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Saving the Free World From China

By    |   Thursday, 04 February 2010 11:07 AM

In the first three paragraphs of his e-mail to me, Robert O’Brien says that he follows my columns and he agrees with what I write about the mortal danger to the free countries of the “People’s Republic of China” (with its population of 1,331 billion people and phenomenal rate of military growth in the past decade).

Then he asks what Americans like him could do to save the United States and other free countries. In conclusion, he writes that “you need to keep on beating the drum, sounding the alarm and reaching out by using your God-given gift of writing about it. Perhaps you will reach more people like me and help to educate the masses here about the true danger we as a free country face.”

Let me first mention two socio-political problems in the United States, which are disastrous for the free countries endangered by the giant slave state of China.

Problem 1. Far too small and otherwise inadequate is the audio-video broadcasting in the United States and other free countries to expose China, with its massive population (slaves), as a growing mortal danger to them.

Problem 2. The “election of the U.S. president” is a fundamentally wrong
procedure in our 21st century, as compared with the selection of the British
prime minister.

Let me first comment on Problem 2 before proceeding to Problem 1.

British prime ministers have never been elected directly by the public, for if 51 percent of the U.S. “public” voted for Obama, anyone of those 51 percent may be mentally lower than anyone of the other 49 percent.

Let me recall how tragic the election of Obama is (though it is perhaps no more tragic than the election of his two predecessors). Right after Obama had been elected, he held a two-day conference in Washington, D.C., to which he had invited top Chinese officials and at which he declared that China (a slave state!) and the United States are “partners” — and so on, in the spirit of “partnership.”

In his almost two-hour State of the Union address on Jan. 27, 2010, Obama did not even mention his “partner” China, though The Washington Post reported (on Feb. 28, 2009) that “China and the Obama administration concluded [!] their first [!] military consultations.”

The British people elect members of parliament. The political party which has a parliamentary majority sends its candidate for the next prime minister to the king or queen of England for approval to be his or her prime minister.

A procedure of electing a genuine U.S. president, preferably like Churchill, and certainly not like Obama, must be developed as soon as possible.

Now let us assume that Problem 2 has been solved. Let me now comment on Problem 1.

It is amazing how poorly the Americans have been informed about China’s military growth. For example, the military output of a country can be gauged from its steel output.

UPI.com, a U.S. century-old professional journal, reported on Jan 2, 2009, that at the end of 2008 the output of the U.S. steel industry had fallen to 1.02 million tons a week, that is, 49 million tons a year. Now, Yahoo! reported that China’s “steel output to be at 600 million tons.” Compare: 600 million tons of steel to 49 million tons.

Our audience must grow, and everything must be used to make us convincing and useful in the eyes of as many inhabitants of the free countries as possible.

To be sufficiently audible and visible, we need to be able to employ a sufficient number of sufficiently capable helpmates who understand how important it is what we are doing.

Hence I opened a bank account (Center for the Survival of Western Democracies, Inc.) for contributions, which are tax-deductible. The trouble is that the search for contributors is also a job, while all my time is consumed by my weekly columns.

In conclusion, it might be worthwhile to delineate the motivational pattern of the owners of China and of us, anxious to save the United States and other free countries from China’s world conquest.

Stalin successfully defended his ownership of Russia till his death in 1953. The population of his Russia was reliably defended physically against any information except Soviet propaganda.

All news except whatever was transmitted by Soviet propaganda via radio waves was jammed. Printing was a top secret job protected by the State Security. Foreign journalists were prevented from “poisoning” the sterile country.

Hence there was no Tiananmen Square event calling for democracy in Stalin’s Russia.

The only way for the owners of China to retain their power is to own the world and establish Stalin’s censorship all over it.

Some residents of the United States and other free countries understand that China’s world power will certainly encompass their free countries, and understandably they are horrified.

But every day the citizens of free countries read, see, and hear that nothing in the People’s Republic of China suggests this horror.

Life is short, and instead of trying to understand that this horror will happen unless it is prevented by the free countries, and that for 25 years this horror has been getting more and more real, and in the next 25 years or sooner China’s world power is expected to become invincible, citizens of free countries spend all their free time on pleasures of which the free world is perhaps more chock-full than ever before.

My wife, my son and I left our villa in Russia for the sake of freedom. We found this freedom here in the United States, and we will not exchange it for all the palaces of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao put together.

Our mission is to help the United States of America and other free countries to preserve this priceless gift — freedom.

We cannot be complacent. No government pantomimes please, like the “war in Iraq.” No academic twaddle. No entertainment instead of news.

This is a stiff struggle, of course. Our message must reach as many people as possible, and everything must be used to make us as convincing and useful as possible in the eyes of the free people of the free countries — and of the slaves of China!

You can reach me at levnavrozov@gmail.com.

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In the first three paragraphs of his e-mail to me, Robert O Brien says that he follows my columns and he agrees with what I write about the mortal danger to the free countries of the People s Republic of China (with its population of 1,331 billion people and phenomenal...
Thursday, 04 February 2010 11:07 AM
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