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Another Attack

Monday, 20 May 2002 12:00 AM

Perhaps some of you have turned to "The Neal Boortz Show" today to see what I think of Vice President Cheney's warning that another terrorist attack on the United States is a virtual certainty.

Face it. For those of you who listen to the show, this is old news. It doesn't take any particular brilliance to understand that the Muslim terrorists are going to strike again. We've been talking about it on the air not for weeks or months, but for years.

The Muslim radicals will continue with their war against Western ideals and beliefs until they frighten the West into submission, or until they are militarily destroyed.

Perhaps the best question we can ask is when will the Republicans and Democrats inside the Beltway put aside their election-year nonsense and blame-placing and get down to the business of building the world's best intelligence resources to stop the next large-scale attack before it happens.

This is old ... but I just read about it this weekend. It happened last year. (OK, not that old.) There's a leftist "political theorist" out there who is very upset that there are so many conservative Internet sites. Cass Sunstein thinks this is bad because people can visit these Internet sites and shield themselves from contrary opinions.

His solution? Internet sites like townhall.com and freerepublic.com should be required by federal law to include links to leftist Internet sites.

These liberals sure do love the idea of freedom, don't they? Do you think this idiot would ever demand that Rather include an interview with a conservative while covering a story?

In 1996 the Republicans were trying to get America's farmers off the taxpayers' dole. That was then, this is now. The Republicans have absolutely no intention whatsoever of reducing the size and cost of government at the present time. It's an election year.

Last week President Bush signed one of the most hideous, over-inflated spending measures in decades. The great and wonderful farm bill. This bill is going to cost the taxpayers of this country a minimum of $171 billion over the next 10 years.

But let's bring this down to your level. Down to the individual American household. We're using household figures here, though a huge percentage of American households don't pay federal income taxes.

So, how much? The $171 billion works out to $1,805 per household. That's just the taxes. You are also going to have to pay more for things like milk and sugar. Up to three times the going world price. That will cost your household another $2,600.

What does it mean to farmers? The average farmer will get $1 million in subsidies over the next 10 years. You might be interested in knowing that the current average net worth of these farmers is around $564,000.

It's all about vote buying.

Simple. Because he now knows from experience that the Israeli army will tell the world to stuff its world opinion where the sun doesn't shine and will aggressively pursue those who rain terror on innocent Israeli citizens.

He lost several years' worth of accumulated weapons and ammunition – and is now completely unable to defend his terrorists when the Israeli defense forces come searching. In short … military might pinned him against the wall. It's time to play the conciliator.

This one was news to me.

As you know, ABC News is prepping George Stephanopoulos to take over its Sunday talking-heads news program. Some media critics want an explanation from Stephanopoulos before he is transformed into an "objective" media news icon.

This goes back to a conversation George had with Peter Jennings on Sept. 11. They were discussing the fact that Bush had flown to an Air Force base in Nebraska instead of racing home to DC.

Stephanopoulos said there was a situation room in the White House that could have been used. He knew about it because it had been used after the Oklahoma City bombing and, as George phrased it, the "bombing of TWA flight 800."

Excuse me … the "bombing" of flight 800? Why did George Stephanopoulos, who was a high-level presidential aide at the time flight 800 went down, call it a "bombing"?

It would be nice to see George Stephanopoulos explain that usage of the English language, wouldn't it?

The Western media are engaged in constant speculation as to whether or not Osama bin Laden is still alive. If he is still alive, don't you think that al-Qaeda would want to make sure the world knows it? All it would take would be a simple photograph of Osama bin Laden holding a current newspaper. No such photograph has been presented. What's your conclusion?

Suddenly, over the weekend, the dogs were called off. Daschle, Gephardt, McAuliffe, Hitlary – the rhetoric stopped. Gone were the charges that Bush "allowed" the 9-11 attacks to happen. Could it be the weekend polls showed no support for the attacks on Bush?

Democrats know that much of Bush's popularity is based on his strong response to the terrorist attacks. They saw a chance to attack him on this very issue. It didn't work. Time to run for the hills again.

The new government behemoth known as the Transportation Security Agency is having a rough time finding qualified applicants for its screening positions. Recently it called in almost 5,000 applicants for a day of testing. It had 600 positions to fill … almost 5,000 applicants.

During the tests, the screener wannabes had to identify objects in a bag by touch, pick out guns and knives superimposed on computer images of luggage and, to test fitness, lift heavy boxes and "walk around some cones."

Walk around cones? Sounds like a Georgia driver's license test.

They also had to show how they would deal with a so-called impatient passenger. This part of the test should be called the "dealing with someone who has three times the education and six times the work ethic that you do and is not exactly pleased to see you pawing through his luggage" test.

Bottom line … the quality of the applicants was so pitiful the agency couldn't even fill the 600 positions. It's running more ads.

Since my Mooney was in the shop for service,I had to fly commercial to New York City and back this weekend. I just threw my shaving kit in the bag and hauled off. Bear in mind I'm usually in my own airplane and can carry guns, knives, C-4 … whatever I want. So, I just threw the kit in and off I went.

At Hartsfield I made the stupid mistake of being the first to board. They ALWAYS choose the first to board for a complete search. I sat there patiently while they went through every bag and my shaving kit. At LaGuardia … just the routine screening.

I sure am glad these folks didn't catch my customized, engraved Swiss Army knife. Three-inch blade. Really hard to spot.

Can you tell me who made this statement, and who he was talking about?

That was Jimmy Carter talking about North Korean dictator and bomb-maker Kim Il Sung.

Now … let's try again:

Jimmy Carter again – this time talking about Yugoslavia's Communist dictator Marshall Tito.

One more:

Carter yet once more. This time talking about Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

Now his latest hero is Fidel Castro.

Carter. He never met a dictator he didn't like.

Thanks for the positive response to my efforts in my debate with Georgia Congressman Bob Barr on the issue of "medical marijuana." We replayed the debate during my third hour on Friday … and again over the weekend.

If I can find somebody to do the transcribing, we'll put a transcript on the Web page. There is also a possibility of making it available in a CD format.

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Perhaps some of you have turned to The Neal Boortz Show today to see what I think of Vice President Cheney's warning that another terrorist attack on the United States is a virtual certainty. Face it. For those of you who listen to the show, this is old news.It doesn't...
Monday, 20 May 2002 12:00 AM
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