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Are You Ready for a Loser-Pays System Yet?

Monday, 13 May 2002 12:00 AM

Everybody's a victim.

Here's the latest on why we need some pretty strong reforms in our legal system. Now we have the families of 11 criminals demanding cash from the American taxpayers.

What kind of criminals? Illegal aliens. People who cross the border from Mexico to the United States in remote areas, away from the view of border patrol agents, because they know that they are breaking the law.

A year or so ago 11 illegal aliens crossed the border from Mexico into Arizona in a remote desert area. They didn't make it. They died of thirst. Dying of thirst is a foreseeable consequence of wandering off into a desert without adequate water.

Now the families of these 11 dirt nappers are suing the Imperial Federal Government of the United States. The suit seeks a bit over $2 million for the families of each border crosser. Two allegations are being made.

First: The border crossers were forced to go to a dry, arid, unsafe place to cross the U.S. border because U.S. Border Patrol agents were making it too difficult to cross in the customary locations.

Second: Since the U.S. knew that people would have to go to these more remote areas to try to cross the border, the U.S. should have set up huge containers of water in these areas so the illegal aliens wouldn't die of thirst while they were trying to enter the U.S. illegally.

These families have found two Arizona lawyers from Yuma who were willing to file the suits, no doubt for a huge chunk of whatever goodies they extract from American taxpayers.

Loser pays. That's what we need. Now! If these people win in front a jury … fine. If not, then let them and their lawyers foot the bill for the taxpayers.

Damn, this is getting old. In fact … the government should file a counter suit on behalf of the American taxpayers. We should be able to recoup the expense of retrieving the dried-up, sun-scorched bodies of their relatives from the desert.

Many of you know about the old Nigerian fax scam. You get a fax or an e-mail from some mid-level functionary in the Nigerian government who tells you that he has recovered about $30 million or so in overpayments from some big contract. He wants to split the money with you if you will allow him to deposit the money in your bank account here in the U.S. until the smoke clears.

You then give him all of the information on your account, including your signature, and the next thing you know your Nigerian pal has cleaned out your bank account and is nowhere to be seen. There is even an internet site dedicated to fighting this scam.

Believe it or not, billions of dollars have been stolen from the accounts of U.S. citizens who fell for this nonsense. For more information on the Nigerian Scam, here's your link: http://home.rica.net/alphae/419coal

Now ... for the new twist. This is an e-mail I received this morning.

Dear Sir,

My name is Bradon Curtis, Special Forces Commando currently on covert search and destroy missions in the mountainous wastelands of Afghanistan impenetrable domicile of the dreaded Taleban Al-Qeada terrorist network. Last week, my group (of 4 agents) successfully overran a hard drug processing enclave and recovered a booty cash sum of US$36 million, which no doubt are proceeds from the illegal trade used for funding terrorist activities. We have since deposited this cash in a security luggage office in Kabul capital city. We do not intend to surrender this cash booty to our sector commandant for obvious reasons and we cannot take out the consignment from Afghanistan physically by ourselves as it is against military ethics.

I hereby solicit your assistance to enable me ship this money to your safe custody pending the expiration of our current regional anti-terrorist exercise. It may interest you to know that modalities have been perfected to move this funds to you through a security courier agency as soon as you respond in the affirmative, indicating your interest and capability to handle this transaction. We will thus send you the shipment waybill, so that you can help claim this luggage on behalf of me and my colleagues. Needless to say the trust reposed in you at this junction is enormous, we are willing to offer you an agreeable percentage of this funds.

Finally, I believe that I have been very concise sincere in my representation to you and I look forward to consummating this transaction with you, but most importantly do acknowledge receipt of this mail using my email for further clarification on the modus operandi. I will furnish you a phone number to reach me when I receive your positive response.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly

Curtis Bradon

It's the cowardly Republicans I'm talking about here. This week they'll be staging another marvelous surrender in the face of Democratic demagoguery.

Once again – as they have done in virtually every congressional and presidential election in the last 40 years – the Democrats are using their "scare the Depends off the old farts" ploy. They tell senior citizens that the Republicans are going to take their Social Security away from them.

The old folks? Hey! These are people who can't tell the difference between an accelerator and a brake! These are people who have no concept of one-way streets! Do you think they can noodle out the difference between Republican promises to protect their benefits and Democrat warnings of dark Republican plans?

So ... the Republicans are backing down. They're going to stop talking about Social Security "privatization." Plans to allow Americans to privately invest a portion of the money confiscated for this absurd program will be put on the back burner.

Sooner or later something has to be done. The system is rushing toward bankruptcy.

Democrats are scared to death of privatization for two reasons. First – they need the system in its present form so that they can frighten senior voters every election cycle. Democrats use Social Security to buy votes. It's just that simple.

Second – Democrats know that privatization will work. Even partial privatization.

Have you ever seen the Democrats try to scare voters by saying that their opponents are going to take away privately held pension plans? No, you haven't. And why not? Because these pension plans are private! The people who own them know what they have and where it is invested. They know it's not likely that any political party can come and just take them away ... not without a fight, anyway.

I've never seen the Democratic Social Security scare work so well and so quickly. Republicans make the French army look like Navy SEALs.

This morning I saw a little quiz on Paula Zahn's CNN show. The question? What was "a major cause" for the Civil War. The possible answers were:

a) Different religions

b) Disagreement over slavery

c) Gold was discovered in the South.

d) Oil was discovered in the North.

You can guess what the answer was. The ONLY permissible answer to that question in the politically correct 2000s is that the Civil War was fought over slavery. Nothing but slavery. Only slavery.

Don't expect anyone to try to teach our children that the Civil War was fought largely over economic discrimination. Yes, slavery was certainly an issue. But why couldn't CNN use this little quiz to advance the knowledge of the American people a bit? Could it be that the social agenda is more important than historical fact?

… It just well may be LIBERAL female hysteria.

I didn't see this particular exchange on the Sam & Cokie show … but several people have provided me with various versions of the exchange between her and George Stephanopoulos. The topic at hand was arming commercial airline pilots.

Cokie Roberts is reported to have said something to the effect of "What if the pilot goes nuts and starts shooting people?" George's response? If the pilot goes nuts, he can just crash the airplane.

One listener asked this question: "What if a sky marshal goes nuts and starts shooting people?"

Bottom line – any person, female or not, Cokie Roberts or not, who would utter such a line cannot be judged as anything less than mindless.

It seems that an American Airlines pilot was arrested in Hawaii recently. He was charged with some sort of an assault on an airport security screener. According to reports in Dallas, the pilot was supposed to have thrown his shoes at the screener and then hit the screener in the eye with his jacket.

For those of you who may be familiar with the story, here's an account of the incident at HNL from an American Airline pilot who was on that flight.

The screener asked the Capt. to remove his shoes. The Capt. asked for a private room at this point, as he did not want to undress in public. After some discussion, it became apparent that a private room was not going to be provided. At that point the Capt. removed his boots and as he did, one of them slipped from his hand and fell to the floor. IT DID NOT COME ANYWHERE NEAR THE SCREENER.

The screener then wanded him down including his socked feet and cleared him. About 10 minutes later, 2 federal agents came into the cockpit while I was finishing the preflight and asked for the Capt. When he returned from Ops, they escorted him back to the security checkpoint. When I arrived there to check on our Capt. the screener now had a compress on his eye. Later, I noticed him remove the compress and his eye was not irritated in the least bit.

The local police offered to take him into custody on a "reckless action" charge to prevent the Federal Agents taking him to the Federal Prison and charging him with a federal assault charge. Yes, HNL is federalized and they are not our friends! I and the FO called the union and made sure he had bail money to get out. The tape of the incident has been confiscated and is in the possession of AMR lawyers.

I have spoken to DFW Chief John Hale and Capt. Kudwa. They both told me that Mr. Carty is working this problem and that our Capt. will be supported. We shall see!

The overriding point I want to make is that this is a trumped up charge. The part about him swinging his uniform coat wasn't even mentioned when the officers took him into custody. HE NEVER TOOK HIS COAT OFF until he got to the jet. Sorry this post is so long. I just thought everyone might like to know the real story.

Day after day we're seeing that small-minded people like this often cannot handle positions of authority. In Honolulu it looks like some screener decided to show an AA pilot who the real boss was. In Atlanta we have one screener who seems fond of telling pilots who complain about overbearing searches: "Hey, it was you guys who flew those planes into those buildings, not us."

One day in the not-too-distant future Americans are going to come to a universal realization that the Daschle-led and Republican-followed federalization of our airport security screeners was one of the most expensive and foolish mistakes made by Congress since Social Security.

What can we do to get these idiots out from those airport security screening stations and back behind the fast food counters where they belong?

Did any of you happen to catch "60 Minutes" last night? They featured a segment on the part of Northern Iraq where the monster Saddam Hussein killed thousands of his own people with mustard and nerve gas. If you watched, you saw the pictures of dead babies lying in their dead mothers' arms in the streets. There were over 250 documented chemical attacks on Kurds by Hussein.

Now – tell me why we should hold back and not take care of this monster. Because we're concerned about world opinion?

With apologies (we hope) to Jeff Foxworthy, the New York Times has started a reader poll, "You know when you're a New Yorker when …"

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Everybody's a victim. Here's the latest on why we need some pretty strong reforms in our legal system. Now we have the families of 11 criminals demanding cash from the American taxpayers. What kind of criminals? Illegal aliens. People who cross the border from Mexico to...
Monday, 13 May 2002 12:00 AM
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