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China's Grip on Taiwan Quagmire for U.S.

By    |   Thursday, 09 July 2009 09:44 AM

A friend of mine sent me an article from a Russian newspaper called Independent. The article is entitled “China Is Preparing for a Big War.”

So far so true. But why a big war and what for?

You see, the United States “enlarges the possibilities of armed forces in this area” (that is, the area of Taiwan). So, the United States is to blame for China “preparing a big war.” To defend Taiwan. But let us fetch a bit of history.

In 1949, the government of China (the “Kuomintang”) lost the Chinese Civil War to the Chinese Communist Party (relying on numberless millions of politically illiterate “proletarians”) and escaped to Taiwan, which became a multiparty democratic state.

The United States sided with the Kuomintang against the Chinese Communist Party, but all that the United States could do was to help the Kuomintang flee to Taiwan and then defend Taiwan against the Chinese “communist” slave owners of China.

As conquerors of old used to say, the military might is the political right. The military victory of the Chinese Communist Party still proves its “political right” to own Taiwan as well — just as the military victory of the Russian Communists proved Stalin’s “political right” to rule all of Russia up to his death in 1953.

In his "Capital," Marx taught that the poor are poor because private owners of productive property (capitalists) pocket the profits, except for a pittance thrown to their workers to survive by.

To check this theory, it was necessary to sum up the capitalists’ profits as against the salaries of government “directors,” and then calculate how private enterprise is more productive per worker and per unit of investment than government bureaucracy.

In Russia in 1917 and in China in 1949, there were enough illiterates to support the “economic theory” of Marx, which was economically illiterate but “philosophically” blown up into several volumes in the spirit of “classical German philosophy” (in particular, Hegel), to prove that Marx was not an illiterate, but the greatest thinker that had ever lived.

The “liquidation of capitalism” all over the world will, according to Marx, turn the world into a paradise on earth, where there will be no money, but everyone will work without pay, “according to his/her abilities,” and obtain all goods and services for free, “according to his/her needs.”

Marxism has vanished in all countries as a mass theory, since the large reserves of suitable illiterates have been exhausted. Lenin restored private enterprise under the name “new economic policy,” or “NEP.” Stalin allowed every “collective farmer” (agricultural slave) to have a family plot of land to grow vegetables and sell them on a city market. Capitalists in today’s China are useful to the dictatorship, also because they make it easier to attract foreign capitalists for the growth of the Chinese military power.

Marx took pride in his atheism, and illiterates in Russia and even more so in China were atheists. Today in backward countries they are inclined to be bigots rather than atheists, and the proud atheism of Marx will repulse, not attract them.

Why do both China and the United States attach such importance to Taiwan?

A search of “Taiwan” in Yahoo!, yields a Wikipedia article entitled, “Republic of China.” The motivation to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party in a new Tiananmen uprising is all the stronger, since the “Republic of China” exists on the scale of Taiwan and may spread throughout China. Keep in mind that over 54 million Chinese communists have quitted the Chinese Communist Party.

The United States has supported the Republic of China against the Chinese Communist Party, or the “People’s Republic of China.” If it now betrays the Republic of China, which has become a success on Taiwan by all standards, who will trust the United States as an ally in the struggle against the Chinese Communist Party, which is “preparing for a big war” — to crush with post-nuclear weapons not only Taiwan, but the United States, as Chi Haotian publicly declared when he was the minister of national defense of the “People’s Republic of China”?

So Taiwan is not just an island which had to belong to the dictatorship of China because before 1949 the island used to be part of the territory of the Chinese Kuomintang government and hence it had to belong to the Chinese Communist Party.

The free countries consider Taiwan as the territory of a multiparty democratic state, and sometimes they call Taiwan “Republic of China,” that is, the future multiparty state all over China. How can the dictatorship of China tolerate this when the Tiananmen call for freedom was echoed on its recent anniversary (20 years), but the dictatorship and/or troops did not dare to use weapons, as they had done 20 years ago?

Yes, the multiparty democratic state of the “Republic of China” (Taiwan) could also be voted for by a majority in China. The present owners of China understand this, and hence the “big war” they are preparing.

It may seem that the sociopolitical order of China is based on the “revolutionary ideology of 1949.” Actually, this sociopolitical order has been based on one rule: to preserve the ownership of China for the owners of the “People’s Republic of China,” these owners are planning to capture the rest of the world as well.

Their ownership of the world is the only reliable way to own, in particular, Taiwan and the rest of the “People’s Republic of China” as the “People’s Republic of the World.”

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A friend of mine sent me an article from a Russian newspaper called Independent. The article is entitled “China Is Preparing for a Big War.”So far so true. But why a big war and what for? You see, the United States “enlarges the possibilities of armed forces in this area”...
Thursday, 09 July 2009 09:44 AM
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