordan of the Fayette County Sheriff's Department. You'll remember yesterday we talked about an incident in which a small airplane buzzed the Fayette County Fair – twice – on Tuesday night. Maj. Jordan was there with his son and saw the whole thing.

I got an e-mail from Maj. Jordan this morning. He told me that by 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon the FAA had not narrowed down their suspect plane list below 3,000. He told the FAA to stop trying because Neal Boortz had already narrowed it down to 16.

Anyway – the airplane was found at the Sierra Flight School at Tara Field in Henry County. The 16-year-old at the controls did odd jobs for the flight school around the hanger. Also in the airplane were two flight instructors! One was 22, the other 23. The 23-year-old flight instructor spilled the beans. No charges against him. The 16-year-old and Andrew Waits, the other flight instructor, were charged and will be in court this morning.

Thank you, Maj. Jordan, for finding the plane and arresting these idiots. General aviation is under the microscope enough right now … jerks like these need to be permanently taken out of the sky.

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Last week, Giuliani held a press conference to tell reporters that the number of people missing and presumed dead at the World Trade Center had increased.Clinton managed to insert himself into the mayor's entourage ... and after Rudy was done speaking to the media, Clinton...
Thursday, 27 September 2001 12:00 AM
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