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Phyllis Schlafly: Hillary Will Take Obama's Transformation of America to the Next Level

Phyllis Schlafly: Hillary Will Take Obama's Transformation of America to the Next Level

By    |   Wednesday, 07 September 2016 08:00 AM

For more than half a century conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the Eagle Forum group, fought a valiant rear-guard battle to halt the sweeping invasion of progressivism into every corner of American life. Schlafly, who died this week, has bequeathed to the conservative masses one last contribution: The Conservative Case for Trump which debuts in bookstores this month. Newsmax presents an exclusive excerpt from her extraordinary treatise on why Donald Trump is the best choice – indeed, the only choice — for right-thinking voters in November.

The GOP has proven ineffectual at stopping Obama, who has thrown open the gates to illegal immigrants; emasculated our military; ruled by decree through presidential orders; waged the most extensive and extreme culture war in American history to the point of dictating to the nation that men should be allowed into women's changing rooms, restrooms, and locker rooms; exploded the national debt to an eye-popping $20 trillion; and built a legacy of foreign policy disasters from the rise of ISIS and the chaos of Libya and Syria to an emboldened China and Iran.

What will Hillary Clinton do if elected president? She will take Obama's transformation of America to the next level.

Here is what Hillary has pledged to do:

  • On Immigration, continue Obama's flouting of our nation's laws: "If Congress won't act, I'll defend President Obama's executive actions—and I'll go even further," she says, flooding the country with even more immigrants, all on a fast-track to citizenship.
  • On Guns, executive orders that could threaten our Second Amendment rights: "If Congress refuses to act to end the epidemic of gun violence, I'll take administrative action to do so," Clinton has tweeted.
  • On Obamacare, more mandates: "I'll defend the Affordable Care Act, build on its successes, and go even further," including "more options for undocumented people to be able to get the health care they need."
  • On Energy, more "green" regulation: "I don't think we need to have a pipeline bringing dirty oil, exploiting the tar sands in western Canada across our border," Hillary said about the Keystone XL pipeline.2 Clinton also promised that her administration would "put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business."
  • On Abortion, more government-funding for Planned Parenthood, America's biggest abortion mill: "As president, I'll stand up for Planned Parenthood and women's access to critical health services, including safe, legal abortion."
  • On Gay "Marriage," it's just the beginning: "The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on marriage equality represents America at its best: just, fair, and moving toward equality. Now we have more work to do. I'll fight to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans have full equality under the law, and to end discrimination in employment, housing, schools, and other aspects of society."
  • On Foreign Policy, more global chaos: If you liked President Obama's foreign policy, you'll love Hillary Clinton's version that brought us, when she was secretary of State, the failed "reset" of relations with Russia, lying to the American people (Benghazi), leading from behind (Libya), meaningless red lines (Syria), and a world in which American power has rapidly diminished.

This is what Hillary stands for, and with the power of executive appointments, the federal bureaucracy and the federal judiciary would be crammed full of Obama-Clinton clones, all eager to advance the growth of the federal government, stamp out traditional values, and promote crony capitalism where the federal government grants subsidies to favored businesses and strangles others with endless bureaucratic regulation.

Donald Trump's agenda is entirely different. He knows what is at stake and has promised to reverse America's decline under Obama and make America great again; and he has shown far more fight on at least five major issues than the Republican Congress has — issues that resonate with the American people.

For instance:

On Immigration: Trump has made clear that the flood of illegal aliens crossing the border has to be stopped as a matter of national security, respect for the law, and putting the interests of Americans first — including American safety from foreign drug gangs, potential terrorists, and released illegal immigrant felons; and also the interests of American workers, a record number of whom are out of work because of cheap foreign labor.

On Trade: Barack Obama believes in "free trade." So does Hillary Clinton. So do many Republicans.

Conservatives, however, want trade deals that serve America's national interests — the interests not just of corporate bosses, or of liberal globalists who don't put America first, but the interests of American workers and American security.

Donald Trump thinks that all too often the people who negotiate our free trade agreements do so without regard to America's national interests — and he's right. "Free trade" as it exists today isn't "free" at all and it certainly isn't fair, at least to the United States.

Over the last twenty-five years, the United States has had a global trade deficit with 101 countries amounting to $12 trillion.4 Our lopsided commerce with the Communist People's Republic of China, hardly a haven of freedom or free trade, has totaled $4 trillion over the last twenty-five years, and accounts for 60 percent of the U.S. trade deficit all on its own.

The global trade deficit has cost the United States more than 6 million jobs, chiefly at the expense of America's industrial heartland.5 Donald Trump says that trade deals need to put American workers, America's industrial base, and our national security interests ahead of unthinking ideological commitment to a free trade system where only we play by the "free trade" rules. He's absolutely right.

On Islamism: Global jihad waged by fanatical Muslims poses a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States. President Obama has notoriously banned the American government from naming our enemy. He has made it a priority to appease radical groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. And he has rolled out the welcome mat to Islamic "refugees" and immigrants.

Hillary Clinton promises more of the same failed policies and proposes that the United States should import tens of thousands more unvetted Muslims from jihad-torn Syria.

Trump says the safety of Americans should come first. He is not afraid to name our enemy.

He believes in containing the Islamist threat. And he believes that because our government is incompetent at vetting the backgrounds of Muslim immigrants, we should have a moratorium on immigrants from at least certain Muslim countries until we can be sure that we are not importing terrorists who might threaten the safety of our people.

On Foreign Policy: Donald Trump has rightly pointed out that the United States should not be in the business of "nation-building," that we should fight wars only when necessary to defend our national interests, and that we should encourage our NATO allies and other countries to do more to defend themselves.

Like Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump believes in peace through strength. He would rebuild our military for the very purpose of deterring aggression.

On Social Security: Trump thinks Social Security can be saved without cutting benefits or raising the qualifying age for recipients.

As Trump explains, "Social Security is here to stay. To be sure, we must reform it, root out the fraud, make it more efficient, and ensure that the program is solvent. People have lived up to their end of the bargain and paid into the program in good faith. Of course they believe they're ‘entitled' to receive the benefits they paid for—they are!"

Libertarians might not agree with Trump on this, but most Americans do and it is a conservative position.

This is an exclusive excerpt from the new Phyllis Schlafly book, "The Conservative Case for Trump," co-authored by Ed Martin and Brett M. Decker, is courtesy of Regnery Publishing. For more information or to purchase the book Click Here.


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The GOP has proven ineffectual at stopping Obama, who has thrown open the gates to illegal immigrants; emasculated our military; ruled by decree through presidential orders; waged the most extensive and extreme culture war in American history to the point of dictating to...
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Wednesday, 07 September 2016 08:00 AM
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