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China Learns From Past Totalitarian Mistakes

By    |   Thursday, 15 July 2010 12:45 PM

What is human life in terms of human life? Association of human beings. Children and parents associate. They also associate with neighbors and their children. Later they associate with literature, paintings, and classical music, outside school, and some of these are said to be works of genius.

Hence they associate with genius, and who knows whether some of them are destined to be men and women of genius.

The first totalitarian society after World War I was Lenin and Stalin’s “Soviet Russia.” All schoolchildren were to wear red ties to demonstrate their allegiance to “our Soviet system.” Two or three children wouldn’t. That was the beginning of their defiance of the Soviet system, which would later lead them to a concentration camp and finally to death at a young age.

The red tie made it possible for the bosses of the country to get much work done for free, for the love of the red tie.

It is no longer a secret how Stalin became the totalitarian owner of this system, its God on earth and in heaven. Stalin had been killing all those who seemed to claim any power of their own, who would not be absolutely subordinate to his power as to the power of God on earth and in heaven.

Finally, anyone who refused to consider Stalin God on earth and in heaven would be just a suicide “tired of his or her life,” as Soviet criminals would say about someone they were planning to kill.

Yes, Stalin was a supercriminal, to whom no life was worth anything if it in any way threatened his own life.

Communism implies (see Marxism) the abolition of money and the ability of anyone to have any goods for free. But never during its almost century-long existence did the Soviet utopia move one inch toward “communism.”

Hitler’s Blunder

Not to be taken by my readers for someone trying to ridicule Hitler, let me quote Britannica (1970), volume 10, page 341c, stating that Hitler’s invasion of Russia “was a task which he confidently expected to accomplish within six or eight weeks.”

But Hitler’s most amazing declaration (which my Britannica also quotes) was that Hitler’s army would not march on Moscow!

This requires a historical footnote. The absolute ruler such as Stalin loved to live and work in the privacy of his Kremlin palace. But that would not be safe, since his rivals-enemies could intercept the communications between his palace and the outside world. But Stalin’s technology had reached such a level that, yes, Stalin’s Kremlin palace became his private home, and no signals between his home and the outside world could be intercepted by an outsider.

On the other hand, the Kremlin palace under his absolute control, Stalin could safely communicate at will with the entire world.

As a child witness to history, I can testify that never were Hitler’s troops in Moscow, let alone near Stalin’s Kremlin palace, which controlled all strategic information.

The section “Invasion of the Soviet Union” occupies less than one page in my Britannica, which is followed by “The Beginning of Defeat” (about half of one column) followed by “The End of the Third Reich” (again, about half a column). But here let me use my own recollection.

Hitler’s army still occupied a string of Russian cities stretching from the country’s European center to the west when the Soviet troops started recapturing city after city.

Created was a special Soviet international radio broadcast for the occasion to announce how many salvos Stalin had ordered to celebrate the recapture of every city, and the victorious salvos duly followed.

Now that the Soviet procedure was set up, it was duly observed. The Soviet international radio announced which city had been retaken and which one would be next.

Stalin’s plan worked well: the Soviet army kept recapturing city after city, driving out Hitler’s army, and the Soviet radio hymns, salvos, and general jubilation were heard all over the world.

When the carnival reached the West, Hitler put his pistol into his mouth and shot himself to death.

China Strives for Control

As I was about to write this column, I discovered that the Western authors writing about the global danger of China had sent me their articles about China, stacks of which piled several inches high, expecting that I would help them promote their views. In their e-mails, some of them said that they had been reading every article of mine, for what I write on the subject is highly important for the survival of the West.

Stalin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany originated in the countries in which some people knew about Western freedoms and about how those countries defended their freedoms.

Mao destroyed 64 million Chinese. How many Chinese who remained alive were willing to risk their lives to defend the Western concepts of freedom?

For thousands of years China had been preserving its own way of life. What about weapons to defend their way of life? Newton’s laws of mathematics and physics had been discovered in China long before they were formulated by Newton in the West, since those emperors, gods on earth and in heaven who owned China, needed weapons to defend it.

For thousands of years, it had been presented in China as 2x2=4 that the emperors of China (gods on earth and in heaven) could kill or imprison those whom they considered criminals, that is, harmful to their imperial power.

The human resources? As of today, China has 1.3 billion people as against 300 million of those of the United States.

In other words, for the first time during the last four centuries, the West is confronted with a country which lived for millennia far from Western customs or laws protecting freedom. Will it continue to build up its military, without Western exceptions and limitations?

Lev Navrozov can be reached at levnavrozov@gmail.com

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What is human life in terms of human life? Association of human beings. Children and parents associate. They also associate with neighbors and their children. Later they associate with literature, paintings, and classical music, outside school, and some of these are said to...
Thursday, 15 July 2010 12:45 PM
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