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5 Minutes With . . . Wayne Allyn Root

wayne allyn root
(Wayne Allyn Root)

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 09:46 AM

Wayne Allyn Root is a political commentator, politician, talk radio host, Newsmax TV host, bestselling author, and sports prognosticator, among other things.

In short, he does it all.

The 57-year-old can be seen weeknights at 8 p.m./ET on Newsmax TV sharing his conservative takes on the news of the day with his signature fiery passion.  

Here, Newsmax spends five minutes with Root to talk the 2018 midterm elections, whether Dem predictions of a “blue wave” are accurate, and why he’s so “fired up.”

NM: What are you working on now that most excites you?

Wayne Allyn Root: My career has always involved two paths — conservative politics and sports. Those are the two loves of my life. And they go together like apple pie and Chevrolet. Long before I was ever in politics full-time, I was dubbed by the media as “The King of Vegas Sports Gambling.” I was awarded a 180-pound granite star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars for being the most honored and high-profile sports prognosticator ever. I was very accurate at making predictions for who would win sporting events. Eventually I started to sell my advice, analysis, and predictions. I turned it into a big business. That’s what naturally led to my career in politics. I started making political predictions. And they were “on the money.”

For the past five years, I put my sports prognostication career on hold while I built my career as a political talk show host, commentator, and pundit. I’d say it worked out pretty well — today I’m a nationally syndicated conservative radio talk host, national TV host here at Newsmax TV, nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, and bestselling author. And I became opening speaker at many events for President Donald Trump.

Politics has been very good to me. My new book “TRUMP RULES” will be published in 2019 by Newsmax and its publishing division [Humanix]. How cool is that?

Now it’s come full circle. I’m going back into sports, where it all began for me. I’m not leaving politics by any means. I’m just adding a whole new career! I’m the host of a new fantasy football TV show called “Fantasy Bash” for a new generation of young sports fans.

And I’m opening my new company and website VegasWINNERS.com. It debuts next month (November). I’m very excited. The Supreme Court recently legalized sports gambling. I predict by next year it will be legal in 15 to 20 states. Within three to five years it will be legal in 40 states. Millions of sports fans will be betting on the games. They will all need professional advice. I am positioned to become the leader in the field of sports advice, analysis, predictions, and information. In simple terms, I’ll be the Merrill Lynch or Goldman Sachs of sports gaming.

And my new company is also exploring ownership or development of multiple casino and tribal casino opportunities.

NM: You’ve dabbled in politics in the past, even running on the Libertarian presidential ticket in 2008. Would you ever throw your hat in the ring again?

WAR: Probably not. Why do you think Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, etc. don’t run for office? It’s much more fun to talk about politics on TV and radio. I love my career, right where I am.

NM: Where do you see yourself in five years?

WAR: I’m unique. I’m more like President Trump than anyone else at the top of the conservative talk industry. Long before Trump became a presidential candidate, a national radio host called me “the Donald Trump of talk radio.” It was a great compliment. Like Trump, I’m a former New Yorker. Like Trump, I’m high-energy, passionate, combative, aggressive, in-your-face, outspoken, an entertainer and showman. I never back down from a fight. I always say exactly what I’m thinking on the airwaves, I always talk raw truth and let the chips fall where they may. There will be room for a guy with that kind of bigger-than-life personality and energy at the top of the conservative talk industry. That’s where I aim to be. And I expect Newsmax TV to be the vehicle that takes me to the top.

NM: What is your response to those predicting a “blue wave”?

WAR: I’m on record — long before others — as predicting there is no blue wave. There isn’t a blue trickle. There isn’t a blue puddle. I predicted the 2010 GOP landslide. I predicted the 2014 GOP landslide. Conservative voters come out for midterms. Yes, this is a challenging map for the GOP to hold the House. Yes, the party out of power historically does well in midterms. But I believe “Hurricane Donald” has the power to change history.

Trump is the greatest conservative president in modern history. He has kept all of his promises. We love him. We will fight for him. We will defend him. We’re coming out like never before in history to protect his back.

And all the issues leading to this election are in our favor — the way Democrats treated Brett Kavanaugh has angered, outraged, motivated, and energized our base. Now this “caravan” of illegals headed for the U.S. border plays into our favor. It makes illegal immigration the No. 1 issue heading into November 6. That’s the issue that elected Trump. I predict a RED STORM. We’ll hold the House and add three to five Senate seats. Democrats will be in shock, depression, and mourning. The day after the election will be “Democrat National Emergency Shrink Day.” It will be the best day in history for psychiatrists and psychologists!

NM: With the midterm elections in less than a month, what is your advice to Republican voters across the country?

WAR: Stick to “Kavanaugh” and “Caravan.” Those are the issues that will lead us to victory. Americans want border security, a wall, and an end to illegal immigration. They want America to be America, not a foreign country. Illegal immigration is damaging America on every level —crime, taxes, economy, jobs, wages, welfare, healthcare, education, national debt. Illegals are dragging down America in every area. That’s the issue. Stick with it 24/7. And throw in the shameless way Democrats treated Brett Kavanaugh.

Oh, and ALWAYS stand behind President Trump. I’ve built my political career proving great things happen when you stand behind Trump.

NM: You’re known as a conservative firebrand. Which conservative principles are most important to you?

WAR: Well, I’m a capitalist evangelist. For me it’s always “the economy, stupid.” I sing the praises of capitalism, lower taxes, less regulations, smaller government. The economic engine of America is small businessmen and women, not government employees. We DID build it. We built our businesses, not government. We created all the jobs. We paid all the taxes that fund government. So, in fact, we did build America. Reagan and Trump have proven if you cut taxes and slash regulations, and get government out of the way, the U.S. economy explodes! God bless capitalism and smaller government. Let people keep more of their own money — that is the definition of happiness.

And then one other issue is always at the top of my list . . . THE WALL. America first. American workers and jobs first. Open borders will ruin our country. Build that wall!

NM: You get some flak at times for your fiery passion. What do you say to your critics?

WAR: You know what’s in the middle of the road? Roadkill. Trump proves what people want in a leader is energy and passion and strong opinions. No one follows a leader without fire and passion. Ask Jeb Bush about that. I love conservatism and capitalism. I’m FIRED UP. I don’t apologize for that. Energy and passion moves mountains. Energy and passion got Trump elected. Energy and passion made America great. Energy and passion will keep America great.

NM: You got a lot of attention for calling Donald Trump “America’s first Jewish president.” What did you mean by that?

WAR: I wrote that article for Fox News days after Trump’s election as president. I’m very proud of that column. I compared our newly elected President Trump to former President Bill Clinton. The media dubbed Clinton “America’s first black president.” Obviously, he wasn’t black. But the media believed he did so much for black Americans, he deserved that title.

I predicted Trump would do more for Israel and the Jewish people than any president in history. I was right. Trump has stood behind Israel like no president in history. He moved the embassy to Jerusalem. That took courage. He killed the Iran deal. That has weakened the Iranian government to the point of collapse. He has kicked the PLO out of DC until they are willing to seriously negotiate peace with Israel. He has defended Israel at the UN like no other president. He has brought moderate Arab countries together to support a Middle East Peace Plan. He really is “America’s first Jewish president.” That was a great prediction!

I also wrote a column for Fox News predicting Trump would be the greatest black and Hispanic president ever. I said he’d create more jobs for blacks and Hispanics than any president in history. That’s exactly what happened!

NM: What would you say are the main political issues that will be front and center in the 2020 election cycle?

WAR: The economy, jobs, taxes, illegal immigration, the wall, Obamacare (the elimination of) — nothing really ever changes. Stick to those issues and I predict President Trump will be re-elected by a wide margin.

NM: You have a book coming out soon called “Trump Rules.” What can you tell us about it?

WAR: Donald Trump is one of the most successful persons in the history of this world. He has achieved world-class success at business, entrepreneurship, real estate, branding, television, and politics. He is the only person to ever become a billionaire business mogul and president of the United States. I think you could argue his name is on the lips of more human beings (whether they love him or hate him) than anyone in history — other than Jesus. So, he certainly has a lot to teach anyone about success. Since the day I graduated college, Trump was my hero and mentor. I’ve studied his success and his “TRUMP RULES” for decades. Now I’ve put them in a book that anyone can easily read, study, and learn from.

NM: You’ve found success across different industries, including business, TV, and media — not to mention the list of books you’ve authored. What’s next for you?

WAR: Rush Limbaugh and company, look out. I’m coming up fast! That’s my political goal — to become the top conservative talk show host in America.

But I’m also planning and working towards becoming CEO of a Vegas casino gaming company. To those who say you can’t mix politics and casinos, I say, “Really? Ask President Trump about that.”

NM: To what do you attribute your success?

WAR: That’s easy. The “Trump Rules.” I’ve modeled my life after Donald Trump. I studied him and modeled him since the day I graduated college in 1983 and he was just opening up Trump Tower, the world’s most amazing luxury skyscraper on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

The result for me of studying and modeling Trump and using the “TRUMP RULES”? This blue-collar SOB (son of a butcher) with no special talents built one heck of a fairy-tale life. If I could do it, anyone can. Anyone can learn from those “Trump Rules.” Not everyone will become a billionaire. But everyone can do better. Everyone can achieve more success. Everyone can make more money. Everyone can build a better career or business. Everyone can learn to turn dreams into reality — whether small or big.

I keep saying it and I’ll say it again, great things happen when you stand behind Trump. You can’t go wrong attaching yourself to Donald Trump’s coattails! Watch Trump. Learn from Trump. There is only one way to go — UP!

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Here, Newsmax spends five minutes with Root to talk the 2018 midterm elections, whether Dem predictions of a “blue wave” are accurate, and why he’s so “fired up.”
wayne allyn root, interview, qa, questions
Wednesday, 31 October 2018 09:46 AM
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