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Air America Deflates

Wednesday, 31 August 2005 12:00 AM

A Political Look at Hollywood

Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories):
1. Air America Deflates

2. Jane Fonda/George Galloway, Peacenik Pair
3. Cindy Sheehan Meets with President Sheen

4. Pamela Anderson Pulls a Madonna and Bubba
5. Grammy Winner Chastised for Being a Bad Influence on Kids

Air America Deflates

Despite the best efforts of Democratic financiers, sycophant supporters and the mainstream press, the Air America radio network is looking more and more like a big broadcast flop. 

Ratings have been dropping faster than Cindy Sheehan's credibility.

Don't be surprised if you start hearing DNC talking points that suggest ratings aren't really all that important or that they're not a valid measure of success.

The network is probably best known for providing a talk show mike to Al Franken and Jeanine Garofalo.

Some respectable numbers have been seen in Denver, Seattle, San Diego and Miami. But Air America now occupies last place in radio rankings in Washington, D.C. and Boston. It's tied for last in Detroit. And it's moved up to second to last in the Second City, Chicago.

How's it doing in the most liberal markets in the bluest of the blue states? Well, it's 24th in New York, 30th in L.A. and 23rd in San Francisco.

More serious than its radio standing, though, is the scandal that currently surrounds it.

The network's beleaguered spokespeople have been working overtime, trying to explain why nearly $900,000, which was intended to fund social service programs for disadvantaged kids and senior citizens, was allegedly transferred to Air America bank accounts.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America may even kick out its Bronx affiliate, the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club, for alleged involvement and/or cover-up of the scandal.

The Left Coast Report hears that to give the ratings a boost Air America is thinking about adding two of the Left's most scintillating broadcast personalities: Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

Jane Fonda/George Galloway; Peacenik Pair

The Left won't have to wait too long for other anti-war celebs to take Cindy Sheehan's place when the press tires of her.

Brash Brit anti-war mouthpiece, member of parliament and chief Tony Blair basher George Galloway is bringing his brand of demagoguery to America.

Who better to accompany Galloway on his undermine-the-defense-of-America tour than Hanoi Jane?

If Joan Baez can sing at Sheehan's self-named Crawford, Texas, "Turdstock" campout, Jane Fonda may as well give the country a reprise of her Vietnam era antics.

Coincidently - or not - Galloway is coming to the states at the same time his book "Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington - The Brit Who Set Congress Straight About Iraq" is due for released.

Galloway says, "I'm really pleased and excited to be going back to America to campaign against this illegal war and occupation. And to have Jane Fonda join me is fantastic. I'll be able to get that autograph at last."

The continent hopping activist showed his unusual combination of arrogance and ignorance, adding, "I'm sure that when the full implications of the constitutional settlement lashed up by the puppet Iraqi government are understood that opposition will grow massively."

The Fonda/Galloway road trip has actually been dubbed "Stand Up and Be Counted." It will start on September 13 in Boston and end with a rally on the 24th in Washington, D.C.
I wonder who's paying for the tour. 

Maybe when Sheehan goes home she can lend her backers to Fonda and Galloway: True Majority, a non-profit set up by Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream fame, Democracy for America, a group organized by Howard Dean of meltdown fame, Code Pink, a group set up by Medea Benjamin, founding director of Global Exchange, one of the groups that sent Sean Penn to Iraq, and, of course, MoveOn.org.

The Left Coast Report wonders if maybe this time around, since there's no draft, the Peacenik Pair and their hippie friends will burn their American Express cards.

Cindy Sheehan Meets with President Sheen

Guess if you can't get the real thing, you get a Hollywood impersonator.

That's what Cindy Sheehan has apparently done.

Although she didn't yet score a second meeting with President Bush, Sheehan has been able to arrange a chit-chat with a fake prez who shares her views on the war in Iraq.
Sheehan's campsite recently got a visit from President Josiah Bartlet, a.k.a. Martin Sheen.
"At least you've got the acting president of the United States," the star of "The West Wing" quipped to Sheehan's supporters.

Sheehan also had the chance to sit down with a former candidate for the Oval Office. Sheehan's rendezvous with Sheen was preceded by one from former Democratic presidential candidate Al Sharpton.
"I feel that it is our moral obligation to stand and to be courageous with these families, and particularly Cindy, that have become the conscience of this nation," Sharpton said.

The Left Coast Report wouldn't be surprised if next season we see a Sheehan-like character pop up on "The West Wing," complete with glowing halo.

Pamela Anderson Pulls a Madonna and Bubba

Pamela Anderson has stolen a page from the material girl and the ex-prez.

Have you noticed that, similar to Madonna and Bill Clinton, Anderson is skilled at keeping her name in the news and may even be having legacy-building dreams?

Here's a week's sampling of Anderson-related headlines: "Pamela Anderson Likes Being Chased by Men;" "Anderson: `I'll Never Have A Facelift;'" "Pamela Anderson Will Sing For Bryan Adams;" "Pamela Anderson's Latest Novel ‘Star Struck;'" and "Pamela Anderson Says Men Give Up Too Easily."

The latest attention-grabbing caption to hit the wires is "Anderson Holds Wedding For Her Dogs, Gets Tackled."

The story concerns a beach wedding that Anderson held for her two dogs, where 20 of her closest friends came to Malibu to witness the Chihuahua/golden retriever nuptials.

Unfortunately, some guy on an inflatable raft crashed the canine wedding and tackled Anderson, knocking her to the ground. He was dragged away by the actress' security crew.

Reports indicate that the fellow was none other than British prankster Ali G, also known as Sacha Baron Cohen of HBO's "Da Ali G Show."

The Left Coast Report is confident that Pamela's people are hard at work trying to get to the bottom of who's leaking all of these stories to the press.

Grammy Winner Chastised for Being a Bad Influence on Kids

A Grammy award-winning recording artist is under fire for being a negative influence on young people. 

Is it one of the gansta rappers who performs songs about committing violent crimes or abusing women?

Is it one of those heavy metal rockers who sings affectionately about satanic worship?

No, it's country songstress Gretchen Wilson and her tune about a popular consumer product in the South.

Tennessee's Attorney General Paul Summers has written to the country singer of "Redneck Woman" fame, asking her to stop "glamorizing" the use of chewing tobacco at her concerts.

"Many young people attend your concerts and purchase your music and T-shirts," Summers wrote. "Because your actions strongly influence the youth in your audience ... I ask you to take steps to warn young people of negative health effects of smokeless tobacco use."

State officials are distressed by Wilson's new song "Skoal Ring." The tune refers to the mark left by carrying a can of chewing tobacco in a pocket of blue jeans.

In the last verse, Wilson sings about getting turned on by the taste of smokeless tobacco on her man's lips.

In the past, Wilson has performed the song while pulling a can of Skoal from her pocket.

Not any more. She has responded to the attorney general and apparently intends to hide her can of Skoal from her fans.
Summers said the singer's rep assured him that Wilson would not use the Skoal can in concert again.

This attorney general sure seems to be preoccupied with a country singer's chewing tobacco.

The Left Coast Report seems to recall a more unusual tobacco-related use having to do with cigars.

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Wednesday, 31 August 2005 12:00 AM
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