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Bad Economy Suits Democrats Just Fine

Monday, 10 September 2001 12:00 AM

So, do you think that Democrats are upset over the sagging economy? No way, pal. They love it! And do you think that the Democrats are going to go along with any plan to stimulate the economy? Not a chance. The sooner the economic recovery hits, the worse it will be for the Social Democratic Party.

Those tax rebate checks you're getting now? Democratic idea? The Democrats knew that there was no real economic stimulation benefit from getting back tax moneys already paid. The true stimulus comes from being able to save tax money on future, not past, earnings. Tell me that I'm going to save 2 or 3 percent on my economic activity during the next year, and I'm likely to increase that activity.

So – the Democrats will continue the Social Security scare campaign. For eons the conventional economic wisdom has been that it is utter nonsense to run a budget surplus in times of an economic downturn. The Democrats don't want that surplus to be put back into the hands of the people who created it. The chance that it might generate an economic upturn is too great. They need the bad economy. It will send mindless voters to the polls with dreams of Democrats in their sub-par minds.

In short … just look for the Democrats to demagogue any idea that would constitute a true stimulus to our economy. They like the way things are just fine.

And the agenda is reparations. The Sloganmaster has now announced that he is going to start focusing on the issue of reparations for slavery. This is a campaign that is certain to (a) boost Jesse's stock in much of the black community, and (b) lead to a deterioration of whatever racial harmony we do have in this country.

We'll have much more to say on this subject as the debate intensifies. Right now, suffice it to say that nothing good will come of demanding restitution from tens of millions of white folks who have never owned slaves, and whose ancestors didn't own slaves, to give to people whose ancestors, in many cases, came to this country well after the end of slavery.

Make no mistake. Reparations is all about building and maintaining a power base for race warlords. If race relations deteriorate in the process, so much the better. Race warlords don't prosper in times of racial harmony.

There's a manual being used in government schools today. It's called the Meeks-Heit Health Book. Maybe your son or daughter uses it in their classes. There's a section on weapons. You probably already know where this is headed. Some excerpts from the book:

Propaganda. Lies. Disinformation. If the law forbids people from carrying concealed weapons, then why do more than 30 states issue concealed-weapons permits to legally qualified citizens?

Those statistics on one teen a day dying? How many of them are drug dealers?

Also – as we've detailed here almost on a daily basis, there are very positive benefits to private gun ownership and concealed-carry permits.

This government-school book is designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to demonize law-abiding gun owners and poison schoolchildren's views on gun ownership.

Probably the worst part about all of this is that these books were purchased WITH YOUR TAX MONEY. That's right – on top of all the other leftist, socialist propaganda they're feeding our kids in these government indoctrination centers, they're also teaching kids to fear and loathe valuable tools for self-defense. They're preparing the younger generation of sheeple to be disarmed without a word of protest.

When are we going to take our government schools back from the indoctrinators?

Now – we leave you with one more statistic.

Phoenix, Arizona. At about 12:45 in the morning last Friday, two men entered the International Adult Boutique (an adult video store) and pretended to shop. A few minutes later, they drew their guns and demanded money from the two clerks, 21-year-old Robert Pedroza and 22-year-old Jesus Pallares.

While the gunmen were trying to tie up the clerks, Pallares freed himself and grabbed a gun. He started shooting at the two robbers. The robbers shot back. When it was all over, Pedroza had stabbed one of the predators and Pallares had shot both of them. Pedroza is in good condition after being shot in the leg.

Now try to tell me that these two clerks would be alive today if they didn't have access to a gun. Should they have just submitted to the robbers' demands? Push a silent alarm and wait for the cops to show up? Who knows what the robbers would have done with two unarmed, submissive victims? Robert Pedroza and Jesus Pallares are alive because they had a gun. Any questions?

From the south side of Chicago comes the opinion: "We must declare war on guns, and anybody who buys or possesses a gun has to be an enemy to the community."

Yes, that's right. Even if you own a gun for self-protection, sport shooting or hunting, you're an enemy to the community.

Who dispensed this pearl of wisdom? Why, none other than Father Michael Pfleger. He uttered those words in an August interview with the Chicago Daily Defender. In the same interview, Pfleger called for house-to-house gun searches and seizures – and criticized anyone who claims to have a constitutional right to keep and bear firearms.

If you're wondering where you've seen Pfleger's name before, it's because his name has appeared in this column in recent months. Pfleger is the pastor of St. Sabina's, a church and Catholic school located in a particularly crime-infested neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. It's the largest black Catholic church in Chicago. Pfleger's own foster son was killed by a stray bullet when rival gangs shot it out. Chicago's Southside Catholic Conference recently held a vote on whether to allow St. Sabina's into their athletic conference. The initial vote was not to allow St. Sabina's, and several schools expressed concern over the high crime rate around the school. But Pfleger and others cried racism – and they got what they wanted. St. Sabina's was admitted to the conference during a second, non-secret vote.

What Father Pfleger fails to understand is that many members of his flock use guns for lawful purposes. They keep guns in their homes because of the neighborhood's crime problem. They know the cops won't show up in time when an armed gang-banger is at the door. Does Pfleger realize that his own supporters would be utterly defenseless if he got his wish? Did he bother to think about his words before he opened his mouth? Probably not.

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So, do you think that Democrats are upset over the sagging economy?No way, pal.They love it!And do you think that the Democrats are going to go along with any plan to stimulate the economy?Not a chance.The sooner the economic recovery hits, the worse it will be for...
Monday, 10 September 2001 12:00 AM
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