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'Sniper on the Loose,' or a Glimpse Into Mainstream Television

Tuesday, 05 November 2002 12:00 AM

From my "Statistical Abstract of the United States" it is clear that on the average in the United States 1 million crimes are committed every month, including 80,000 aggravated assaults, 8,000 forcible rapes and over 1,000 murders. For international comparison, let me note that the murder rate per capita in the United States is 10 times higher than in Japan and five times higher than in Norway or Spain.

Was the above reflected by the mainstream television in October or discussed by its numerous "guests”? No, of course not! The impression was that the United States, the globe, the universe and world history did not exist. What existed was a crime in which 10 people were killed, while over 1,000 murders committed in October were left outside mainstream television screens, along with most everything else.

Is the murder of 10 people so significant that it ought to oust from television screens almost everything else and be worth undivided television attention from early in the morning till late at night every day for a month? Serial murders or terrorist attacks resulting in 10 or more deaths have happened before, during and after October (in Israel, for example, and in Russia).

Two traits were peculiar to the alleged murderers, or terrorists, of October in the United States. They could have killed 10 times more people if they had used, for example, a car filled with explosives and detonated by a remote control. But they chose a sniper’s rifle because it was more fun. Thus a 3-year-old child chooses to set the house on fire in a way that is as pleasurable as the child’s best toy. A sniper’s rifle was a child’s toy for the alleged murderers. It was more

But surely many criminals have retarded, infantile minds.

The other peculiarity was the alleged murderers’ stupidity, rare even for the most inept amateur criminals. Instead of hiding their car in a secluded place, they parked it in a way so its plate number (announced by the police via the media) was visible to any driver passing by and were sleeping sweetly in that car.

But the stupidity of amateur criminals has been a common trait of criminal behavior everywhere and merely questions the confidence of the relevant American agencies that they will defeat terrorism as readily as NATO or U.S. bombers defeated Yugoslavia in 1999 and Afghanistan in 2001. But how can these agencies predict a terrorist attack if they could not apprehend the alleged terrorists or serial murderers even

Nor was the murderers’ motivation new, unusual or of any interest. Surely "hatred of America" under an Islamic veneer is no rarity. Nothing is more common as motivation for a crime than money. Vanity is as old as recorded history. Due to mainstream television, they, totally insignificant but pathologically vain criminals, became world celebrities – that is what they had murdered 10 human beings for.

This is one reason they chose a sniper’s rifle. There's only one victim per attack, but the "publicity" created increases with every attack. This was a suspense thriller in 10 installments!

So, why on earth did mainstream television spend a month on this crime to the exclusion of almost everything else, such as 1 million crimes committed in the United States in October?

It is profitable for mainstream television to concentrate on one event, no matter how trivial and transient, to the exclusion of everything else because in this way it transforms that event into an obsession or a mania, forcing its obsessed viewers to remain glued to the television screen.

An obsessed person does not see whether his or her obsession is interesting or important. Dozens of millions of mainstream television viewers wanted to see and hear about the "sniper on the loose" again and again, even when mainstream television had nothing new to show or say.

Besides, in contrast to 1 million crimes perpetrated in October, the sniper-on-the-loose obsession was a thriller. The alleged criminals had created a thriller in 10 installments. As in every thriller, the question was: "Who did it?" Mainstream television was showing its thriller under the title "The Sniper on the Loose" for three weeks, with the criminals in the title role until they demonstrated how stupid they were even as bungling amateurs in crime.

In several months the television viewers who spent 20 or 30 days watching this childish amateur thriller will forget it, for a new obsession will fill mainstream television screens.

In 2001, before the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, mainstream television had been showing for many hours every day a young girl (remember her name – Chandra Levy?) who had disappeared. What could be more interesting and important than the disappearance of a young girl whose name few still remember? Then she vanished from the screens. The obsession was over.

Later it turned out that she had been murdered. This is why she had "disappeared." Mainstream television mentioned the fact perfunctorily, without asking who did it, why and how, and the young girl who had occupied the television screens every day vanished – this time forever.

Neither mainstream television's hosts or guests, nor their television viewers, are supposed to think or even to know or remember anything. They are supposed to be obsessed: with a current mainstream television obsession to watch it (that is, the ads with which it is interspersed) and then switch over to another obsession. Since the viewers of midstream television are the "majority of the American people," U.S. political life becomes also a series of obsessions: Slobodan Milosevic, the bombing of Yugoslavia, Osama bin Laden, the war on Iraq, North Korea, the sniper on the loose – the war on Iraq again.

The fact that mainstream television cannot be engaged in two obsessions was used by President Clinton to get rid of his imminent impeachment by bombing Yugoslavia on the strength of a fabrication (see my NewsMax.com article "

So mainstream television kept showing the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia for 78 days, whereupon the impeachment and President Clinton’s puerile love affair that caused it were forgotten. Then the war on Yugoslavia to punish Milosevic was also forgotten, and the "trial" of Milosevic was not as much as mentioned for months.

True, in between its major obsessions, the mainstream television hosts can edge in some minor divertissements. Thus, after the two alleged killers of the "Sniper on the Loose" thriller had been caught sleeping in their car, several snippets of television time and attention were given to 800 hostages in Moscow whom 50 Islamic suicidal terrorists threatened to kill, but were gassed (along with the hostages). More than 100 hostages died from gas immediately, and 600 were hospitalized.

Mainstream television has never even hinted that dictatorship seems to be creeping back into Russia, and the terrorist attack on Moscow pushes the country toward dictatorship. Many Russians have told me: "Russia won’t be able to struggle successfully against the Islamic world without dictatorship." Now dictatorship will resume the development of post-nuclear superweapons, threatening the lives of not 10 Americans, shot by a sniper’s rifle, but of all Americans.

The video and audio material of mainstream television is not for knowledge and thinking, but for "watching" and then forgetting, in order to "watch" new "pictures" as do children leafing through picture books.

This piece is a variation on one of the themes of my book in progress, "Out of Moscow and Into New York: A Life in the Geostrategically Lobotomized West in the Age of Terrorism and Post-Nuclear Superweapons.” Publishers: the 27-page Proposal and the first 130-page part of the book can be mailed to you if you apply to me (

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From my Statistical Abstract of the United States it is clear that on the average in the United States 1 million crimes are committed every month, including 80,000 aggravated assaults, 8,000 forcible rapes and over 1,000 murders.For international comparison, let me note...
Tuesday, 05 November 2002 12:00 AM
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