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American-Israeli Military Technology at War Against Genetics – Part II

Wednesday, 01 May 2002 12:00 AM

With respect to terrorism, law enforcement is at least as difficult as with respect to any other crime, such as common murder. Indeed, the number of victims of common murder in the United States or Israel exceeds that of victims of terrorism. But the U.S. and Israeli leaders find the daily struggle against terrorism, similar to the daily struggle against common crimes such as murder, too difficult and unable to impress the electorate.

On the other hand, WARS AGAINST TERRORISTS are spectacular, telegenic, and easy if waged against militarily defenseless countries like Afghanistan or areas like the West Bank!

The only trouble is that these wars are as absurd as would be fighting common murderers with aircraft and tanks. To justify these absurd (and harmful) wars, scapegoats are invented: Bin Laden, Hussein, Arafat. They allegedly rear up, train and command suicidal terrorists as well as supply them with explosives and whatever else is necessary for suicidal terrorism.

This is at least as ridiculous as would be the allegation that common murderers in the United States or in the Middle East are reared up, trained and commanded by certain world-known arch-murderers, who supply the murderers with everything necessary for their murders, such as knives or the money to buy knives, and detailed instructions as to where to buy them and how to thrust them into their victims.

Thus, a "war against terrorists" was a war against bin Laden in 2001 and against Arafat in 2002.

At least in the war against bin Laden, it was assumed that not only he but also the idle, cowardly and irrelevant riffraff of his al-Qaeda were (suicidal!) terrorists to be killed or captured.

But in the war against Arafat? Surely those who resisted with rifles the invasion by Sharon's armor of the West Bank were

It is noteworthy that prior to April 10, the absence of terrorist suicides for more than a week had been explained by Sharon as the best proof that his "war against terrorists" had worked: All Palestinian suicidal terrorists had been killed or captured or frightened out of their genetic inclination to suicide by Sharon's valiant devastation of the West Bank.

But after April 10, the terrorist suicides in Israel were cited by Sharon as the best proof that the devastation of the West Bank was justified and should continue, though practically all mankind (except for a certain percentage of Jews) was already outraged by Sharon's devastation of the West Bank.

Now, how could Sharon's tankmen spot suicidal terrorists in the West Bank when they pretended to be ordinary peaceful townsfolk and villagers, as did those terrorists who exploded themselves in Israel starting on April 10?

A 19th century Russian humorist described how the police chief of Russia ordered his subordinates to kill or capture all terrorists in the country. "But how will we know who are the terrorists and who are not?" "Easy!" the chief explained. "They wear Greek hats!"

Get it? Should Sharon's tankmen see in the West Bank a Palestinian wearing a Greek hat, they will know that this is a terrorist to be killed or captured, which tanks can certainly do by chasing him and aiming their guns at his Greek hat.

Sharon seems to have come from a humorous story of the Russian Mark Twain. This is perhaps why there is no Mark Twain in the West today. With comical figures like Sharon in real life, there is no need for humor or satire in literature.

Still, Sharon must have sensed something wrong about instructing his troops to destroy the terrorists (to be identified by their Greek hats?). So his order was not to kill or capture the terrorists, but to "uproot the infrastructure of terror."

The terrorists used belts with explosives: the infrastructure! Search the West Bank down to every cellar, find all such belts, and destroy them! No suicidal terrorist will be then able to explode himself or herself!

Water pipes? Break them! No suicidal terrorist will be able to drink water, which is precious in the West Bank. Electric poles? Let the tanks snap them like so many twigs! What suicidal terrorist can live without electricity, eh? Smash all computers! Crash through all stores! Down with schools and hospitals! Away with telephone lines!

Believe Sharon, those suicidal terrorists won't be able to live in the West Bank after this uprooting of its infrastructure in this "landscape of devastation," as the New York Times called the West Bank on April 11.

In my picture of Sharon's devastation of the West Bank, I rely not only on non-Israeli yet not anti-Israeli sources like the New York Times reports from the West Bank, but also on prestigious Israeli sources like the newspaper Ha'aretz, which published on April 19 a horrifying description (five full Internet pages!) of Sharon's devastation of Jenin.

The title of the report was "What kind of war is this?" That was what an Israeli soldier in Jenin exclaimed in horror.

The confusion and illusion have also been sown by numberless "terrorist organizations" that "claim responsibility" for each terrorist suicide. Actually, this "responsibility" may reduce to the fact that this, and not another, organization presented a suicidal terrorist with a belt of explosives.

Thus, the inept, smug and cowardly bureaucrats of these "organizations" create, in the safety of their "offices" or apartments, the illusion that THEY have "planned and carried out" every terrorist suicide in question, while the suicidal terrorist, who exploded himself or herself to kill infidels, is just their minor subordinate, reared up, trained, equipped, financed and ordered by them to commit suicide, perceived as something every person can be taught to perform.

If the United States and Israel destroy all such "organizations," the number of suicidal terrorist attacks will possibly increase, since there will be less inept, cowardly and smug bureaucracies feeding on the genetic inclination to suicide.

As the terrorist suicides starting on April 10 indicated, the genetic suicide-rate line for the West Bank had not disappeared, and after Sharon's devastation of the West Bank, more Palestinians inclined to suicide will be choosing "martyrdom" for their suicides.

Sharon expected that suicidal terrorists would not be able to exist in the West Bank he had devastated, or at least they would put aside their genetic inclination to suicide as a luxury they could not afford in a country turned by Sharon to "twisted metal and piles of dust," to quote the same New York Times report again.

Sharon believed before April 10 that he had defeated genetics, viz., the genetic inclination to suicide – or at least now all Moslems inclined to suicide would choose, for example, unrequited love as its alleged cause, not their hatred for Sharon and Israel.

The entire world minus a certain percentage of Jews was enraged by Sharon's devastation of the West Bank no less than by Palestinian terrorism. But a mentally tiny military officer in a territorially tiny country, Sharon looked and sounded like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar or Napoleon on the eve of his invasion of Russia.

There was a Jewish joke in Soviet Russia. A member of the Israeli Knesset proposed to solve the food problem in Israel by declaring war on the entire world, including the United States, Western Europe and Soviet Russia. They would defeat Israel and would have to feed it as the occupation powers. "This is too risky," remonstrated another Knesset member. "What if Israel defeats them?"

Running through Western foreign policy since 1938 have been two kinds of stupidity. One kind has been displayed by Sharon: ruthlessness with respect to those nations that are technologically and hence militarily weaker or virtually defenseless. This ruthlessness is stupid because Israel is a (tiny) democracy, and not a (huge) totalitarian tyranny, and Sharon cannot exterminate all of the 1.3 billion Moslems. Nor can he exterminate even all the Palestinians.

His devastation of the West Bank has merely enraged them, as it did, to some degree, the entire world, minus a certain percentage of Jews at the mental level of Sharon. Yet Sharon's only apprehension seems to have been the danger of Israel routing the entire world, including the 1.3 billion Moslems, just as Sharon has routed the virtually defenseless West Bank.

The second kind of stupidity in Western foreign policy since 1938 is the belief that the majority of every country wants to live in peace, in order to be able to buy more houses, cars and whatever else advertised in the Western media. In one of the Reichstag elections of 1932, the majority of Germany voted for the Nazis and Communists, but this did not prevent Neville Chamberlain and the English electorate in 1938 from being sure that the majority of Germany and Hitler himself wanted to live in peace to be able to buy houses, cars and whatever else.

Israel officially declares that Arafat has been elected by the Palestinian majority. So far, so good. But what if the Palestinian majority wants the elimination of Israel or even the annihilation of the Israelis (after Sharon has devastated the West Bank), and approves suicidal terrorism against Israel, since the Palestinians have no aircraft or armor able to devastate Israel?

If this is the case, then by opposing the terrorism against Israel, Arafat runs the danger of not being re-elected or of being assassinated by a suicidal terrorist.

If, on the other hand, Arafat has not been merely acquiescing, for the sake of his own political and physical survival, in the terrorism against Israel and in the possible wish of the majority to annihilate Israel, but has been secretly in charge of the terrorism against Israel and personally aims at the annihilation of the Israeli, then Sharon's troops ought to have moved straight for his headquarters to arrest him and put him on trial.

Instead, Arafat was "isolated" and lived happily ever after Sharon began his invasion of the West Bank, and Sharon's troops were engaged in the "uprooting of the infrastructure of terror" instead of arresting and putting on trial the alleged secret leader of that terror, secretly aiming at the annihilation of the Israeli.

If Arafat has really been the secret Hitler of the Palestinian majority, then Sharon's invasion was like the invasion of Hitler's Germany to let Hitler be and "uproot," instead, "the infrastructure of terror," that is, to trash Germany and kill Germans for their resistance to the invasion. Why was Arafat not arrested by Sharon?

Because what is needed is, according to Sharon, to enable the Palestinian majority to create the independent Palestinian state, for the Palestinian majority wants to live in peace in order to buy houses, cars, etc. Arafat has been thought to be useful to negotiate peace with. All suicidal terrorists were assumed either to have been killed, or captured, or deprived of their "infrastructure," or else to obey Arafat.

As for future suicidal Islamic terrorism, human genetics had been defeated, you see, by Sharon's tanks once and for all. So negotiate peace with Arafat!

For decades, most or many Israelis were against the independent Palestinian state for fear that it would become an Islamic tool or spearhead for the destruction of Israel. After Sharon's devastation of the West Bank, it may be supposed that most Palestinians hate Israel enough to wish to destroy it with the help of all those among the 1.3 billion Moslems who wish the same.

Ironically, it is Sharon's devastation of the West Bank that has made the independent Palestinian state for Israel difficult or impossible to prevent. Before Sharon's invasion of the West Bank, Israel had been viewed by the world at large as a victim of Islamic suicidal terrorism. Sharon turned the West Bank into a victim of Israeli military ruthlessness.

The Palestinian plaints that they have been living under Israeli occupation for decades have acquired lifelike realism, and the Palestinian plea for independence has become heard all over the world with unreserved sympathy. Sharon's devastation of the West Bank demonstrated "the horrors of Israeli colonialism" better than could any hate propaganda movie concocted by anti-Semites against Israel.

To complete the grotesque, Sharon is also for the independent Palestinian state, and how! In the New York Times of April 4, 2002, Sharon revealed what he would have told "the Arab leaders" (in Beirut) about how he would be friends with the Palestinian state as well as with "every Arab country":

As for the other Palestinians, certainly they want peace in order to buy more houses, cars, etc. Why, Sharon offers them Israeli know-how and the Bush-Sharon plan! Imagine how many more houses and cars they will buy! How the Palestinian state and "every Arab country" will love Sharon and Israel and "make tremendous achievements" with them (in particular, in the production of tanks, nuclear warheads and bombs, and all the other latest weapons, which now only Israel can produce in the Middle East).

But what about Arafat? The loving and well-loved Sharon told the loving and well-loved Palestinians in the West Bank that he was devastating as of April 4, 2002:

Says Sharon in the same New York Times column: "The Jewish people are indestructible."

It is true that the Roman Empire did not annihilate the Jews but deported them, which was humane by the standards of the times. Yet in the enlightened 20th century Germany, a Christian European country, possibly the most educated, cultured and civilized country in the world, a middle-class lover of Nietzsche and Wagner annihilated all the Jews in the territory under his control. The number exceeded that of Jews living in Israel as of 2002. If he had taken Moscow, won the war, and established world domination, he would possibly have destroyed every person on earth identifiable as a Jew, including "Arik" Sharon.

The chairwoman of an association of American Jews in support of Israel went to Israel and was received by Sharon. She called me to request that I deliver the first lecture in the cycle of lectures they contemplate. I quoted to her Sharon's stupid slogan about the indestructibility of the Jewish people and said that should Israel be destroyed, contrary to Sharon's boast, he could and perhaps would be considered as having been a major cause or milestone of this destruction. She said: "Mr. Navrozov, whenever I speak with you, this is enlightening."

The moral? Here was a young Jewish woman, venerating Israel. She told me that she had said to Sharon: "I beg you to save Israel. Do you want me to beg you on my knees?" And here she heard what I have written above. A fanatic would have cursed me and hung up on me. This young Jewish woman said that I had enlightened her!

If she is representative of the Jewish people, I admire their wisdom in the face of the tragedy of Israel, and I believe there is hope.

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With respect to terrorism, law enforcement is at least as difficult as with respect to any other crime, such as common murder. Indeed, the number of victims of common murder in the United States or Israel exceeds that of victims of terrorism.But the U.S. and Israeli leaders...
Wednesday, 01 May 2002 12:00 AM
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