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Obama's Immigration Scheme: To Get More Voters

By    |   Thursday, 12 August 2010 10:38 AM

Obama is the first U.S. president of a new type. Former U.S. presidents viewed or expected to view their presidency as their chance to make their contribution to the prosperity of the people of the United States and further strengthen the country’s defenses during four or eight years they were in office.

In this overall prosperous and generous country, there are always groups of people who may be disgruntled for different reasons: dissatisfaction with local administrative officials, loss of jobs, poor housing conditions, etc. And those are exactly the groups Obama is after. He promises to fix their problems. And they reward him by giving him their votes.

Now, yet a bigger reward (close to 11 million votes) may come from those undocumented immigrants residing illegally in the United States if Obama manages to keep them in this country by arranging some kind of amnesty.

What of the defense of the U.S. borders? Isn’t it the first priority of the U.S. president to keep his country’s borders “under lock and key,” as the Soviet saying went in Stalin’s times?

True, the reasons were different: the Soviet task was to keep their citizens within the country, to prevent them from fleeing to the West. But actually it worked both ways: “foreign spies” were kept from entering it.

I remember the time when not a single person could emigrate. And that was when our family devised an escape plan. True, we were young and innocent and did not think about the difficulties we might face or consequences that might follow our aborted escape.

We were very wealthy, by official Soviet standards, which would work in our favor, because we thought of buying a bullet-proof, armored vehicle, and planned to go “on vacation” somewhere in the Georgian mountains, sort of close to the border with Turkey.

We knew that Turkey was a NATO member and would never betray us by sending us back to the Soviets. We worked out a detailed plan and were almost finished with it when we had a visitor, a friend of ours, to whom we trusted our secret. “Are you out of your minds?” he said. “The borders are impenetrable. First of all, there are two lines of fortification . . . a barbed wire wall, then there is a wide space of land packed with dogs, searchlights day and night, checkpoints strategically placed at every possible crossing, radio communication, and then another barbed wire wall.”

We could not believe we were so ignorant. But our friend saved us, because we stopped scheming ways to escape.

But then something happened. Stalin died. The Soviet system began to be less rigid and some Soviet citizens were allowed to emigrate. We applied, got our visas, and came to the United States.

I am telling all this because I still keep wondering how is it this strong, technically well-developed country cannot protect its relatively short border to keep the undocumented aliens away from entering it.

Stalin could do it, despite the fact that Soviet borders were infinitely longer.

I personally believe that all this is a matter of sheer politics. Someone or some interest groups prefer to keep the border open. It’s not that the United States cannot or has no means to secure its borders to protect its citizens: It just does not want to do it.

Eleven million undocumented aliens already living in this country, if allowed to stay, will provide a good chunk of votes for Obama, which is why he still keeps the border open.

What will happen if the United States is attacked by China? Every day brings more and more evidence of China’s arrogance and its aggressive moves toward the United States. Just recall last week’s announcement in the Christian Science Monitor: “Are China and America on a Collision Course?” Is anyone worried at the prospect of America becoming a Chinese colony?

Is there any way to stop Obama’s activity (inactivity?), which will possibly officially be defined as criminal?

I want to believe that if the majority in the U.S. Congress changes hands after the November elections, Obama will be impeached. After all, presidents were impeached for less egregious misdemeanors than Obama’s treacherous selling of this country to China.

Now let’s see how the People’s Republic of China is perceived from Britain. The Telegraph reports: “Hot Political Summer as China Throttles Rare Metal Supply and Claims South China Sea.” “One by One, US-Based Processing Plants Owned by German and Japanese Firms Switched Operations to China.” “China Is Taking Advantage of WTO Access to Western Markets Without Fully Opening Its Own.”

The rest of its survey Telegraph fills with its readers’ comments on the subject.

Does it occur to Obama that the population of China is over 1 billion people, while that of the United States is less than a quarter of that number?

As for its weaponry, it will not be amiss to remember that China is not a “backward country” as it is sometimes described by the West.

Lev Navrozov can be reached at levnavrozov@gmail.com

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Obama is the first U.S. president of a new type. Former U.S. presidents viewed or expected to view their presidency as their chance to make their contribution to the prosperity of the people of the United States and further strengthen the country s defenses during four or...
Thursday, 12 August 2010 10:38 AM
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