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Aiding and Abetting the Enemy

Thursday, 30 September 2004 12:00 AM

Although the identity of the writer is not known, the American Thinker insists other sources verify the accuracy of what is reported in the letter, and I find it credible based on what other members of the armed forces have been saying. According to the Thinker "The letter ... has reached me via a number of American military officers. They tell me that it has privately circulated widely in military circles, and is generally regarded as credible by knowledgeable people. The version which appears below has had many corroborating details removed, to avoid compromising possibly sensitive military information. The author must remain anonymous. Thus, no guarantee of its provenance can be made. Nevertheless, the argument made by The Major is compelling enough that American Thinker readers deserve to see it. Caveat lector. Here are excepts from the letter:

"I'm a Major in the United States Military, in Iraq. The analysts and pundits, who don't see what I see on a daily basis, have no factual basis to talk about the situation - especially if they have yet to set foot in Iraq. The media filters out most events, through a sieve of their latent prejudices - personal, political, and professional."

He goes on to write that the "U.S. media recently buzzed with the news of an intelligence report that is very negative about the prospects for Iraq's future. CNN's website said, '[The]National Intelligence Estimate was sent to the White House in July with a classified warning predicting the best case for Iraq was 'tenuous stability' and the worst case was civil war.' "That report, along with the car bombings and kidnappings in Baghdad in the past couple days, were portrayed in the media as more proof of absolute chaos and the intransigence of the insurgency. From where I sit, at the Operational Headquarters in Baghdad, that just isn’t the case. The public is being misled about what is happening."

Noting that the "National Intelligence Estimate" was given to the White House in July and has no relevance now, he reports that "The report doesn't cover what has happened in July or August, let alone September. The naysayers will point to the recent battles in Najaf and draw parallels between that and what happened in Fallujah in April. They aren't even close."

Zeroing in on the events on Najaf he describes what happened there as the "HUGE favor" Al Sadr's troops did for the U.S. and Iraqi security forces by concentrating their forces in one place thus allowing the coalition forces to smash them. "Make no mistake," he wrote "Al Sadr's troops were thoroughly smashed. The estimated enemy killed in action is huge."

Where prior to the battle residents of the city were afraid to walk the streets, he wrote that now "Najafians can and do walk their streets in safety. Commerce has returned and the city is being rebuilt. Iraqi security forces and U.S. troops are welcomed and smiled upon. That city was liberated again. It was not like Fallujah - the bad guys lost and are in hiding or dead."

He wrote about another city, Samarra where just two ago, "that Sunni Triangle city was a 'No-go' area for US troops. But guess what? The locals got sick of living in fear from the insurgents and foreign fighters that were there and let them know they weren't welcome. They stopped hosting them in their houses and the mayor of the town brokered a deal with the U.S. commander to return Iraqi government sovereignty to the city without a fight. The people saw what was on the horizon and decided they didn't want their city looking like Fallujah in April or Najaf in August."

Boom, boom, just like that two major 'hot spots' cool down in rapid succession. Does that mean that those towns are completely pacified? No. What it does mean is that we are learning how to do this the right way. The U.S. commander in Samarra saw an opportunity and took it - probably the biggest victory of his military career and nary a shot was fired in anger. "And while the media such as CNN, ABC and the like prattle about how bleak the situation is here in Iraq, "from where I sit, it's looking significantly better now than when I got here. The momentum is moving in our favor, and all Americans need to know that."

That's the good news. Here's the bad: "the continuing defeatism is causing real harm. It is very demoralizing for us here in uniform to read & hear such negativity in our press. It is fodder for our enemies to use against us and against the vast majority of Iraqis who want their new government to succeed. It causes the American public to start thinking about the acceptability of 'cutting our losses' and pulling out, which would be devastating for Iraq for generations to come. Muslim militants would claim a huge victory, causing us to have to continue to fight them elsewhere (remember, in war 'Away' games are always preferable to 'Home' games). Reports like that also cause Iraqis to begin to fear that we will pull out before we finish the job, and thus they are less willing to openly support their interim government and U.S./Coalition activities. We are realizing significant progress here - not propaganda progress, but real strides are being made. It's terrible to see our national morale, and support for what we're doing here, jeopardized by sensationalized stories hyped by media giants whose #1 priority is advertising income, followed closely by their political agenda. Getting the story straight falls much further down on their priority scale, as Dan Rather and CBS News have so aptly demonstrated in the last week."

The Major recommends that readers watch the John Wayne movie, "The Green Berets," this weekend, and "pay special attention to the character of the reporter, Mr. Beckwith. His experience is directly related to the situation here. You'll have a different perspective on Iraq after the movie is over."

Just thought you'd like to hear it straight from the horse's mouth instead of from the other end out of which the media speaks.


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Although the identity of the writer is not known, the American Thinker insists other sources verify the accuracy of what is reported in the letter, and I find it credible based on what other members of the armed forces have been saying. According to the Thinker "The letter...
Thursday, 30 September 2004 12:00 AM
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