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Country Needs Third Party President

By    |   Friday, 19 August 2011 10:07 AM

Who isn’t tired of hearing President Barack Obama blame the Republican Party for the recent downgrade in the U.S. credit rating by Standard & Poor's?

For their part, Republicans have retaliated by blaming the president for his lack of leadership.

If you haven’t pulled out all your hair yet, you will soon . . . there’s more political nonsense brewing.

In the end, the loser is once again the American people. We now will have to pay more to borrow the same amount from countries like China, who continue to abuse our financial system. And, during all this, where is our commander in chief? On vacation while the American economy continues to spiral downward and the stock market reacts predictably to the news by plummeting. The only thing up these days is skyrocketing unemployment numbers.

Today, more than any time in American history, this country needs a third political party candidate. A candidate who is not beholden to party politics and special interest groups, like the big oil companies.

Time and time again you hear about Obama's cry for raising taxes on anyone making over $250,000 — a so called millionaire’s tax. While I was not the greatest math student as a child, one thing I did come away with is you are one zero shy of a million in this definition. So why do the politicians call it as such? Because, calling it a hundred thousander’s tax just doesn’t make their case. Enter Donald Trump.
Image of Donald Trump mulling president run for 2012.
Donald Trump

No one has been more vocal against the big oil companies affirmatively demanding that they not only pay significant taxes, but, forgo providing them with government subsidies.

Can you imagine the American people — through our tax dollars — subsidizing oil companies who are generating billions and billions of dollars in profit per annum?

Instead of using that money to help rebuild America, either the communities devastated by natural disaster or our crumbling infrastructure, our leaders provide grants to the oil companies for research and development.

Since when has it become wrong for a megabillion-dollar profitable company to reinvest some of their profits back into their company instead of paying out enormous dividends to its shareholders?

It is absolutely impossible to run a country from the Bahamas or from a golf course. There is no justification for President Obama, Congress, or the Senate to take an undeserved vacation at this time. This country is in crisis and in desperate need of leadership and decisive action.

When a company is in financial turmoil, do you see the president or CEO leave to vacation? What would become of the company?

We need a leader who will take action against countries like China, who manipulate their currency to destroy ours, or the OPEC nations who continue to bleed our pockets with their inflated oil prices.

Polls show that more than 59 percent of all Americans disapprove of both the Democrat's and Republican’s handling of our economic crisis. I personally believe the percentage is greater.

As of one week ago, I re-launched www.shouldtrumprun.com. Thousands of people have already joined the movement and provided their comments. Comments like, “Donald . . . you owe it to this country, your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to enter the race, win the election and fix this country Trump style.” Or “Donald, you are the epitome of American success . . . we need you.”

Trump’s straightforward, practical, and no-nonsense approach to making America great again is resonating throughout the country. After recent appearances on Hannity, "Good Morning America" and Greta, phone calls, emails and faxes have poured in, all beseeching Trump to remain the patriot that he is, run for thepresidency and save America.

For his part, Trump has stated continuously that if the economy remains as is (or gets worse) and the Republicans do not nominate someone who he believes can defeat Obama, he will run as an independent in 2012.

While many pundits state that this is impossible to do, Trump’s name recognition and personal financial wealth say otherwise. Let’s show these pundits that they are wrong. Join the movement and help send a message to Washington: Get back to work or risk being placed on a permanent vacation by the American people!

Michael Cohen is the EVP and special counsel to Donald J. Trump as well as the founder of ShouldTrumpRun.com.


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Who isn t tired of hearing President Barack Obama blame the Republican Party for the recent downgrade in the U.S. credit rating by Standard Poor's? For their part, Republicans have retaliated by blaming the president for his lack of leadership. If you haven t pulled out...
Friday, 19 August 2011 10:07 AM
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