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Alan Colmes: The Liberal Americans Love to Hate

Monday, 27 November 2000 12:00 AM

That's if the inbox of his Outlook Express is any indication.

It may have been bad enough that Colmes loses almost every argument to the razor-sharp Sean Hannity.

Now we read the recent cover story in Talkers magazine – the bible publication for the talk show business – titled "Alan Colmes' Audience Love Letters P.S. You Are Ugly, Too."

More than six pages of e-mails to the liberal "Americans love to hate" run through the magazine.

If you'd like to send your own fan mail to Alan, you can at

Here are a representative handful. All sender names have been deleted, and all e-mails are reproduced exactly as they were originally sent, with permission from Talkers magazine.

************************************************************************ From: George

Colmsey, old boy, I know you think you ran me off, since I have not sent you any love notes lately. Not so – I just discovered that I can enjoy Hannity & Colmsey without either looking at you or hearing you. When you are on, I simply drop my eyelids and hit the mute button. It's wonderful, and I don't miss a thing because you bring absolutely nothing to the program. You shoud just be happy that Hannity is good enough to carry your sorry, ugh.

Tonight, I thought I could leave the sound on because the subject was the gays forcing themselves on the Boy Scouts. Before I could get to the mute button, I discovered that you used this segment as your coming out of the closet party. You obviously look strange, but I really didn't realize that you are.

Thank goodness for the mute button.

Corcoran, CA

************************************************************************ From:

Hey Colmes;

Way to go! How does it feel to defend the actions of a potential rapest. You sir are total scum. Bill Clinton is a lying purjuring scumbag. It saddens me a sickens me that Democrats will defend a person like this. You must be a socialist worthless sack of horse dung. I guess we should just give up and bow down and worship you and your ilk. You need to go to Russia and live the socialist dream. Oh damn thats right the Republican president Ronald Regan devised a scheme to defeat your way of life. Be a man you punk piece of crap and tell everyone in America that Bill Clinton is a scumbag and I might respect you. Please don't tell the Republicans how to think and vote. Not everyone is a lazy, criminal, Immoral Democrat like you. If it was up to you and your party we would all work for the government and live like slaves to you and your scum. I've got news for you worthless sack of scum I would rather die than live your and Elenor Clifts World. Hopefully one day the people of this country will get the guts to stand up to crap like you and Clift. You don't have the right to call yourself an American. Real Americans take the hill, not the evil socialist dream that you have for this country. I hope you loose your job at Fox News because I don't see ho a network that prides itself on truth can put scum like you on the air. Steve

P.S. E-mail me you communist Bastard. Now go salute your Soviet Flag you Son of Bitch.

************************************************************************ From:

Mr. Colmes, want you to know the outfit you wore today looked very nice and chic. However, I still hate your guts, how you can defend leaving a pervert in the oval office is beyond me.


************************************************************************ From:

Hey Alan,

Looks like you put a LIBERAL dose of Dippity-Doo on your hair. It's working real good too. Only problem is, it seems to have seeped under your scalp and has caused irreparable damage to the common sense region of your brain. Just because you act, speak and look like a loon, it doesn't rise to the level of removing you from television. How does Hannity put up with you?


************************************************************************ From:

You should go to the Oval office and remove your knee pads from off the wall and give them to a young intern! Sexual degenerates like "Slick Willy" never learn and never change! It's obvious that you've taken too many "blows" to the head! There might still be a chance for if you'll turn yourself in to the nearest Mental Health Clinic. As ignorant and loud as you are, I imagine that you're one that "fingers" other motorist, tailgates cars with bright lights and peeks thru the bushes at little kids at the park! HAVE A LOUSY DAY AND BREAK A LEG!

************************************************************************ From:

Dear Colmes,

Congrtatulations you criminal loving Democrat. I don't want a T-shirt I just want to express my disgust with you and the evil people on your side. You and your ilk has won. You people got your wish, maybe we can start letting all criminals out of there cells. I always heard that Democrats love criminals and today must be a holiday for you Mr. Colmes because your old buddy Bill got off the hook. Maybe your party can go let out all the murders, rapest, and theivs out so we can live in your Democratic Hell. You are wrong about everything you say and you part is pure evil. I am now convinced the country is heading for the end. Soon maybe yourself and every one in America will work for the government. Maybe the government will tell us what jobs we can have and can't have. Maybe the Democrats will get their wish of putting all business leaders in prisoner camps. Maybe soon everyone will be the same. Yes the best days for lazy, worthless, scum like yourself is just ahead and people like me who work hard and has dreams are going to wither away. I am going to fight scum like you, Clift, and Specter the defector till the end or die.

************************************************************************ From:

Hey, Colmes!

Question: how does it feel being Bill Clinton's lapdog? Just wondering,


P.S. Nice haircut!

P.P.S. By the way, Leon Trotsky just called. He wants his eyeglasses back.

P.P.P.S. Oh, and one more thing. Thanks for your efforts in (1) defending the most corrupt President in the history of the United States and (2) systematically undermining the United States Constitution and the meaning of the word "truth". Joseph Goebbels would be proud of you.

************************************************************************ From:

So he thinks he can butt f@#k or mouth f@#k an intern and then think that his daughter is to be protected! . . . He reaps what he has sown and good enough. There is justice! Beware you a-- hole Colmes the ides iof March!

************************************************************************ From:

Alan: you seem like you could be a nice guy but please talk to the officials at FOX and ask their help. You really need a BRAIN transplant badly, even if you can only get a brain from a child it would be a great improvement for you.

Good Luck,

************************************************************************ From:

To Hannity...

You are a sick individual. Your mother should have committed suicide when she learned that she was carrying you. You are a racist a-s b--tard that is taking to up too much air. Why don''t you eat s@#t and die? I have listened to your show for the first time and you discuss me. If I saw you laying on the street near death, you would be one dead cracker. Don't get caught slipping!!


You are a Liberal, enough said. I got your back. You need to get rid of Hannity with the quickness. He is slowing you down. Your image is being ruined. Get rid of the cracker. Better yet, tell Fox news to fire him.



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That's if the inbox of his Outlook Express is any indication. It may have been bad enough that Colmes loses almost every argument to the razor-sharp Sean Hannity. Now we read the recent cover story in Talkers magazine - the bible publication for the talk show business -...
Monday, 27 November 2000 12:00 AM
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