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Healthcare Power Grab Reflects 'Socialist Morality'

By    |   Friday, 05 March 2010 10:27 AM

A solid majority in our right-of-center nation feels growing disgust with ruling Democratic politicians.

We feel disgust with their deceptions, disreputable tactics, and hypocrisy as they rush frantically to lock in by any means, fair or foul, their unpopular socialist healthcare scheme before voters take their power away.
But let’s be clear: The Democratic Party and the left are not amoral.

They have a morality of their own that they seldom spell out in public, lest the overwhelming majority of Americans reject them.

Understanding this concealed leftist morality will help conservatives see how the other side thinks — and to see how and why the left must be defeated and voted out of all positions of power and public trust.

The only standard of leftist morality is “social morality.”

As they define it, any politician working openly and/or secretly to tear down capitalism, redistribute wealth, and impose socialism is moral.

It makes no difference whether a socialist politician lies, cheats, commits adultery, or is hypocritical in his personal life. His devotion to advancing socialism is the only moral yardstick that matters.

By contrast, any politician — no matter how virtuous in his private life and biblical-bourgeois values — who supports private property, capitalism, and “selfish” individualism is evil and immoral.

The morality of the left is collectivist.

Leftists see humankind as one vast utopian beehive in which individual bees exist, only to serve what national socialist Adolf Hitler called the Volk, The People, or international socialist Vladimir Lenin called The Masses or The Proletariat.

The morality of the American right is individualist and anti-collectivist, which is why leftists believe that conservatives and Republicans must be either destroyed or silenced and absorbed by force into the collectivist politically correct mental monoculture of the Borg.

In their morality, leftists are remarkably like Islamist radicals.

Islamists want the entire world ruled by a monolithic Caliphate theocracy, another flavor of collectivism.

And to achieve such domination over others, both leftists and Islamists are willing and eager to use both coercion and deceit.

Shiite theology formally grants a “license to lie” to believers. Called al-taqiyya, this doctrine permits Muslims to deceive and lie to unbelievers to protect themselves and to advance the coming global triumph of Islam.

Islamists interpret al-taqiyya to mean that a Muslim ruler may offer promises and even sign treaties that he has no intention of keeping. (Iran, which continues to say it has no intention of making nuclear weapons, is an Islamist Shiite state.)

Democratic Party leftists likewise see nothing wrong with lying to advance the cause of their god, the collectivist state.

Only a week ago at President Obama’s so-called healthcare summit, he said he would give Republicans a month or even six weeks to discuss their legislative healthcare ideas with him. He also put out propaganda hinting that he was preparing a smaller, more modest bill.

We now know that all such statements were lies, that Mr. Obama and his House and Senate Democratic comrades already were preparing to use only reconciliation to force through a collectivist health scheme designed to put all private insurance out of business and leave government in total control of your ability to get healthcare.

Their aim now is to ram this through by March 18, before lawmakers can return home for the Easter-Passover recess and again feel the public outrage in their home states and districts over this unethical power grab.

But by leftist morality, it is virtuous to impose socialism and destroy capitalism. To them it makes no difference whether this is achieved by coercion, deceit, corruption or a coup d’etat against the Constitution and long-established Senate rules.

Under Barack Obama’s morality, the collective is everything and individuals like you are nothing.

Radical Democrats might share another value with radical Islamists. Both are ideologically zealous enough to become martyrs, throwing away their lives or careers to advance their collectivist cause.

This week, even Howard Dean, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, warned that it was suicidal for his party to force through this healthcare bill. Nearly three out of four Americans want it rewritten or discarded.

In November, as in 1994, a leftist healthcare power grab could cost Democrats control of both the House and Senate.

The winning side of this culture war’s battle could determine whether the future of humankind for the next thousand years is collectivist or individualist.

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A solid majority in our right-of-center nation feels growing disgust with ruling Democratic politicians. We feel disgust with their deceptions, disreputable tactics, and hypocrisy as they rush frantically to lock in by any means, fair or foul, their unpopular socialist...
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Friday, 05 March 2010 10:27 AM
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