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Beware! Thievery Afoot in Florida

Tuesday, 14 November 2000 12:00 AM

That’s because Gore’s team cannot get their hand counts done in time and these hand counts are very important to their plans.

A hand count can be depended on to increase the number of votes for the candidate who is the strongest in the area where the hand count is being done. Ballots thrown out by the impartial vote-counting machine will, when counted by hand, be given a highly subjective look by those conducting and controlling the count.

In Palm Beach County, that’s Democrats. The only result that can be expected is an inflation of the number of votes for the candidate leading in the balloting for that county. Some experts refer to this as an "amplification" of the vote totals for the leading vote getter

This, of course, is why the Gore campaign team chose four heavily Democratic counties for their recounts. They did not chose Duval County, where 26,000 ballots were tossed out for one reason or another, because Duval County is heavily Republican. There were more ballots tossed out in Duval County than in Palm Beach County. This shows that the Democrats’ assertion that they are so concerned that the will of the Florida voters be known is a lie.

You’re paying attention, aren’t you, folks? The Gore legal team rushed into Florida the morning after the election to devise a strategy to steal Florida’s 25 electoral votes.

First came a recount. All of the ballots in each of Florida’s 67 counties were recounted. Bush won. Clearly something else had to be done.

No problem. The Gore team had already been at work on plan B. They found four heavily Democratic counties, controlled by Democratic political machines with Democrats in full control of the election commissions, and demanded a hand count.

Here’s where it gets even cuter. As the recount process proceeds in Palm Beach County, the Democrats in control of the process change the rules – three times! You know that this means, don’t you?

It means that there are no clear-cut standards for determining the votes from these ballots. Do the math! Four counties. Four Democratic political machines. Four Democrat-controlled election boards. Hundreds of thousands of ballots and no clear-cut uniform standards on how they are to be counted. It all sounds like a wonderful wet dream for the Democrats!

Interestingly, in one of the four counties chosen by the Democrats, Broward County – another Gore stronghold – officials conducted a hand count of 1 percent of their ballots. The hand count resulted in four more votes for Gore. The Broward County election board then decided that this count of 1 percent of its votes did not show any flaw in the machine count, so they stopped. They voted to discontinue the hand count and accept the last machine recount.

The Democrats, you’ll remember, have been slamming the Republicans for going to court, although the first suits were filed by Democrats. So, what are the Democrats doing about Broward County? They’re going to court, that’s what. They’re saying that they’re going to go to court today to force Broward County to proceed with a hand count. They know that hand counts, especially with a subjective "no clear-cut standards" process will almost certainly result in far more votes for the strongest candidate, and they want those votes for Gore!

Also, the Gore camp has the focus group working full time. You continually hear phrases about "every vote should be counted" and their big favorite, "a fair and honest count." At the same time they’re bleating about the law and how it should be followed. Well, there is no legal requirement in Florida that every vote be counted. Rather, the law provides that all

As one of my listeners noted, After working very hard at attracting the low end, low income, low intelligence, and low class of the country as their constituents, the Democrats are now seeing the results – their people are too damn dumb to cast a proper vote.

The true goal of the Gore camp is to use the legal process to seize the Florida electoral votes. Gore believes that, regardless of the outcome in Florida, he will receive the popular vote nationwide. This, they believe, means that Gore should become president – regardless of the electoral vote. In short, the Gore camp is using their 0.01 percent nationwide plurality as an excuse to steal 25 electoral votes.

And they justify this crime by saying it’s the "will of the people." Just listen to the words of Gore campaign boss Bill Daley: "If the will of the people is to prevail, Al Gore should be awarded a victory in Florida and be our next president. … With so much at stake, steps should be taken to make sure that the people’s choice becomes our president."

With these statements from the Gore campaign we are being told that Al Gore doesn’t recognize the validity of the Electoral College. They are demanding that Al Gore be "awarded" the victory in Florida, and the accompanying 25 electoral votes, not necessarily because he won the election in Florida but because he won the popular vote nationwide, and the only way for that to count is if Florida is handed to them.

Perhaps you’re one of those who doesn’t have a clue as to the history of our country, or the whys and wherefores of our Constitution, and you think the Electoral College ought to be abolished in favor of a strict popular election of our president. If so, consider this:

Let’s say we have an election between a Republican candidate from California and a Democrat from Maryland. Everyone agrees that the Democrat is the best candidate and he is expected to win in an absolute landslide. It won’t even be close.

Throughout Election Day the media keep reporting that the voter turnout is amazingly low. At 9:00 p.m. on the East Coast the networks report that the voter turnout is the lowest in the history of presidential elections, with about 30 percent of eligible voters going to the polls.

Some talk show hosts in San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles get on the air and tell Californians, "Hey, gang! Get out there and get in line! They’re not voting anywhere else! If we can get enough Californians to the polls we can get enough popular votes to win this thing!"

When the polls close in California, the Democratic candidate has won 49 of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. But millions of voters went to the polls in California and the Republican wins the popular vote.

There’s your popular vote. The Democrat wins 49 States, but the sheer numbers of voters in California give the Republican the popular vote.

Right now the Electoral College looks pretty good to you, doesn’t it? Well, don’t worry. The Electoral College will NOT be abolished.

It takes a vote of the legislatures of three-fourths of the states to amend our Constitution. Many of these states know that if they vote to abolish the Electoral College they will promptly disappear from the radar screen of presidential politics. No state legislature is going to pass a resolution saying "Hey – I’m small! Ignore me! I don’t count!"

So, you nonthinking myrmidons out there marching for an end to the Electoral College and your phony little mob-rule election of a president: Dream on. It ain’t gonna happen.

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That's because Gore's team cannot get their hand counts done in time and these hand counts are very important to their plans. A hand count can be depended on to increase the number of votes for the candidate who is the strongest in the area where the hand count is being...
Tuesday, 14 November 2000 12:00 AM
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