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Free Countries Won't Take Notice of China's Space Warfare

By    |   Thursday, 03 June 2010 10:29 AM

The free countries drew attention to the People’s Republic of China only after 1989 (the Tiananmen uprising for democracy) when the owners of China decided to arm on a far broader scale.

Several other uprisings, unknown to the outside world, occurred every year. But what about uprisings on the Tiananmen scale? What if they fuse into one gigantic revolt?

I have noticed that in the Western press, China’s militancy and armaments have hardly ever been predicted. But recently I have found a prognosis in a google search: "China's space warfare in 2010."

Page 5 of about 279 results: University of Hawaii Library, early identification and evaluation: “By 2016 [the narrative is a glance back from imaginary 2016 into the past], China had replaced the United States as the world’s largest economic power.”

It is easy to see how realistic this horrible prediction is. It is well known that the population of China is 1.3 billion, exceeding the U.S. population (300 million) more than four times.

WWI and WWII opened the atmosphere of the Earth to air war, and aviation became a major branch of warfare.

Today (as a prelude to WWIII?) the space above the atmosphere and away into the universe is the space of space warfare.

In front of me is a collection of photos of the universe, whose “light from the Eagle nebula takes 7,000 years to reach us.” We are used to a nocturnal sky as glittering stars against a dark background. The “skies” of the universe look like metallurgical experiments. This is the universe beyond our solar system. The age of the solar system is 13.7 billion years.

However, even the space of our solar system has not been militarized as yet. Here is a chance for China’s space warfare to militarize the space of the solar system and thus dominate the armed forces of the Earth.

The force which moves space weapons is not created by aircraft propellers in the atmosphere but by the force that moves shells in artillery or that moves the rockets and satellites.

The battlefield for space warfare is vast, if not infinite, and the owners of China feel that the development of space weapons and space appliances must go full speed ahead.

The space warfare will reveal the same strength and weakness of the two sides that the conventional warfare has demonstrated.

To begin with, the United States is headless.

Different from the selection of the prime minister in Britain, U.S. presidential elections have been unable to select in the last decade a competent president.

It would be even more naïve to expect that U.S. voters (and not Einstein, a fugitive from Germany) would suggest to the U.S. president in 1939 the development of nuclear weapons. And with nuclear weapons in Hitler’s hands, he would have become the owner of the world.

Freedom in the United States and other free countries helped those most capable to take the most important jobs and do them better than would anyone else.

On the other hand, the absence of freedom in the People’s Republic of China leads to a situation in which every inhabitant tries to “get a job,” any job, for having no job is an impossible freedom, death from starvation, or a crime.

With freedom, there develops a stratum passionately interested in “our victory” in the vast and monstrous space warfare. In the absence of freedom, the majority of the population is indifferent to the results of space warfare, which a majority of the unfree population watch like storms of nature.

However, the solar system is not free from hard materials: look at our Earth. Space warfare vehicles may anchor at such hard inclusions and build there space fortresses, military space stations, and whatever else is necessary for space warfare.

Today, such aspects of space warfare may seem impossible. But did it seem possible at the beginning of the 20th century to make the airspace above cities the battlefield for military aviation which would, also from above, choose the bombing targets on the ground as on a big map?

WWII prepared mankind for the 21st century space warfare. But in the United States, there has hardly been a single program in the media on the subject.

Sex dominates the Western television of the 21st century as the pop novels dominated the reading of the 20th century. Freedom is being used to switch away from today’s reality and live as always.

In the democratic countries, an inhabitant was free to ignore the coming German blitzkrieg. Recall the free inhabitants of France before Hitler’s invasion began. How can Hitler, that German clown who never rose to the rank above a soldier, dare to invade the country of Napoleon?

However, Hitler occupied free France, with ten British military divisions inside France, in a matter of six weeks.

I am afraid that the attitude of most inhabitants of all free countries today resemble that of the free inhabitants of France before Hitler’s war.

I watch Americans. Most of them do not even know what the phrase “China’s space warfare” means. Women are preoccupied with their families. Or with their search for the “best men.” Men are preoccupied with making more money. It’s all Paris before Hitler’s blitzkrieg.

Ask them who is Col. Larry M.Wortzel. None of those free New Yorkers have ever heard of him. He is an American military man, retired and writing about China’s space warfare. His writings appear on the Internet. But will they pay attention to an American colonel writing about China’s space warfare? What, for heaven’s sake, is “space warfare”?

There is a feeling in New York that “The People’s Republic of China” is just another foreign country, with which friendly relations yield many commercial advantages.

I can be reached at levnavrozov@gmail.com

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The free countries drew attention to the People s Republic of China only after 1989 (the Tiananmen uprising for democracy) when the owners of China decided to arm on a far broader scale. Several other uprisings, unknown to the outside world, occurred every year. But what...
Thursday, 03 June 2010 10:29 AM
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