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Newsmax Exclusive: Phyllis Schlafly Gets the Last Word

Newsmax Exclusive: Phyllis Schlafly Gets the Last Word

Wednesday, 07 September 2016 07:39 AM

This is an exclusive Newsmax extract from the new book The Conservative Case for Trump, (Regnery), by conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, who died this week.

Many patriotic Americans feel that time is running short. They are desperate to save our country—and that’s commendable.

Voting for Donald Trump is one very important way to restoring America’s promise and improving its prospect for the future.

One enormous mistake some Americans seem tempted to make is to believe this election doesn’t matter. Or for people to believe that electing Donald Trump president in 2016 is pointless and won’t change anything.

Some of these people, desperate and believing that the entire American government is broken, are advocating for a new constitution written by a new constitutional convention. This is a mistake.

We believe these desperate pleas are ignoring the good we can do immediately—and in desperation, Americans fruitlessly look for reform in all the wrong places.

We believe that a constitutional convention could turn out very badly for conservatives.
The goal of a new constitutional convention, or "Convention of States," as outlined and desired by some conservatives, would be to propose a series of amendments to "limit the authority and jurisdiction of the federal government."

Since that was precisely the purpose of the U.S. Constitution we already have, there is no reason to surmise that some brand new language would do a better job than the most brilliant political thinkers in American history did at our nation’s founding.

Article V of the Constitution has only twenty-two words about a convention for proposing amendments, but the most important is the word "call."

Since only Congress can "call" the convention, it means that states have no control over who can be a delegate, who makes the rules, who sets the agenda, or who wields the gavel.

Some conservatives assume that a constitutional convention would propose only conservative ideas like a balanced budget. It is just as likely, if not more so, that the Democrats would propose constitutional amendments to ensure socialized health care, or "free" higher education for everyone, or enshrining gay marriage into the Constitution — and how many Republicans would in the end capitulate so as not to seem "against" health care or education or "tolerance."

Less than a year before his untimely death, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia called it a "horrible idea" to call a convention for proposing constitutional amendments. "Once you get those people together, you never know what they’re going to do," the great justice warned. "You’ll get everything but the kitchen sink written into the Constitution."

It’s unrealistic to imagine some miraculous changes will occur through a constitutional process that voters cannot achieve at the ballot box. That’s why conservative focus should be on winning the presidential election, not cracking open the Constitution for a round of editing.

The point is not to change the Constitution, the point is to enforce the Constitution on a wayward government, and to realize that if we are to achieve a renewed sense of national greatness, it is because we fight to defend and enshrine in our laws what is good and right.
This battle hasn’t been going our way lately.

As Donald Trump has said, "The damage that Democrats, weak Republicans, and this disaster of a president [Obama] have inflicted on America has put us in a mess like we’ve never seen before in our lifetimes."

The mess the country is in has little to do with the Constitution, and a lot to do with the weakness of Republican politicians who seem never to see a fight they don’t want to run from.

Many of the economic arguments the country has had lately are arguments we thought we had already won in the Reagan era, only to see spendthrift Republicans destroy their reputation for economic competence.

Much of the social revolution we’ve endured has actually been put into law by judges appointed by Republicans.

And the Republican Congress might as well have been a Democratic Congress for all it has done to rein in Obama’s budget demands and executive orders.

America has been — and is being — profoundly changed without the support of the people.

That is why we need a conservative "revolution." Yes, we know how ironic it can sound for "conservatives" to be calling for a "revolution." But in America, certainly, the two words can go together. The American Revolution was an uprising to conserve and restore the colonists’ "rights of Englishmen."

The Reagan Revolution was a movement to conserve and restore the principles that had made America great. The Trump Revolution follows in that pattern—it is a conservative revolt to conserve and restore American greatness.

The Trump Revolution is about building America back up rather than tearing her down as a place that needs to be fundamentally transformed as Obama pledged to do.

The Trump Revolution is about ending the lies of political correctness, so that we can deal honestly with the serious problems we face.

And the Trump Revolution is about finally giving voice—and providing action—for the majority of American people who have been ignored by a political establishment more interested in serving itself and its own aims rather than the needs, wants, and desires of the voters.

In the end, it is really about affirming American Exceptionalism—reminding ourselves, and acting on the principle, that America is a force for good and a place that has rewarded many, rather than the horribly guilty, racist, sexist country of leftist mythology.

"America and dreams — hopes, aspirations, ambitions — have been tied together from the beginning," writes Dr. James S. Robbins in his book on American exceptionalism, Native Americans.

"In the classic vision, America is a land of economic opportunity, a place where individuals could prosper and each generation would be able to live better than the one that came before." This belief is what we need to restore, and we believe that Trump will be a conservative, energetic restorer of the American Dream.

It is this we need, not a "convention of states."

"Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction," then-Governor Ronald Reagan warned. "It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again."

The sense of urgency that Reagan conveyed a half century ago is felt by Donald Trump.

He knows that if liberty’s defenders don’t step forward now, if we do not win in 2016, America as we know it could be finished; and at most we will be left with cinematic fragments of what once was, watching old Hollywood films . . . starring Ronald Reagan.

The 2016 election is not just a contest between two political parties but a showdown between two visions for our America.

Senator Jeff Sessions believes, "This election will be the last chance for Americans to get control of their government." Donald Trump’s vision is distinct and puts America First and subordinates government to the people. It is time to take back our country.

The Revolution starts not in a dreamed-of convention of states, but now, in November, at the ballot box, with a vote for Trump.

This exclusive excerpt from the new Phyllis Schlafly book, "The Conservative Case for Trump," co-authored by Ed Martin and Brett M. Decker, is courtesy of Regnery Publishing. For more information or to purchase the book Click Here.

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For more than half a century conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the Eagle Forum group, fought a valiant rearguard battle to halt the sweeping invasion of progressivism into every corner of American life.
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Wednesday, 07 September 2016 07:39 AM
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