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'Bush Country: How Dubya Became a Great President While Driving Liberals Insane'

Sunday, 22 February 2004 12:00 AM

It appears that Joan Walsh of Salon.com thought she was a pretty smart cookie, parading her Scholastic Aptitude Test score of 1200 as proof. Like many of her media colleagues she considered President Bush’s intellectual level far below her own.

It came as something of a shock for her to learn that the 17-year-old Bush’s SAT score was the same as hers – 1200 – and scored at a time when that was a very hard level to reach.

In his new book,

Podhoretz demolishes this Bush-is-a-moron myth, which he calls "Crazy Liberal Idea #1," and goes on to dismember seven other Crazy Liberal Ideas, doing so with a razor-sharp wit and driving his points home with the obvious relish that comes from skewering a very skewerable left.

George W. Bush, he writes, came into office believing he was put on Earth to do two things: to lead the United States into the third millenium with all its terrifying challenges and wondrous opportunities, and to drive liberals insane.

Bush, he adds, "is succeeding brilliantly at both."

His claim that Bush is one of the nation’s greatest presidents is bound to drive liberals mad, but he lays out a stunning profusion of the president’s accomplishments as proof of his contention.

In just three years, Bush has led the nation into two wars, ousted two of the world's most barbaric regimes, redirected U.S. foreign policy to confront the threat of rogue states possessing weapons of mass destruction, daringly embarked on a campaign to introduce democracy into the Middle East, and reconstructed both the military and the executive branch of government.

Moreover, as Podhoretz notes, he shoved two huge tax cuts down the throats of a Congress that traditionally has preferred to spend the people’s money rather than permit then to spend it themselves, and in the process revived an economy that began to slump at the end of the Clinton administration.

Bush has run circles around the Democrats, co-opting many of their pet programs in such fields as education and health care. He has been deft in dealing with hot-button issues, seeking new ways to handle those that previously have defied all efforts of compromise between right and left.

"Taken together, all of Bush’s presidential qualities mark him as a genuine leader and a transformative figure on the American and world stages," Podhoretz insists. "Love him or hate him, respect him or revile him, George W. Bush has made extraordinary use of the powers of the presidency and has changed the United States, its government and the world in ways that have made an indelible mark on the new century."

We are indeed, he writes, "living in Bush Country."

Having dealt with Bush’s extraordinary record, Podhoretz now begins to enjoy himself chopping away at those eight crazy liberal ideas.

The first, that Bush is a moron, seems rooted in the president’s tendency to mangle the mother tongue. He believes that the "chattering classes" look down on Bush because he does not "accord with the reigning cultural affect. ..."

"We pride ourselves on self-aware displays of cleverness, constant references to popular culture and the latest trends and a hunger for sharing the trivia we know with others," he writes.

Bush, it seems, is simply not

"Do you think that I’d take time out of my life to research what the hell you like?" he asked.

Podhoretz also reminds us that Democrats automatically label Republican presidents as dunces – Ike and Reagan especially were seen by the chatterers as less than bright.

He is unrelenting in demolishing those Crazy Liberal Ideas. He shows how asinine is idea #2 – that Bush is a puppet – and demonstrates convincingly that Bush is his own man.

What really controls W, in Podhoretz’s view, is a determination to put America back on the road to the shining city on the hill paved by Ronald Reagan. The author devotes a chapter to showing how W has worked to bring back Reaganism and explains that the two presidents have much in common.

The primary project of the Bush presidency is the completion of the political reconstruction of national politics, government and policy begun by Ronald Reagan in 1981. And this, he writes, is "doubtless what his partisan enemies fear most about him."

Crazy Liberal Idea #3: "Bush is a fanatic."

Podhoretz notes that W’s foes say he "is a reactionary both politically and theologically and that he is effecting a religious takeover of the United States and imposing his doctrinal fanaticism on the rest of the world."

Nonsense, says Podhoretz. Bush is "an elected politician who happens to be religious," and as a man of faith he is informed by a powerful sense of right and wrong and good and evil." That, of course, is what upsets his paganistic critics, who believe there are no such categories as right and wrong or good and evil; everything is relative.

Crazy Liberal Idea #4: Bush is another Hitler, but not as talented.

The real insult here is that if Bush is Hitler, the United States is Nazi Germany. And that idea, he writes, is born from Europe’s "blind and unreasoning, ugly and unjust, foul and fetid hatred of America" and picked up by the Europhile chattering classes.

Podhoretz deals with other such provably idiotic charges as Crazy Liberal Idea # 5: Bush isn’t protecting the American people, #6: Bush wants to bankrupt the government, #7: Bush is a cowboy and #8: Bush is a liar.

As we head into the election, Podhoretz has shown us exactly how to deal with all the Crazy Liberal Ideas that constitute the Democratic Party’s real platform. All Democrats have in their political arsenal is a hodgepodge of crazy ideas, distortions and lies – and Podhoretz shows us how to disarm them easily.


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It appears that Joan Walsh of Salon.com thought she was a pretty smart cookie, parading her Scholastic Aptitude Test score of 1200 as proof. Like many of her media colleagues she considered President Bush's intellectual level far below her own. It came as something of a...
Sunday, 22 February 2004 12:00 AM
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