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Rep. Broun: House Dems Fear Pelosi Punishment

By    |   Tuesday, 02 March 2010 06:51 PM

Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., tells Newsmax that some House Democrats agree with Republicans on certain healthcare reform issues but can’t publicly support them for fear of retribution from Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

Broun, a physician who is on the House Science and Technology Committee and the House Homeland Security Committee, pulls no punches when it comes to his dislike of Obamacare.

“Democrats want a total government takeover of the system, and we’ve just got to stop it,” Broun warns in a Newsmax.TV interview. “Government intrusion into the system has caused a marked escalation in the price of health insurance, drugs in the drugstore, hospital bills and doctors bills – all healthcare costs are being forced upward in a very skyrocketing way because of the government intrusion.”

Editor's note: Watch video of interview below.

Broun, who has watched and monitored healthcare for his own patients, emphasizes that the government takeover is going to decrease the quality of care and drive up costs because it fails to take advantage of the forces in the marketplace.

“The marketplace unencumbered by taxes and regulations is the best way to ensure the best quantity and quality of all services, including healthcare,” he says.

He suggests that many of his colleagues from across the aisle agree with his thinking, but they are simply afraid to buck the system. “My Democratic colleagues say, ‘Paul, this is a great place to start, but my leadership won’t let me do this … they will punish me.’”

Broun has given the issue a dose of his common sense, tempered with the viewpoint of a doctor, and come up with his own design for a winning brand of healthcare reform.

“The bill I suggest has four components to it: cross-state purchasing for individuals and businesses; association pools – huge pools all over this country that people could join to lower the cost of healthcare; stimulating the states to set up high-risk pools to cover those who are uninsurable; and tax fairness that allows everybody in this country to do what businesses can do and government employees can do and that is to have 100 percent tax deductibility for everybody for all healthcare expenses.”

He urges that a marketplace-based scenario such as his would markedly change the dynamics of healthcare financing in this country.

“Democrats tell me they like it,” he advises, “but can’t do it because 'Nancy Pelosi will punish me.' This has to stop. People need to demand that we scrap Obamacare — the proposals that we have on the table now — and start over again to find some common sense market-based solutions that will literally lower the cost of healthcare for everybody, will cover those who are uninsurable, and help those who cannot afford insurance – all without the government taking over.”

Newsmax brings up the subject of “central planning” – a philosophy at the heart of the Pelosi mind-set.

“Central planning is socialism,” the doctor charges, “and they want to socialize the healthcare system so that a government entity up here in Washington, D.C. – non-doctors – people who are appointed by the president can make healthcare decisions for my patients in Georgia and for patients all over this country. Central planning is what Moscow did in the Soviet Union.”

Broun once charged in a Capitol Hill speech that he was overwhelmed by the “arrogance, ignorance and incompetence” in Washington.

Elaborating, he tells Newsmax. “I see a lot of arrogance, ignorance and incompetence by this administration and in the House and in the Senate. They believe very firmly that they have to make all the decisions for everybody in this country. It is a loss of liberty, a loss of freedom.”

The failure to balance the budget also disturbs Broun.

He laments that America has yet to benefit from a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution. “We almost passed it back in the mid-1990s – it lacked one Senate Republican vote. If we had passed it back then, we would not be stealing our children’s and grandchildren’s future as we are doing now with this outrageous deficit spending that we get from Nancy Pelosi and company.”

Broun echoes his call for the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. “They want to spend money protecting terrorists, instead of protecting Americans. We need to secure our borders. Focus on those who want to do us harm, instead of patting grandmothers and little kids at the airports.”

Regarding the attempted airline bombing on Christmas day, he says, “In the case of the 'panty bomber,' she said the system worked. That’s hogwash. She’s said that we need to focus on veterans, on those who are concerned where we are going economically, the tea partyers, people who are pro-life, on gun owners. Those are the freedom-loving, liberty-loving Americans. She is just totally off track.”

As far as giving Miranda warnings to terrorists, he says: “These people are war fighters. They need to be tried in military tribunals. They should be allowed due process, but they should not be brought to the United States, they should not be tried in civilian courts. All it’s going to do is give them a platform to try and recruit more folks. Why should this administration repeat the mistakes of the Bush administration?”

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Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., tells Newsmax that some House Democrats agree with Republicans on certain healthcare reform issues but can t publicly support them for fear of retribution from Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Broun, a physician who is on the House Science and Technology...
Tuesday, 02 March 2010 06:51 PM
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