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Adv. – Campaign House Managers Under Attack by Clinton and Hollywood

Thursday, 02 November 2000 12:00 AM

I am writing because some of the 13 House Impeachment Trial Managers (including me) are in grave danger of being defeated in the elections on November 7th.

And we need your immediate help.

We are the 13 House Managers who conducted the Impeachment Trial of President William Jefferson Clinton.

On February 11, 1999, soon after the Impeachment Trial, the Clinton White House pledged revenge and retribution against us.

Answering the White House's call for revenge ...

Just from this list alone, I estimate that the Democrats are preparing to spend more than $60,000,000.00 to target the House Managers for retribution on behalf of President Clinton.

Some of us are now in the fight of our lives, which is why I'm writing to seek your help.

Specifically, I am writing to ask if you will please ...

1) Sign the enclosed "Pledge of Support" for the 13 House Managers of the Impeachment Trial.

2) Join with me as a "Founding Member" of the official House Managers Political Action Committee by

The House Managers PAC is the only authorized political committee of the House Managers.

Under federal election law, the maximum contribution anyone can send a political action committee is $5,000.

Of course, I realize most people to whom I am writing will not be able to send the maximum amount allowed under the law.

But I know all the House Managers will be very thankful for whatever amount you can send - whether $5,000, $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $25 or even just $15.

What's crucial is that you send support for the House Managers in some amount right now.

Your generous gift will be used to support the re-election of all House Managers as well as other members of Congress who are under attack by the Clinton-Gore White House and Democrats for supporting the "rule of law."

And please

With the $60,000,000.00 they're spending, the Democrats are capable of buying virtually all available broadcast advertising space for their attack ads in our districts.

This means the House Managers must start buying TV and radio ads right now, before all available ad space is bought by the Democrats. Meanwhile, the House Managers must also contend with a daily onslaught of biased news stories from the liberal media.

If the House Managers who are in most danger fail to buy enough campaign advertising because of lack of funds, the voters will hear only one side of the story from the Democrats and the liberal media and the House Managers will likely lose their seats.

And remember, the Democrats can retake control of the House with a switch of just six seats.

What a devastating defeat this would be for the "rule of law" and honest government in America if this "Campaign of Revenge" by Bill Clinton and his fellow Democrats succeeds!

THIS IS IMPORTANT: As you know, advertising is very costly. And the only way the House Managers can pay for our campaign ads to counter the Democrat assault against us is with voluntary contributions from Americans like you who share our love for this great nation.

So it's critical that you send any donation you can today.

I was especially proud of James Rogan for agreeing to be a House Manager, because I knew this would put him in grave danger of losing his congressional seat this year.

Congressman Rogan's district is heavily Democrat. He is facing a very well-funded liberal Democrat challenger.

And Hollywood liberals, led by Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, are raising millions of dollars to defeat Congressman Rogan.

I am also a major target of the Clinton-Gore "Revenge Machine." My Democrat opponent is a multi-millionaire who is bombarding my Georgia district with attack ads on TV and radio.

House Manager, and my good friend, Congressman Chris Cannon is also being heavily outspent by his liberal Democrat opponent.

The truth is, James Rogan, Chris Cannon and I cannot survive this liberal assault without your support ... and support from many other Americans who care about preserving "the rule of law" in America.

I am counting on you to rush the House Managers PAC an

If we can raise the funds, our House Managers PAC will also help other endangered members of Congress who are under attack by the Clinton-Gore White House because they voted for President Clinton's Impeachment and supported the "rule of law."

For those who are in a position to send even more, the maximum contribution allowed by federal election law is $5,000.

I don't want you to contribute more than you can comfortably manage. But please try to send some amount; whatever contribution is right for you.

But the most important benefit you will receive by supporting me and the other House Managers is the knowledge that you are taking a stand for the principle that ...


So please try to

Whatever you can manage to send will help enormously in ensuring that all House Managers survive the $60,000,000.00 assault that's being thrown at them by the Democrats and President Clinton's "Campaign of Revenge and Retribution."

I'm counting on your help. I will anxiously wait for your answer to my letter to arrive in the next few days.


Congressman Bob Barr Member, House Judiciary Committee

P.S. Your immediate contribution will help ensure the re-election of all the House Managers. The Democrats, the Big Labor Unions and liberal special interests will spend an estimated $60 million to defeat as many of the House Managers as possible on November 7th. The Democrats and the Clintons see the defeat of the House Managers as the key to vindicating President Clinton for his Impeachment by the House. As a result of this massive assault, some of the House Managers (including me) are in the fight of our lives and could easily lose our seats in Congress if we don't receive immediate support from patriots like you who support "the rule of law" and honest government.

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I am writing because some of the 13 House Impeachment Trial Managers (including me) are in grave danger of being defeated in the elections on November 7th. And we need your immediate help. We are the 13 House Managers who conducted the Impeachment Trial of President...
Thursday, 02 November 2000 12:00 AM
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