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Savage Fights 'Trump's War' as President's von Clausewitz

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By    |   Monday, 13 Mar 2017 09:57 PM

Before there was Donald J. Trump, there was Michael Savage.

After all, it was top talker Savage who, long before Trump arrived on the political scene, spent years blasting the establishment wings of both parties over issues like spiraling debt and open borders.

Savage's latest bestseller, "Trump's War: His Battle for America," is a guidebook for the new president and his supporters to understand the high stakes now under way in the ongoing battles over healthcare, trade, the deficit, and border security.

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As his legions of listeners know, Savage has routinely scorched the airwaves with fiery diatribes against "illegal vermin" flooding across the border to trample the rule of law in America, flouting political correctness for decades in favor of a gospel of "borders, language, culture."

He apparently had one New York billionaire listening.

Soon that billionaire emerged as a presidential candidate and frequent guest on "The Savage Nation," where he found a huge, sympathetic audience of 10 million listeners distributed across more than 220 radio stations nationwide. 

Today, Savage, who was the first major talk radio host to endorse Donald Trump, does not mind taking a victory lap touting his role in the extraordinary upset over Hillary Clinton.

"He heeded the advice I gave him and now he is president of the United States," writes the talk host, who in 2016 was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. "In fact, many people have told me that President Trump's entire campaign sounded like he was reading my books off a teleprompter."

Two weeks ago, Savage and his family shared dinner with the new president at his luxurious Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla. 

Now that Trump has moved his headquarters from Trump Tower to the Oval Office, Savage has written a new manifesto to mobilize support for Trump's campaign pledges. He is also holding Trump's presidential tootsies to the fire to ensure he does. 

As Savage told Newsmax TV's Steve Malzberg, "If we don't jump in and demand that the RINOs do what we want them to do, and go out there and make sure that they're thrown out of office, all is lost."

The recent tug-of-war over the House GOP's replacement plan for Obamacare, which Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., warns will not pass the Senate and could cost Republicans their control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 election, suggests Savage's preternatural sense of the American zeitgeist remains as sharp as ever.

As befits a thinker who earned his Ph.D. in epidemiology and nutrition sciences from the University of California at Berkeley, Savage's book is rooted in a diverse intellectual menagerie ranging from Plato, to Jefferson, to Madison, to Thomas Paine, to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Gary Cooper.

Not satisfied just to put the axe to the policies of Trump's predecessor, Savage concludes each chapter of his book with his own policy recommendations on how to craft a more perfect union, which he calls "Savage Solutions." 

Some of Savage's nostrums sound Republican friendly: Cut taxes, allow the sale of health insurance across state lines, beef up the military, for example. 

But at other moments, Savage holds up his lamp to Republican dogma and exposes its inconsistencies. America and the West have needlessly provoked Russia by expanding NATO right to Russia's doorstep, he writes.

Not all environmental regulations are Communist, he insists. We ought to "take care of our animal friends and not poison them."

And Washington, he says, has become "an empire run by globalist elites, multinational corporations, and international bodies of bureaucrats" where "national borders are an impediment to 'progress,' as are the cultures of the various nations within them."

Savage also presents the reader with an exhaustive list of nearly 200 activist groups he says were funded by the Hungarian-American billionaire investor George Soros, a man he brands as "the Napoleon of American socialism."

The popular radio host divides his book into a series of battles royal, including the war against the deep state, the war against globalism, the war against the neocon "war machine," and so forth. 

With Trump cast as commander in chief, Savage is satisfied to serve as chief military strategist – a political Carl von Clausewitz.

At times, Savage seems to be tilting at windmills that are not spinning much anymore. 

On the Second Amendment, for example, Trump received enough NRA support to ensure the war on the Second Amendment is, for now, as dead as a buckshot-riddled goose. There is a reason gun sales dropped 20 percent in January.

But even here, Savage raises an iconoclastic voice against the establishment's ossified presumptions: The real story behind the litany of mass shootings in America, he writes, is the shocking prevalence of psychotropic drug use by the pitiless gunmen.

Trump, he says, "must be the first president to say the word 'psychotropic drugs'" in order to "drain that part of the swamp occupied by drug companies getting government cover and subsidies to push dangerous drugs on children who don't need them."

Overall, Savage pronounces himself optimistic about Trump's presidency and voices relief that those who predicted a Hillary Clinton landslide were oh so wrong. But that does not mean the war is over, he warns. In fact, it is just beginning.

"The Savage Nation put Donald Trump in office," writes the good doctor. "That was just the first battle. Now we're going to have to win the war."

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Michael Savage's latest bestseller, "Trump's War: His Battle for America," is a guidebook for the new president and his supporters to understand the high stakes now under way in the ongoing battles over healthcare, trade, the deficit, and border security.
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Monday, 13 Mar 2017 09:57 PM
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