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Obama Plans Prosperity; China Plans World Domination

By    |   Thursday, 05 March 2009 12:50 PM

While only a minority of adults had the right to vote in 19th-century Britain, all adults in the United States, with exceptions such as those who are psychiatrically sick, have the right to vote in presidential and congressional elections. Truly democratic!

Unfortunately, the greater the mental ability (the greatest came to be called “geniuses” in the 14th-century Europe), the fewer people possess it, and it is not clear how a majority of voters can recognize and elect a man of genius, as Einstein was, for example.

In the past two centuries, the free West has been suffering from an economic disease. Private or free enterprise (capitalism), beginning in the late 18th century, suffered from what came to be called “crises,” “depressions,” or “recessions” (milder terms).

No science knows how to prevent or cure these diseases, and it is ridiculous to assume that a majority of voters will identify a “doctor” who can prevent or cure them and will elect that person as the U.S. president.

On Feb. 24, 2009, President Obama delivered an hour-long speech (approximately) to the Congress. The self-confident tone of his address and “dozens of rounds of applause,” as The Associated Press puts it, suggest that a doctor to cure recessions has at last been found by a majority of voters led by the Democrats!

Since the late 18th century, the perception of private or free enterprise can be summarized as follows. Marx, “the most important figure in the history of socialist thinking,” contended that “the capitalists” are criminals who acquire their millions or billions by robbing “the working class” and must be “expropriated” and “liquidated” by “the world revolution.”

Non-Marxists have been for a free contest in free enterprise: Let the most capable entrepreneurs obtain the greatest wealth, and let the least capable of them lose what they have.

Now the U.S. Democrats, led by President Obama, have turned out to be different from both Marxists and non-Marxists: Let those who lost their money be indemnified for their losses (by the government at public expense).

In his address to the Congress, President Obama did not find a minute to speak on the external danger to the United States. However, while recessions are illnesses that come and go, an enemy superweapon may spell death.

What if Hitler’s Germany had not started a war with Russia, and instead used that money to develop atom bombs sufficiently earlier than did the United States (and Russia as well)?

Hitler’s advent to power in 1933 was accompanied by anti-Semitic brigandage, and hence, Einstein decided not to return to Germany and stayed in the United States. In 1939 he warned President Roosevelt of the danger of Hitler’s atom bomb development.

Surely, more than 99 percent of American voters had known nothing about atom bombs when they voted for the 50-year-old Roosevelt in 1932. Yes, the United States, which is, socially, by millennia, ahead of the state slavery of Germany of 1933 to 1945, of Russia from 1918 onward (with the exception of the time of the presidency of Boris Yeltsin) and of “China today,” may be annihilated by a society like “China today” — socially at the level of state slavery of millennia ago, but technologically able to develop the key superweapon ahead of the United States.

To take advantage of its freedom of mass public communication, the United States should make its media accessible to intercommunications similar to that between Einstein and Roosevelt in 1939.

Not surprisingly, the defense of the United States and its allies against Hitler was proposed in 1939 to President Roosevelt by Einstein, who was not as yet an American citizen. Roosevelt lived up to his presidential duty by having accepted Einstein’s proposal, and not by being a thinker of genius foreseeing nuclear weapons as Einstein was.

The odds against the survival of the United States and the free West in general are greater now than in 1939. Then Charlie Chaplin was working on his film The Great Dictator, a horrifying image of Hitler that became known all over the world. Today the dictators of China are represented to the population of the United States and the free West in general as benign officials in charge of progress of the once backward China to the modern level of today’s advanced countries.

The dictators of China are lending money to the United States to help President Obama cope with the depression!

What do the Chinese dictators expect in return? We could read it in the dissident Chinese “Wei Jing Sheng Foundation” news in Yahoo! on Feb. 26, 2009: “Press Conference in the US Congress. Alarm Sets in Over Secretary Clinton’s Abandonment of China Human Rights.”

The dictators of China are also geostrategically wise. Hitler stupidly invaded Russia in 1941, before he could get the nuclear bomb. The Chinese dictators have been working secretly to produce post-nuclear superweapons (such as the nanosuperweapon) to attack when they have them, not before.

The discussions U.S, mass media and the free West in general could publicly expose the Chinese “strategic deception” if sufficiently strong-minded debaters had been invited by the media. Actually, no chance to appear in any mass media to present their arguments has been given either to Eric Drexler, whose 1986 book introduced the very word “nanotechnology,” nor to retired Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden (U.S. Army), whose 2004 book, “Oblivion: America at the Brink” is about the U.S. lagging behind in the development of post-nuclear superweapons.

President Roosevelt did not ignore Einstein’s one-and-a-half page letter about the possibility of nuclear weapons. The result was a stupendous Manhattan Project. Drexler’s book was ridiculed publicly as an idiotic fantasy “to scare little children,” and was ignored by George W. Bush for 23 years of his public life.

In China, Drexler’s book appeared on the Internet in English, with translations into Chinese of whatever a native Chinese reader might find difficult to understand.

The United States and the free West in general have freedom, an advantage in the global struggle of free countries against a global aggressor. But they also have many self-imposed disadvantages as well, such as the inclination of free Westerners to think only about their own safety, wealth, and happiness.

They tend to forget unpleasantness such as the annihilation of all free countries and themselves by a new military slave-state machine, with its superweapons — superweapons as decisive as the nuclear weapons were in 1945.

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While only a minority of adults had the right to vote in 19th-century Britain, all adults in the United States, with exceptions such as those who are psychiatrically sick, have the right to vote in presidential and congressional elections. Truly democratic! Unfortunately,...
Thursday, 05 March 2009 12:50 PM
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