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Bad Things Must Happen

Monday, 09 June 2003 12:00 AM

Admittedly, that’s the code of Palestinian terrorists.

For Israel to survive, that is the same code it has no longer any choice other than to adopt.

Palestinian terrorists have convinced themselves that, as horribly as both they and the Israelis have suffered, terrorism is the only avenue to the kind of peace they will accept.

They’re saying: To have peace, we must first defeat Israel – crushingly – in a war of our own choosing and timing.

Because Palestinian terrorists lack conventional military forces, they chose terrorism, to the point of suicide-homicide.

Although it has failed so far, they remain convinced they are on the right path,

The ugly reality is they are on the right path. The sticker price of its eventual success is that it will take more time, more blood shed by both sides, more poverty endured by Palestinians.

Eventually, Palestinian terrorists will indeed triumph – if Israel and its only true ally, the United States, allow the terror campaign to drag on.

Everything Israel and America have ventured over the years – shuttle diplomacy, Camp David conferences, Oslo accords and road maps to nowhere – have failed miserably. Give President Bush credit for attempting valiantly to negotiate peace, but it’s still a mission impossible.

This current charade is premised on working things out with a first-ever Palestinian Authority prime minister. That in turn presumes he’s free to make Palestinian terrorists stop behaving like Palestinian terrorists.

The fatal flaw in that twofold leap of faith is the pathetic prime minister. His name or names matters not, for he lacks power to do anything Palestinian terrorists don’t want.

They still control Yasser Arafat and, through him, the Palestinian Authority. Whether Arafat is skulking within what’s left of his headquarters, exiled to Patagonia or gone to learn how he stands with Allah makes absolutely no difference. Terrorists remain in charge.

Nothing that matters has changed. Or will it change until terrorism in the Middle East is stomped flat, not fretted at around the fringes.

So here’s where it pains to say: The only way to Middle East peace is for Israel and the United States – that’s right, and the United States – to go to war against terrorism there.

It will have to be the all-out kind. Militants on both sides will die and be maimed. So will civilians on both sides. Homes and businesses on both sides will be devastated.

There will have to be a clear-cut winner and an indisputable loser, no inconclusive negotiated settlement with slippery sanctions and befuddled inspectors, so dear to careers of United Nations bureaucrats.

It does indeed sound barbaric. But what Palestinian terrorists have in mind for Israelis is exceedingly worse, including obliteration of the Jewish state.

It will take Palestinian terrorists longer to win their war of attrition by terror, making the toll far more costly.

There will also be a significant post-war difference. Israel and the United States will take responsibility for governing the losers in a civilized manner, restoring physical assets and bringing on the educational and economic flowering of a region long in thrall to feudalism.

The United States will have to serve notice upon Iran, Syria, Egypt and Jordan that bad things will surely happen to them if they lift one finger to intervene.

They will lift more than a finger. They will do all in their power to prevent this from happening, for they fear, correctly, that if an Israeli-American war against Palestinian terrorism comes to pass, their own days as corrupt feudal lords are doomed. So bad things must happen to them, too.

Let there be no mincing by Americans who shudder at the thought of America exercising power anywhere for any reason.

This war for peace in the Middle East, like the one ending in Iraq, is an indivisible parcel of the inescapable American War on Terror. It cannot be won by diplomacy, only by force of arms.

Terror will not fold its tents and slink off softly across the dunes. It will go away only if bad things happen – to it.

And that is the only way to stop even worse bad things from continuing to happen in the Middle East.

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Admittedly, that's the code of Palestinian terrorists. For Israel to survive, that is the same code it has no longer any choice other than to adopt. Palestinian terrorists have convinced themselves that, as horribly as both they and the Israelis have suffered, terrorism...
Monday, 09 June 2003 12:00 AM
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